June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Giving Thanks Challange Day 4

I am linking with South Breeze Farm and her
Giving Thanks Challenge.

Today is an easy day to be Thankful. That picture is out
my back door, clouds and we had rain. After a very dry
and hot summer it is just fantastic to have a day like today.
Every where I went people were happy, laughing and talking
about the rain. I suppose if I lived where there was snow,
snow days would be just like that.

I love rain drops on roses. :) Rain drops on just about
everything and I love to take pictures of them. I love how
the water reflects what is around them.
I am so thankful that being thankful makes me want to reflect
whose I am. I always think that today is a easy day to be in love
with the world and see only the good things and forget the bad.

I am thankful today that God died for me and thought I was
worth saving because I tell you some of the mistakes I have made,
I don't know if I would have. I am thankful for His grace that
shows me how great His love is and how if I started today,
and gave everything I was and who I am it wouldn't fill
a thimble to drop in the sea of God's Love.

Being thankful is like that, at first I didn't think I would find
something to write about every day, but now, it is like everywhere
I go and everything I see is filled with possibilities. So today,
I am thankful for rain, and the love of God that showers me
and fills me up.

Today would be a day, I could dance all day in the rain.
Have a lovely Friday,


  1. You know that that would be true of us all...the mistakes thing. I've sure made some doozies. I'm so glad that He loves us and has planned for our time on this earth from the beginning of time. What a nice thing to be grateful for.

    Now, as for visiting. Never worry about it at all. (I am sorry that my page has been giving you fits, too.) Just come when you can and as you are!

  2. Yay! I'm thankful for the rain too. It's been such a lovely morning. It is funny how you don't think you can think of anything to be thankful for but if you wander around thinking "I need to be thankful for something" then so many things just pop up!

  3. As farmers, we are often thankful for rain. I enjoy this project of thankfulness and I will have to drop by each day to read. Have a great weekend!

  4. One reason I put my desk facing the window is so that I can look outside and be reminded of all the things I am thankful for! You're quite right- it is so nice to focus on the good and forget about the bad in the world- even for just a bit!

  5. We've all made mistakes in the past and I'm sure I will make more in the future. Just reminds me that there was only one who was perfect.

  6. Everyday I look forward to reading your blog. The way you tie in the rain showers with Gods showers of blessings is nice.
    We may get rain tonight. Sure hope so.

  7. Oh rain...send the left overs here. Yes isn't it so true when we open up and start giving thanks it starts to pour out. It is much better to be pouring out thanks than complaints...something I need to remember.

    Love the raindrops too....and I seem to become very introspective with rain also...desiring natural rain and spiritual rain in Texas

  8. It's true, isn't it? The more we think in terms of everything in life as something to be thankful for, the more thankful we are! I am loving your lists so far. You are thinking of so many things that I would take for granted, like the oven to bake in and dishwasher... YES, I am thankful for all of those too, all but my refrig have now been replaced with stainless steel. It's all so shiny and sleek looking. WOW! I am really getting into this! :)

  9. Hi there, Perfect post for today; we get our rain in the summer and love it too. I think the snow forecast for tomorrow was downgraded to rain-which is interesting. I love your heart in finding beauty in all things and being thankful for His hand of blessing. May your weekend be rich and full.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. Mistakes are my Achilles heal. I was raised to be perfect. At least that's what I aspired to. I was pretty good at it for many years...then I cracked! In many ways, the mistakes were God's way of getting my attention! I know He forgives me...but I still work on forgiving myself. I think that sometimes we all have trouble with the idea that God will lead us through all sorts of trials to find love and the truth...but, He knows best, and it's all good! We're here to learn, after all.
    Love ya! And love these posts!
    p.s. I love rain!

  11. Hi Kim, I knew you would enjoy this, as you always have such a thankful spirit. This challenge has been good for me in so many ways. Your thoughts so blessed me, I am forever thankful for His saving grace for me.
    We are having rain today too, and doing a happy dance, two inches for us. I know I have mentioned our drought before. I am glad for you all too.

  12. i just love a good rainey day!!

    a day to stay inside, wear your p.j.'s all day and bake!! we have been having beautiful fall days here!!

    have a happy saturday!!

  13. I'm so glad that you got some much needed rain and that you are rejoicing in this gift. Going without sure makes a person appreciate those little tear drops from heaven doesn't it. Take care, hugs. Julia

  14. There are many places I love where it rains and rains and rains! I bet your rain smells delicious!


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