June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, March 3, 2014

Birds and Flowers

Do you remember way back before I had my eye surgery, I told you that I had prayed that the Flickers wouldn't leave until I could see them? Well, I got to see this one in my back yard. I managed to get a few shots of him through the window. My bird photography is rudimentary at best. I was so happy though.

 I was afraid he was going to get wise to that crazy woman with a camera, who was crawling all over the floor like a commando.

He was really trying to decide if he was going to stay around or just fly off. I turned away and what do I see hopping around by the swimming pool in the rain but robins. So I took some shots of them. These are the first robins I have seen this year. So that means officially spring is here,  I think.

I realized that  I have heard them in the trees but they had not as of yet decided to venture out into the yard until it was raining to get all of the wonderful earthworms we have in our yard.

This guy was by far the biggest and the most brave. He was all over the place inspecting everything.
That day in the yard I was so surprised to see all of the birds. We have such a big flock of doves now.
It is so fun  to see birds again. I just love to sit outside at dusk and watch all of the cattle egrets and ducks and the bats. The egrets and the ducks hurrying home and the bats waking up.

This weekend, it hit me that it was March. I had not as of yet ordered a single seed. I think I went crazy.
I think that I will finally reach my goal if I am not careful and have the whole 2 1/2 acres in garden. I ordered a bunch of different kinds of pumpkins. Warty, white, Cinderella, all colors of Jack be Littles
Now when I go to bed at night, I think about manure, and mulch and tomato plants.  Then lots of sunflowers. None yellow. I have yellow seeds. I still haven't got the food seeds I want. Like squash and eggplant and all of that. I find myself promising, I will remain weed free all summer. I will have the garden of my dreams. Do you think it odd that for my birthday, I asked Ron if he would go down to the lady at the end of the street and ask her to bring dump loads of horse manure she has out in front of her riding stables?  I can't think of anything else I would like more. Spring has hit me hard. I have finally lost it. :)

This is Cinnamon Sun,  I can't wait to see these again.  I didn't have a single seed of these so I had to order them.
Well, here we are at Monday. I hope yours is nice, and this is the last snowstorm for you all in the path of it today.


" Maybe it sounds peculiar to say that dirt is clean, but I think new-plowed dirt's the cleanest thing I know of."
---Miss Charity Comes to Stay---(Alberta Wilson Constant, 1959)

"You must have a garden wherever you are"
---Sarah, Plain and Tall---(Patrica MacLachlan,1985 )



  1. Kim, I am so very happy that you are able to see such lovely things!

  2. i love when the robins cock their heads to listen! adorable! glad you saw the flickers, too.

    horse manure. yup - that's prime stuff. :)

  3. You sure did get some great bird pictures! soo cute. We got lots and lots of rain this week-end, hope you did too. horse manure huh? welp, guess to each their own, lol. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cinnamon sun sunflower...soo pretty! Enjoy your day!

  4. Yes I think you have been affected by the spring syndrome of thinking of manure at bed time! But I know you'll have the most wonderful garden and produce in a few months! And that will be a beautiful sight!
    I'll have to get a picture of our robins as they are so different from yours.

  5. I agree with Sarah Plain and Tall ~ you MUST have a garden wherever you go :)

  6. Kim...instead of counting sheep, you count manure! hahaha!!! xo

  7. Well, I have to say that is a first....manure for a birthday present...never heard of that before! Ron must be grateful that you are so easy to please!!

  8. Oh, and I love "Sarah, Plain and Tall"!

  9. Manure for your birthday I LOVE that:) Happy belated birthday. Oh I am so happy you can see that Flickers that waited for you. Life is good. Hug B

  10. you are like a little kid again!! i get flickers here, they are so amazing and colorful. did you notice the heart on the back of their head??

    i have been seeing robins for about a month and we got 5 new inches of snow last night ;)

  11. We have lettuce seed ... we'll wait a little while before we get the rest of our seeds as most of them can't be planted until late April or early May.

  12. You're so funny! Manure for your birthday!
    I do love thinking about growing things. Yay!

  13. That cinnamon sun is gorgeous! Make sure to share a photo when your garden is in bloom!

  14. What fun it must be for you to see all your bird-friends again! I had to smile when you said you asked your hubby for manure for the garden as a birthday gift. Well....I don't think it's an odd request, but that's kinda my way of thinking too. Looks like spring has arrived for you.

  15. I've always heard that a robin is the first sign of spring. We've had robins hopping around our yard for several weeks, and now we have a return of winter today! Brrr! I hope they have found some place to keep warm! I doubt that I will hear birdsong in the morning when I go for the newspaper. xo Nellie

  16. Oh he is very cute! So nice of him to stay still while you crawled around him. ;) I'm going a little crazy too. I got way more seeds at Tractor Supply on Saturday than I really needed. I had most of them already, but the packets... They called to me. We looked at chickies. They only had one tub with a few in them, all the ducks and other chickies were gone.

  17. you got rain!!!!
    love the birds!
    red sunflowers, I can't grow any sunflowers here any more the ground hogs knock them down every time I try, I had them for years, but now even strong fences will stop them,

  18. Nice to see you are feeling good day by day. You have taken a wonderful pictures.

  19. Many Mother's Days my requested gift was mulch - mulch piled high ! The more the better ;)
    The Flickers are beautiful birds, almost remind me of large woodpeckers.

  20. I can't help but be a little envious of your acreage. I have a feeling your garden is going to be bountiful and of course beautiful too. I can't wait to see the Cinderella pumpkins, they are my favorite of all pumpkins. Did the birds eat all the sunflower seeds last year? Maybe their way of saying thank you is visiting your yard. Have a wonderful day!

  21. Hi Kim, I'm playing catch-up again. I love your Flicker picture. I've never seen a Flicker around here. Great shots.

    The Robins are a sure sign of Spring. I always make a wish when I see my first Robin in the Spring. Just a silly tradition since childhood, lol... I wonder where that comes from.

    I bought some seeds and would you believe that I planted some radishes as an experiment. They grow very fast and I want to see if they will grow indoors.


  22. Kim
    I can see why you're dreaming of seeds and your garden, with Robins returning and your grass greening it's apparent it won't be a long wait for you until it's Spring on your farm.

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