June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finally Something Finished

I finally finished my quilt top. First one in 20 years. It was nice
to have a refresher course. Not to mention my grand daughter will
have a quilt from Gama, just like the others. Yesterday as I was
finishing up the blocks I remembered why I used to quilt so much.
I really do enjoy it. Now I can fold it until next week when I do the
backing, batting and the quilting. I am in- get- the- house- ready- for- company-
mode and I just had to get finished with my projects.

Here is November. I finally finished it and I did start December.
I am happy with how it turned out even if I did make some mistakes.
Oh well, someday I will learn to count.

Here is one I finally finished. I forgot I had done it.
It is cute and I had fun making it now it is finished too.

I just hung them on my HOME sign. Along with my fresh eggs sign, I am only getting one
egg a day, so there is no fresh eggs right now.
I will start decorating for Christmas on Friday so I am going to pack this
stuff away so I thought it was okay for today.
Sorry the pictures are so dark but it is really foggy today and dark.
Welcome to November in the Central Valley. We won't see the sun now
until March.

Now, sewing is finished for this week. My husband is off starting tomorrow.
He still keeps me rattled just like when we were dating, I can't count or
think or do anything when he is home. I just kind of follow him around
like a befuddled school girl. It is all good and I am excited and it is always
fun, I will just have other things on my mind. Like cooking.

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. Just kind of follow him around... Haha that's how I am too. The quilt top is so cute! I can't wait to see it all finished.

  2. Love everything you made. Very nice!

    So cute that you are still that much in love! :)

  3. I'm so glad that you shared pictures. I love that quilt! Are you going to hand quilt or machine quilt?

  4. The quilt top is beautiful. Your grand-daughter will cherish that forever. And those stitcheries - you are so smart.
    I am picturing you following hubby around the house - all cow-eye and giggly......I love that thought. (Well, I giggled a little but in a "think its too darn cute" kind of giggle)

  5. Great satisfaction to finish the quilt I'm sure and it will be lovely for your grand daughter!
    I love those x stitch finishes too!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. i know you will enjoy your hubby being around and all your family too! :)

  7. Hi there, Sending lots of hugs & love your way for a blessed Thanksgiving. I know what you mean about having your hubby home, I also feel like I need to constantly be with him or meet his needs.
    Blessings, Noreen

  8. You've been busy...tidying and finishing are the hardest parts of being creative, I think. Love the pinks - so sweet. And, I can't do cross-stitch at all! Definitely counting-challenged.

  9. What a sense of satisfaction you must feel having your quilt top done...and it is soo pretty! I keep telling myself that I am going to learn how...maybe soon. I am cleaning too and putting together my last little touches. I love how it sounds like you are with your hubby...just as it should be. Have a wonderful day!

  10. You exactly defined why I get nothing done when my hubby is around. I do the same thing and just follow him around. That's so funny! I'm glad you got your crafts out of the way. Yesterday I peeled a coconut. I'm quite proud of myself.

  11. The baby quilt is adorable. Good job. It's nice to have somebody to follow around. Have fun getting your decorating done. Can't wait for pics.

  12. Kim
    So funny. My husband is home all the time-maybe I can use him for an excuse for not getting anything done!
    Your quilt turned out great. Your g'daughter will cherish it. And I 'm getting cross-eyed just looking at those neat cross-stitch samplers. I'm not sure I can work on that small of stitching now. You've sure gotten a lot accomplished lately.
    Enjoy your fun time with your DH!

  13. I have this mental picture of you following your husband around like a school girl- funny! It's great that he befuddles you after all of the years you've had together.

    Your quilt is lovely. I have never quilted and really want to learn. My former employer gave me huge amounts of fabric from her quilting stash. Maybe one day!

  14. What a wonderful quilt!! I also love the stitching projects. That's my new goal...like I need another hobby, but I can't help it! Can you recommend a way to get started? I'm all at sea! I'm home and cooking tomorrow with Gus and Sophie...bliss!

  15. Kim, it's nice following you around. You are so productive with your projects. Your granddaughter will love this quilt. Congratulations on getting your quilt top done and stitching finished too.

    For me the quilting takes for ever to do. I'm too fussy with my stitches since I saw how perfect this lady's stitches were. I've tried to do it as fine as hers but my quilt is so large.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. JB

  16. What a pretty little pink quilt, oh your grandbaby will love it! I am impressed that not only did you complete one project but two, I love them both. We here are bracing for a snowstorm tomorrow, I just hope I get my pies baked. Happy Thanksgiving to you, have a wonderful day with that lovely family of yours. Your friend from Maine, Julie.

  17. What a pretty quilt I just don't have it in me not enough patience I guess.

  18. Kim, where do you get all the energy to do the things you do? your quilt top is beautiful and what a treasure for your granddaughter! ~sigh~ Oh how I wish I lived nearby I would ask you to teach me so much!
    And you already know how I feel about my dh, I too follow him, and when I do, I usually end up getting asked to help. ~smile~
    We will be putting up decorations this afternoon together, and that is always fun.


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