June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, March 7, 2014

Gardening Photos

I have been staring at pictures of gardens on Pinterest. I thought just for fun I would go around to my pictures and show you gardens from my past. This is our very first garden. I think we must have worked in it every waking moment. I froze and canned so much from this garden. We really didn't know much about it and we planted every thing we could think of that year. This was 2009

This was the garden of 2010. We grew so many cantaloupes that  every member of our family was sick to death of cantaloupe. Even the chickens would glare at me with, " Really more cantaloupe?"

In 2011 it changed a bit.

 I couldn't seem to stay caught up with it and I think at this time life was on fast forward and my heart wasn't into it. You can see how my mental processes affect my ability to keep weeds out of my garden.

In 2012 the heat was beginning to really take its toll on me and my eyes were starting to really bother me.

This one was the biggest of all and filled with so many different things but I was mainly growing flowers because as my sight was slipping away, bright colors really helped me stay sane.

Then we come to 2013 the biggest gardening flop of our short gardening life. Because we were busy with the wedding plans, we planted late. The only thing that did okay was the sunflowers. Well and the beets but that was it. I think I got five tomatoes.

I was able to keep it pretty much weed free, but not bug free. My life as an organic farmer changed, I tried to use Neem oil and soap suds and you name it and nothing helped. I finally gave up and pulled every thing out and decided that this year it will be back to a big garden. Though I haven't decided if I want it as big as the first one. I would like to grow more produce to can this year. I do love flowers though.

I love seeing my life through gardens. I have learned so much out here. Time began in a garden. I find that when I am in the garden, even working. Watching the world from here is the best place to be. I love watching the seasons change and even watching the weather. Being in a garden, life just slows down and what matters becomes so simple.

Have a lovely Friday. I have found out lots about Fields of Dreams looking back through these pictures. Dreams are lots of work and they don't just happen. If I want something I better work for it.


"You saved me once, and what is given is always returned. We are in this world to help one another.
---The Adventures of Pinocchio---C.Collodi,1883


  1. love your blooms - the sunflowers, especially, since the birds love them so. :)

  2. That garden has reflected your life and I'm thinking the gardens ahead will be the best yet!!

  3. All of your gardens are beautiful! I have always wanted to plant a big plot of sunflowers,perhaps this will be the year.Be blessed,Jen

  4. Looks like you have some good soil there. I would come help you if we lived close to you. I love to garden and see things grow...I am thinking of doing some canning this year. I would love that I had a garden like yours. Our ground is so hard and clay like...nothing grows and also there is alot of shade from the trees. So I have to plant in pots....my harvest is never big. You will figure out a way, just keep plugging along.

    Funny about your cantalopes....so much even the chickens were getting tired of it....silly chickens, bet their eggs were good that year!!!

    Gardens are good for the soul....Jesus always went to the garden to pray to his Father. God speaks to me alot through my gardening....it's a good place to be.

  5. You have ambitious gardens, Kim. I'm too much of a wimp to farm that much dirt! You are a natural grower and I always look forward to the early growth you get where you live. I have to wait. Sad.

  6. I enjoyed seeing your garden photos!
    I hope you'll be able to garden to your hearts desire this year.
    And, hopefully, more rain this year.

  7. Having a good garden DOES require a lot of work! Our best garden was the first one we had many years ago. Unfortunate that we use that as the yardstick for our evaluation. My husband is planting onion sets today! xo Nellie

  8. Love your garden photos, and the snippets of what went with each year. Have a good time with your garden this year!!! xo

  9. It seems we are both thinking along the same lines today, I am so homesick for spring that I have been going through my photos too, you are so right we do learn a lot by reminiscing photos, Your gardens are so beautiful!. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy you evening.

  10. Hi Kim, I've always been so impressed with your gardens and your green thumb-but I didn't realize you had problems with your vision. Are you o.k. now? I can't imagine the amount of work it takes one person to care for such a garden, let alone if you have other issues you are dealing with. Now that I'm a senior, I like a smaller yard-hubby doesn't really help with the flowers etc. and a large yard is just too much for me.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. I plan to put sunflowers where ever I find a spot this year. Can you recommend a big one?

    I know they clean the soil and give some extra food for the wild life.

  12. With so much space no wonder gardening took up every waking moment! Funny how the chickens seem to communicate with you too!
    THe sunflowers are so wonderful!
    Have a blessed weekend

  13. The warm weather we're having right now has me anxious to get out to our garden. Hopefully with the raised beds out in our backyard, we'll have better success than we did last summer.

  14. Oh Kim, I'm coming to your house with my big basket, gloves and a small scissor. I am dreaming of those gorgeous flowers !!
    I'll bet you fill your whole house with those fabulous blooms ;)

  15. Oh your photos make me want to plant a garden I have not had a big one in two years. The sunflowers would be perfect for that wedding we will be having don't you think? I should plant a bunch of them they would be perfect. I am glad you can see it all now. Hug B

  16. i love pinterest....so many awesome ideas!!

  17. Your sunflowers are so cheery and bright! I can see why you always have them...and I love looking at them! I'm hoping to have some of the seeds you sent me growing in my garden again this summer. It's fun to look at them and think of my friend in California!

  18. Your sunflowers are so cheery and bright! I can see why you always have them...and I love looking at them! I'm hoping to have some of the seeds you sent me growing in my garden again this summer. It's fun to look at them and think of my friend in California!

  19. I loved seeing the garden history. I would love even more to walk around in your garden....if we ever get down that way I will try to come and get a tour, and hope it isn't on a day when it's 110 degrees out there. :-)

  20. Life's "seasons" often change the way we do things like gardens. The seasons of a garden are so different from one year to the next, so much like our own seasons of life. Very reflective. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Thanks for the review! Look forward to seeing this year's garden. I like the Pinocchio quote. It seems that everywhere I have turned for the last week, I have been reminded that we are to love people. The sermon at my son's church was about that this morning and as was a story I listened to driving back from Tenn this afternoon. It is certainly the primary way we demonstrate God's love!


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