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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lovely Spring Day

I have always had some amazing springs, babies being born, life being full of surprises at every turn, but I have to say that this spring is by far the most magical. As I walked this morning all around me was the scent of orange blossoms. The trees were full of birds, just dripping out of the trees. They were taking baths in the water I was giving to the berries. The dew sparkles like diamonds and all of the colors of the rainbows are reflected back at me.

The Lilacs are beginning to open. I just love being outside this time of year. One of the things I am so thankful for is loosing my sight. I read this and it says what I am trying to say. " Gratitude springs from acceptance of the gifts and the conditions and the circumstances God gives."  As I journeyed through a world that was growing darker and smaller, I was aware always of the sounds that I noticed. Now to be able to see and hear makes me so thankful for the gift I have been given.  Now, the vibrancy, and beauty and the contrasts of colors are so intense. For that I am so thankful.

  There are tiny blueberries on the blueberry bushes. I really didn't think they would set because they bloomed so early but I was so happy to see the tiny little berries.

One of the things that makes me so happy is to see this graft. Do you see the little bandage on the limb?
That is where Ron grafted this crab apple onto another apple tree. Every time I look at it I just smile.

Isn't that cool to see the green leaves with the purple ones of the graft? It just amazes me.

Every thing is so bright and pretty now. I finished a first counted cross stitch. It is small and I loved every minute of stitching it. To stitch again seems so magical.

This is a pattern from Pineberry Lane. There are two in the set, called Deephaven Marking Samplers. It is taken  from Susan Orne Jewett's novel called Deephaven  written in 1877 The story really captured my heart, and I knew I had to make the little samplers.

The trees are filled with the light green lace that I love so much in the early spring. I was watching the leaves shimmer in the golden light and I loved watching how the smallest breeze made the new edges of the leaves reflect light.

Every where I turn are gifts and beauty I never noticed. My favorite thing right now is going out and seeing my new chicks and cleaning the cage and picking the baby chicks one by one to put in a box as I pick them up I feel their little bodies relax into my hand. Then as I put them back to watch them run around and flap their tiny wings in the clean cage and eat and drink and then settle down under the warm light for a nap.
How I wish, that when God does something in my life, like taking me from one place to put me in another, I would be happy and would relax in His hands instead of fighting and kicking.

I hope your Wednesday is lovely. I have more plans than I have daylight, it is such a nice place I find myself, and not one I expected at all. I do love being surprised by life.


The Queen and her Ladies-in-waiting-
   Sat at the window and sewed.
She cried, "Look! who's that Handsome man?"
    They answered, " Mr. Toad."

---The Song of Mr. Toad---Kenneth Grahame


TexWisGirl said...

lovely blooms and blossoms. i knew you'd be enjoying your chicks. :)

Kerin said...

Ok. I've said it before, and I'm saying it again.... I'm coming for a visit!! Get my cot ready ..**grin**!
Seeing all the blossoms, and beauty that Spring is bringing to your part of the country is beautiful and inspires me!!
We are trying to get Spring here.. but it's being stubborn.

I love your thoughts, and I appreciate them. Yes.. it's something that I need to remember.. to be grateful for changes and not fight them so hard.

Have a wonderful day friend.


Kessie said...

I'm so glad every time you post! More projects than you have daylight, haha, great way to put it. I just bathed the kids, cleaned the bathroom, and I'm dashing to the store.

Gail said...

You are so blessed.

Thank you for sharing your blessing with me.

Beth said...

A wonderful post Kim. I always love your photos and i am so very happy that you can see the beautiful spring colors this year.

Nellie said...

I really love the purple, Kim! How rewarding that you are able to see all the colors around you this year! xo Nellie

Alica said...

I can't wait to smell the lilacs! Sooooo happy for you!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

I like your words today. And yes, that is a good anology about the baby chicks, how the chicks rested in your hand as you put them down....resting in God's hands would be the perfect place, we should feel that all the time.

Debbie said...

The lilacs are just gorgeous, they have been my favorite since childhood!! I am so excited for spring, your place looks amazing!!

Jacque. said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful words...beautiful you! xo

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh your posts make me happy because I can feel your happiness. Beautiful. Oh so much to do before the sun goes down and you will see every bit of it. HUG B

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Your joy fills my heart to the brim with gladness!

I love lilacs ... their scent is intoxicating!

Pom Pom said...

Aw! I love the WITW quote! Mr. Toad!
Oh, I can just see you giving the birds their playtime!

Miss Debbie said...

Your happiness makes me happy! So glad you are enjoying your chicks....I look forward to pictures! :-)

Christine said...

It is wonderful and God is so gracious and good! It is so good to know you can stitch again too!

Sue said...

Love reading your thoughts today Kim, so encouraging.especially your thoughts on the chicks relaxing in your hands and how we should do the same in our Father's hand. It really seems as if spring has really sprung at your place, we are running behind about two weeks this year, I haven't seen the sun all week, but am promised some tomorrow, so I will be in the garden.~smile~
Enjoy your walks and the beautiful sites God has provided for you.

Julia said...

Kim, you couldn't have timed it better than getting your sight back in the Spring when your whole world comes to new life.
You should bottle some of this gratitude and joy for darker days. It's so nice seeing you so bubbly.

I'd love to come and see all your blossoms. Mine are just pictures, lol.

Erin said...

Beautiful post and blooms!! Spring is such a joy!!

annie said...


GretchenJoanna said...

You are a real farm girl, being excited about grafts. I would be thrilled, too!

Sandy said...

When I saw your cross stitch I immediately remembered one that my sister bought at a yard sale. It was a primitive sampler and the saying on it said, "My mother made me make this sampler and I hated every minute of it" I thought that was hilarious!! I suppose what is torture for one is a pleasure to another. Love your blog.