May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Simple Things

Today has been a day of busyness. Do you have days of busyness? Days when there are so many have to's but in the midst of them simple things show up and fill your heart with joy? I had errands to run, but because I am not supposed to lift things, I have to take someone with me. For someone who has lived her life by not trying to bother people this is very hard for me. Today, I asked Peter to come with me. He is my youngest son and very patient with me.

I knew he had things he wanted to do, but never minded when we went to the farm store so I could look at baby chicks and baby ducks. I looked at seeds and bulbs. I looked at bare root trees and new gardening shovels. Then he helped me pick out birthday gifts for my youngest  grandsons birthday. He gave me his perspective because he knew what little boys like best.

  Of course today, in the stores, people were sad because it was a beautiful blue sky day full of giant puffy clouds, and not a day filled with lots of rain, thunder and lighting. We around here are pining for rain something fierce. After I got most of my work to a place I could go outside and sit in the sun and watch the puffy clouds float by like ships in the harbor.

On the very tip-top of one of our redwood trees sat a dark green hummingbird taking in the sights. I watched him while he watched me. The blue jays were racing around the yard like they were late for a train. Sasha was sitting in the sun watching me. I looked down at her and she smiled. It was so quiet with only the sound of the finches in the pine tree, when there was a tiny pop, and up out of the ground came a earth worm. His little pop took him out into the middle of the sidewalk. The earthworm seemed a little stunned by the force he was ejected from the earth, and me sitting there wondered if it had killed itself.

I watched as it came to its senses and started crawling off of the sidewalk back to the lawn. Once
he made it to the grass, I watched as he simply inched little by little back into the dirt. Then he was gone. I looked back up at Sasha and she smiled at me again with a look of , Yes I saw it too. I kept thinking of the pop that earthworm made. It was such a nice comforting kind of pop. It made me happy that something so tiny can launch itself like a little missile and make a tiny bit of noise.

 Now the clouds are beginning to come in and the promise of more rain. March is almost here. Some of the hardest trials of my life have paid me a visit in March, but I still love March because at every turn in March is promise, and hope and blue skies and all of the rainbows that show up in March. Besides, there is always time to fly kites.Sheep come down to the valley to graze in March, and the sound of the bells around the necks and the dogs waiting to be told what to do and the baby lambs gamboling in flocks. As they jump in the sunshine as only baby lambs can jump with joy.

I am glad that as I say good-bye to February, mine will be with a birthday of a little man who looks just like his Daddy did at two, and I will wonder how it is that days have raced away so fast. Yet, I am thankful for every one as I have been given such gifts of life. 


" So many things are possible just as long as you don't
know they are impossible."
---The Phantom Tollbooth--- (Norton Juster, 1961)


  1. i loved your simple joys. thanks for sharing - especially sasha and you sharing the moments. :)

  2. You may be the only person who has ever witnessed that worm event. Amazing.

    I wish you rain.

  3. I always wondered if worms really did pop like that! They talked about it in My Side of the Mountain. That's cool you could see it! It's been very windy here all day, and the air is moist. It feels like beach weather.

  4. I've never heard of earthworms making noise like that when they emerge from the earth! What a shock it must be to them! How neat that you were able to hear it!

    You are blessed to have someone like Peter to help you around today. I love reading your stories of your family.

    I'm hoping the rain you desperately need will be there soon.

    xo Nellie

  5. Sweet blog what did you think of the duckies, pretty cute huh? And worms popping out of the earth....interesting. Only God would show you something like that....the little joys of life!!!

  6. I loved your blog from the heart today!

    What an experience, seeing and hearing the worm pop out of the ground.

  7. Glad that in the midst of your "busyness", you found time to sit and enjoy your day.... with birds, clouds, and worms!! :-)

  8. lovely post, but I have never heard a worm pop! grin!

  9. precious post..thanks for sharing and warming our heart.
    happy birthday to little one!

  10. This was a joy to read. Thank you!

  11. You have a got a good company to go around. My kid too do the same when we go to native. He go around with me father to watch hens, doves, duck, lovebirds and watering plants.

  12. Wonderful post. I felt like I was sitting with you watching the clouds and enjoying the quiet !
    Myabe rain today ?

  13. What an interesting sound that must have been ... a worm popping out of the ground!

    I'm glad to say goodbye to February ... even if February is my birthday month ... and my oldest grandson's birthday month, too.

  14. Morning, lovely post with beautiful Spring pictures, lucky you, Blessings Francine.

  15. I'm glad to say goodbye to February although it's an important month or God wouldn't have created it. My grandson Daniel just turned one year old and we had our 48th wedding anniversary in February. I found that February went by very fast for me.

    In February, I've discovered Tapping to relieve all kind of frustrations, fears and anxieties which are a constant in our lives and amazingly for something so simple, it's working....

    How amazing that you and Sasha heard an earth worm making a popping sound as it came out of the ground with force. You were really paying attention... I've never witnessed any such thing. I can imagine with having no rain, it's enough to cause worms to pop as the emerge from the soil, the poor little creatures....
    There are so many things that we don't know about. Thanks for sharing. I'm envious of your buds and blooms but I know that mine will come when it warms up.

    Have a great weekend.

  16. What a great reminder to pay attention to the little things and that they can bring us so much joy! Beautiful photos, too :)

  17. Some nice shots.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  18. what a lovely post and beautiful images!! have a wonderful weekend!!

  19. Are your redwood trees in a clump, to help them keep moist? Even if they are, I'm amazed that they could survive with as little rainfall as you get there. Our town has rows of coast redwoods lining a boulevard, and I think that because they are not in a little grove, so to speak, they look awfully stressed during some summers. And that's with 20+ inches of rain.

  20. Oh, I bet it's hard not lifting anything, but YOU BE GOOD and obey the doctor, my friend.

  21. You need to be very safe and protect yourself; what you don't need is an on-going problem or pain. Trust me, I know how difficult it is, taking care of oneself but it is necessary, unless, of course, you want some imposed bed rest -LOL-. I'd rather just get in my 8 to 10 hours every night.

  22. Kim you write so beautifully, I felt as though I was right there with you when the earth worm made his appearance! I wasn't able to blog but I want you to know I was praying for you on the 18th! I am so glad you are doing so well, God is so good and faithful!
    Yesterday we went to the feed store and bought some of our seeds and I am wanting some new baby chicks this year! I am so looking forward to getting my hands in the warm soil, as I know you are too! Loved the photos, and your thoughts.
    Wishing your Dear One A very Happy Birthday, take care and do exactly how you were ordered too!~smile~
    The repairmen came today and plowed our new line in so everythhing is back to normal!
    Much love,

  23. Sweet. It sounds like you had some restful, meditative moments in the midst of your busy day. I've never actually seen an earthworm pop up through the earth (nor heard it pop); that's pretty cool!

  24. Kim
    It sounds like a perfectly lovely day in every way!

  25. Love, love the simple joys of life...

    Happy Sunday.

  26. The first time I saw a Redwood tree was at the Muir Woods on my honeymoon. I couldn't believe the grandeur of them. You always have something interesting to share about the outdoors and your yard.


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