May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thoughts on Motherhood

I was thinking a lot yesterday abut motherhood. When I walked
down that aisle and said "I do," at that moment in time it was
the furthest thing from my mind. I mean as a young bride, did you imagine
not getting a full nights sleep, or loving a little person so much that you
would gladly wade into a roaring river to save them.

I have been down with the flu for the last two days. But since becoming a
mother, I judge everything by labor and morning sickness. Nothing really ever
gets as bad as that, not to mention I just think it is all in my mind anyway.

As I went about my daily schedule yesterday, feeling worse and worse, I kept
calling myself a wimp, and shaking myself by the neck to "snap out of it."
Finally by dinner time, I knew maybe I was after all sick. I couldn't face
the smell of food. Then it dawned on me, could I have a fever? I did.

I gave myself permission to go to bed. This morning, as I was sorting clothes
to do laundry. I thought, no one tells you this that being a mother means no
sick time, no vacations, and no one really notices anything until things don't
get done.

No one tells you that you are going to love your job, you are going to want to do those
things, you are going to want to make a home so everyone has a safe place to escape
to from the world. I know that I never knew this until I became a mother.
I am so thankful I have a reason to make myself get out of bed in the morning,
and glad I have things to keep my mind off of me.

So now I have to go do those jobs that no one will notice unless it isn't done.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. oh, sorry you've been sick! please take some down time for yourself as you definitely need to rest. your kids are old enough to fend for themselves!

  2. Kim
    I hope you get to feeling better.
    It is so true that motherhood is indeed a life of blessed sacrifice. Most don't really appreciate it until the nest is empty and there's no one around but your hubby and you.
    Please give yourself time to get better!

  3. You are such good person Kim. Sharing your heart about motherhood is GOOD. Now, be sure and take care of yourself. Because as you just pointed out, what you do is important and they need you. They need you WELL. If you need to give yourself permission again, please do.

    Hugs, Debbie

  4. I love your writing style. Writing how you feel and being able to relate it so well. I walked down that same path when I was a young mom. I think a lot of stems from how you were raised. Having bold mothers, who were farmers tends to toughen a person up. This was my experience. I know how you feel standing the kitchen, doing what you do for your family and feeling horribly sick. There are not a lot of women these days that tolerate that kind of life. Saying that, I do hope you take care of yourself. Nap when you can, drink a lot of water, think happy thoughts. Enjoyed your post.

  5. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Kim. I soo agree with the others. Take the time you need to be feeling your old self. You are soo worth it. Your right though, little did any of us know what was ahead when we made that journey down the asile. It is all soo worth though isn't it? HUGS, Debbie

  6. Yes that's all good, but you need to be in bed more! :) It is very true we don't have time to be sick, but I feel God gives us illness when we need to just be quiet and sit still. Take the time you need now before school starts, so you don't carry this for weeks!

    P.s. For a second there I thought you were going to say you were pregnant. o.O

  7. It is true, except when I don't feel good, I moan and groan about it. I'm still so immature. Sigh. Nobody does tell you all these things about motherhood. That's why I love blogs, because there's all these women who do try, very hard, to tell you about it. :-)

  8. Oh no, not the flu. You need to let yourself rest. Pushing through the flu is just going to prolong it. Even Super-Moms can rest one day. You probably got yourself run down doing all the stressing about back to school. Hope you feel better quickly.

  9. Yeah, okay...but you cannot do what needs to be done unless you take care of yourself. Please do that so you'll feel better soon!

  10. And it's still that way after they leave the nest. Go figure. LOL

  11. Oh my dear...I'm so sorry you're sick. Sometimes super Moms get sick just to rest! Our teens (or in my case, 20s) like to be in charge. They know that Mom creates the awesome safe home, but when you're sick, they rally, big time. Go to bed, get a great book, sleep, eat toast and chicken soup, let them wait on you...and they can feel the joy of making someone feel know that's a great feeling...don't you want them to know it too!
    Get better soon my friend!
    Hugs and Blessings!

  12. Poor Kim, I'm sorry that you are sick with the flu. Thanks for leaving a comment on m blog. I hope that tomorrow will find you feeling much better. In the mean time get lots of sleep and let someone take care of you for a chance. They too need to feel needed once in a while. Hugs. JB

  13. Kim dear, NOBODY ever did write out a job description for the motherhood. I think maybe it could scare the fainthearted away. But once your little one looks trustingly and lovingly into your eyes, well, there is NOTHING better. And yes, although my Noah is a grown-up now, I would still wade into a river for him.

    Take your sick time and care for yourself.

    Thanks for your sweet and welome words about my books. It helps me figure out why I do them...onto the bird book now!



  14. truer words have never been spoken!! i hope when you read this you are feeling better!!

  15. So true so true...hope you are feeling better

  16. hi kim!

    i've missed your refreshing, down to earth wisdom.
    thank you for being such an inspiration!

    nothing new at my place, just wanted to say, "hi!"


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