June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Stormy Day

Do you know those funny jokes about California Storms, the ones where a lawn chair is turned over with the caption " We Will Rebuild!" That is what I feel like when I talk about storms. We might get some thunder and lighting and some hail but less than a 10th of an inch of rain. My sister said they got 2 1/2 inches of rain yesterday, we would just wash away here in the Central Valley. I thought I would share a link with you. It is a video of the Central Valley. Even though it is a commercial for a car, they did a really nice job of capturing the Central Coast and getting to see Hearst Castle is nice and seeing the Zebras and sea lions. It makes me want to go to the beach.

The chicks have really grown and this little brave girl flew up to the edge and then didn't know how to get down. They are flying around the cage and really getting brave. I will have to change this cage out for a bigger one. It is still too cold for them to get to go outside yet.

I never take before pictures. This is the row of trees that I chopped weeds around yesterday. The weeds were so tall you couldn't see the trees. I wanted to judge how the spring training was going on with me so I didn't even know If I could do it yet. I did get them chopped and raked and hauled a green trash can up to the place by Ron's shed. I filled a trash can all by myself. I guess this spring training works. If we can get the front flowerbeds finished this weekend, we will start getting the garden ready for planting. I would like it to all be in by Good Friday. We have 72 tomato plants. We might have over did it a bit.

I continue to mesmerized by the shades of green. I just can't get enough of the leaves and the green and the contrasts. I know I keep saying this like a broken record. I just keep saying, has it always been this pretty? I just can't help being so thankful. I have a story and not to make me look nice because I was disappointed in myself.  After my eye surgery, the doctor sent me a flower arrangement of bright yellow begonias. On my next appointment, I was mad at myself because I had not brought a thank you note. The office was very busy and full of people so by the time the doctor got to me, he was rather harried.
Just on the spur of the moment, I said, " Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers."  He turned and looked at me with this shocked look on his face. I thought I had said or done something wrong. I really was sorry I had mentioned it.
Then he said, " That is a surprise! Me still thinking I had said something wrong said, " Oh I am sorry, I didn't know it was a surprise. " Then he said, " No, that is a first, he said, you are the first person in all of the years I have been doing surgeries, you are the first person to ever say thank you."  Which shamed me because I thought, " Have we as a society got so ungrateful?" He then went on to explain why they send flowers, because with your new eye, the thing your eyes can see the clearest and best are flowers.

So I keep thinking,  I have one of two choices, every day. Whose life can I make better today or whose day am I totally going to mess up. It all starts with me. I tell you after being Miss Downer for months, it is sure easier to be happy and laugh.

Well I will get off my soap box. I just can't believe how lovely the world is every day. Do you know doves fight? I saw the biggest dove fight yesterday. These doves pounded each other with their wings. You know how it sounds in movies when people punch each other? That was how loud it was, and those doves were mad. Such drama in the spring.

Have a lovely Wednesday,

"Who bends a knee where violets grow
A hundred secret things shall know.
---"A Charm For Spring Flowers,"
 Rachel Field, 1957


  1. i am so glad you said thank you to him! you probably made his day!

    love your cute little chickie!

  2. At least you got a 1/10 of an inch...we didn't get any at all! How sad your right that people would just take something like getting those flowers for granted. Soo glad you thought to thank him. Bet it made his day and what he does more worthwhile. Your right of course, that is the choice we make everyday. Enjoy yours!

  3. I loved reading this post today. It does my heart good to know what joy you are getting from being able to see the beautiful colors all around you!

  4. i love listening to your broken record......so joyful you are!!

    cute little chickie!!

  5. Hi Kim, I miss the beauty of Ca. winters and spring. I don't miss the rain so much but all the flowering trees that we don't have here.
    What a nice thing to say to your dr. Probably made his day.
    Have a nice afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. That is sad that society has become so ungrateful. Reminds me of the story in the bible when only one of the 12 lepers returned to thank Jesus. Guess they were too busy celebrating...maybe that's what happens to the doctor's patients, too. Glad you said "thank you"...I know that made his day!

  7. Yay, a chicky pic! I'm so happy! I hope you get lots of rain. We had a dust storm yesterday and it was about 90, and today it's cool and breezy again.

  8. A wonderful gift...the flowers. And, a wonderful gift...you saying 'thank you'. xo

  9. Oh she is just the cutest!! I can't wait to see them in person! We have dove fights around here all the time. Because there are so many doves in and around our yard, and Mrs. Mama is nesting in our flower basket, Mr. Daddy gets very mad at anyone who comes within 30 feet and he pounds on them. They don't really come back. ;)

  10. Love the brave wee chick!
    Good for you tackling the weeding round the trees. That was quite a job!

  11. . "I just can't believe how lovely the world is every day". Never get off your soap box I love that you can see and enjoy what is all around you. Your Doctor is amazing and I cannot believe no one said thank you. Hugs B

  12. Your doctor sends flowers? That's amazing! Your little chick looks so cute perched up there. Happy storm day! (Yes, I'm giggling)

  13. Such beauty around you, Kim. Love the chicken! You were so fortunate to find a thoughtful doctor. I never knew doves fight, but I suppose they are really no different from other species. xo Nellie

  14. I can understand why Dad loved California, why you love it. The video was amazing.

    Never stop sharing your joy. It brightens my day. I am trying to see through your eyes instead of being winter weary.

    You are such a blessing to us all.

  15. I typed my comment and then watched the video and all my comment vanished, lol.
    Soo here I go again....
    When a Dr. send his patient flowers that says a lot about how he cares about his patients.
    I'm blown away by how ungrateful people can be ... it's like in the bible when Jesus healed all those people and only one said thank you....

    Your little chicks are so adorable... makes me want some like when I was a little girl...

    Getting in shape for serious weeding in the spring is a chore I well know about, lol. The storm buried the old storm and now spring seems so far away for us but faith tells me that Spring is around the bend.

    March came in like a lamb and is going out like a lion as the saying goes.

    Gratefulness makes a happy heart and a happy heart makes a happy home. My quote, by JB

  16. thanks for linking up, dear kim! you've always got a good fence around. :)

  17. What a sweet, kind gesture of your doctor's office! And while a thank you note would have been nice, a heartfelt verbal thanks goes a lot farther in my book. ;-)

    I'm more than a little jealous of all the green you've got ... no green here yet. But our trees are starting to bud out a little. Eventually ...

  18. A lot here. Your eye surgery for one. How wonderful to see so well, and I'm going to remember to thank my doc next time around. We do forget that! We take so much granted! Love the baby chick....makes me long for a grandparent's farm long since gone.

  19. Oh my, 72 Tomato plants ???
    Please share what you do with all of those tomatoes ;)


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