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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Odds and Ends

You know, I am beginning to think maybe they did give me a brain transplant when they updated my eye.
After bumbling around for what seemed years, my brain finally works. It really is nice to be able to think.
Yesterday, I got out my sewing machine and I really meant to work on my quilts. Yes, quilts, I can ever seem to do anything one at a time, I need to do lots of things all at once. I decided as I had opened the windows and doors, it was time to get the porches cleaned and ready to enjoy. Then as I looked at my pillows I thought my pillows needed a bit of sprucing up.

This is my formula for cheap pillows.
1. Have your husband buy the biggest drop cloth, so you will have material for now and eternity, that Lowes or Home Depot makes.
2. Buy small bottles of paint.
3. Get masking tape and a stencil brush.

Then have fun.

I put on my music and made a smoothie.  I kept thinking I might like to make some with green paint. I always make my own pillow forms. I take a some quilt batting. Sew it together like a pillow in the shape I want, then stuff it. So for a little bit of money I can always make pillows that fit my moods.

I was going to make a bigger cushion for the seat of this chair but Em's showed up with flowers. So I spent the remainder of the day watching her arrange flowers.

She showed up with these.

To make these.

Lots of flowers for the wedding she is going to be into on Saturday.  I just sit and watch like a hawk. I would love to know how to do this and I watch her little secrets that she has learned. My kitchen smelled heavenly with all of those flowers. I am so glad she knows how to do this. When you are planning a wedding, flowers are so expensive. This saved us so much money last year. She now does it for wedding presents for the brides. I think that is a very handy gift don't you?

I love these and I think I need to plant one of these in my yard.

I hope you have a grand Thursday, Sasha is ready for a walk.

"It is your mission, a tested and tried one to walk out on the stage of this world and reveal to all the earth and heaven that the music is not in the conditions, nor in the things, not in external but the music of life is in your own soul."
---Author Unknown---



TexWisGirl said...

you're pretty creative - just like your daughter!

Debbie said...

Oh I LOVE the pillows. And what a good idea on the fabric and the painting, though I can't see me doing that. I am soo messy with paint, lol. And the flowers are GORGEOUS! I've always wanted to know how to arrange them too. She is quite talented! Soo pretty! Enjoy your day! It is soooo nice here!

Gail said...

You are very creative. I make my own pillows too out of whatever I have.

The arrangement is beautiful.

Kerin said...

Good day Kim.
What a glorious start to Spring! Love the sweet pillows that you made, and I appreciate the tips that you offered. One teeny question.. do you use a fabric paint? I spoke with one of my sweet friends this morning, and she asked me if I would help her make some decorative pillows. I think we shall try your idea out :)
Gorgeous flowers, and your daughter is quite talented to have a vision of how to put them all together in such charming arrangements.

Hope you have a wonderful day , my friend.


Jacque. said...

" of life is in your own soul." WOW! You find the best quotes!!! Gorgeous flowers and wonderful talent to arrange them. Those pillows are wonderful, too! Gosh, I am smiling big after reading this post. Thank you. xo

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Do you buy a special paint for those pillows ... will they be washable?

I wish I could arrange flowers ... there's something special about a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Debbie said...

What a great tip on making pillows, I'll bet they are softer that way!! The flowers are gorgeous, she arranged them beautifully!!

Miss Debbie said...

Your pillows look great...neat idea! The flowers are lovely and your daughter certainly has the touch!

Meg said...

She really makes the prettiest arrangements. I am so glad she likes to play with flowers. Maybe it is just pillow making time. Debbie was making one on her blog too. Apparently I need to get some fabric out and join the crowd. :)

Nellie said...

Gorgeous flowers! You are quite clever with those pillows, Kim! You never cease to amaze me! xo Nellie

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

You sound like me...I have many projects at one time and seem to get sidetracked, doing one thing, but eventually get back to the original project. HAHAHAA...not a boring day that is for sure and it all gets done. Sounds like a nice day though, turn the music on, make a smoothie and make a few pillows and very nice ones at that!!! Happy Spring to ya!!!

Christine said...

Oh love the pillows! Great job!
Yes I love the clever ways florists can make different flowers come together in a bouquet.

Pom Pom said...

I love the pillows, Kim! The bouquets are lovely! The colors are so happy!

Beth said...

Very nice pillows Kim!

The flowers are all beautiful and the quote is wonderful!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Love your ideas for the pillows.
It is amazing to watch someone assemble a beautiful bouquet of flowers. One of my daughters shadowed a florist and learned all kinds of techniques. So interesting.

Anonymous said...

Your pillows are gorgeous, Kim. I never thought to make my own forms with batting. I have so much batting squirreled away, leftovers from long-completed projects. I want to sew it together now and make myself a pillow form! Thanks for the wonderful idea. (And boy oh boy, aren't those flowers gorgeous. Would love to have that arranging talent :) )

moosecraft said...

Gorgeous flowers! And, arranged nicely too! :-) Love those pillows you made... absolutely classic!

Sue said...

Your daughter is so gifted too, the flowers are beautiful, I think help ing others plan their weddings as a wedding gift is so precious.
I love the idea of using drop cloth for making pillows, thank you so much for sharing.
Enjoy your weekend, we have been busy in the garden, and will be today also.

PKB said...

Wow, you sure have such amazingly creative ideas!!

Nancy's Notes said...

What a clever idea! Your painted pillows are just great, love them! Oh my, those flowers are arranged beautifully! I know I've mentioned before, but will again. Your header and sides are just the best!!!
Happy day~