May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Simply Sunday

I love Sunday mornings. I love the slower pace of the day.
My chickens even sound sleepy. I love the promise of fall
that is in the air. One thing I have noticed is that the water in the
swimming pool is cooling down. It is still very warm in the afternoon,
and the evenings are still in the 70s but the ground must
be cooling going towards fall. Little secrets that fall will soon be here.

Tonight for dinner I will be fixing only things that we grew this week.
Eggplant Parmesan my kids really did ask for it.

Fresh green beans

I thought I would make bread to go with it.
With a Fresh peach pie.

My son has been making lots and lots of salsa. The kids have been
eating it on eggs, and on slices of french bread. It is so good I could
eat it with a spoon.

I have this feeling of such joy when I come in from the garden and
I put everything on the counter and even bring in the eggs to wash
and know that my family will eat because we planted a garden. Not to
mention the hard working girls who provide the eggs.
Such joy in the summer.
I also feel the same way when we get our wood all stacked and ready for
the winter.

Such simple joys to be had.
Have a lovely day.

"Your word I have hidden in my heart,
that I might not sin against You."
Psalm 119:11


  1. beautiful header photo! bountiful!

    my favorite? the fresh green beans. eat 'em raw!

  2. Mmmm, I wish I was there for a piece of warm peach pie.

  3. Peach pie is one of my favorites. I'll be right over. Your garden produce looks amazing. I can't wait to start a garden next year...and if I save enough to have a coop, then chickens too. Can we have your son's salsa recipe? Sounds splendid!

  4. Look at your bounty!! Oh how wonderful. I loved your header picture on your kitchen counter...what wonderful produce...fall, well it won't be here for awhile, we are still way over a hundred, setting new records, replacing the hottest summer since 1980!
    I am trying to get my garden beds (city small size) ready for a fall garden...but when it is still 102 at 10 pm there isn't much time to garden in cooler temps.

    Oh enjoy your sense of fall...your home school days..aren't you down to one? Wow, almost at the end of that journey.

    Blessings on all you do this week

  5. Yes! I hauled in about a pound of tomatoes yesterday and told Ben that it was so awesome to walk into our backyard and get food. I'll be making salsa today too!

  6. I like the header! Save me a piece of peach pie and I'll bring the ice cream. Yum!

  7. Eating from the garden is just the best, isn't it? Rich!

  8. Oh it's nice to see someone with a bountiful garden. Our weather has not cooperated at all this year! I totally agree with lovin the slow pace of Sunday morning! Enjoy your day!

  9. Beautiful produce! And congratulate "the girls" on their eggs!

  10. Can I come for peach pie? I'll bring the coffee. Sounds yummy! :-)

  11. Oh please post your eggplant parmesan dish, would love to see it. Lets hope summer stays longer than we know it will. I am not ready for fall or winter.

  12. Your header photo is beautiful! Your post gave me such a feeling of peace and calm today- I appreciate that!

    BTW, I'll be there for supper. Just so ya know. LOL

  13. Kim
    I'm happy for you that you are reaping the fruits of your labors. There is such satisfaction in the sowing, then the reaping, and lastly the preserving or eating.
    I miss having my own garden so much. It has to happen next year!
    Yes, there is nothing like the satisfaction of a full pantry, a substancial wood supply, projects to work on, and plenty of good books and movies to prepare us for cozying in for the coming winter. I actually love it!

  14. Ah, such pretty green beans. I got some from the store, and they were wilted and bruised. Talk about a waste of money. I've been considering a peach pie of some kind, myself. The ones we got on Friday are totally on the way out and I need to use them up. Maybe a cobbler. :-)

  15. I agree with you so much. This morning I pulled out some salsa for our breakfast burritos of veggies directly from the garden. Yummo! I have bigger plans for next year and love to do my planning and digging and preparing in the cooler fall temps. Your dinner sounds delicious.

  16. Your garden bounty is glorious! I bet your Eggplant Parmesan is delicious. I know just what you mean when you say that you love the snug feeling of a hefty woodpile. I love it when the home fires are burning. You have such a grateful heart, sweet friend.

  17. 1st.....i. love. the. header!!

    2nd....i would love to see pictures of everything you made!!!

    3rd...your joy brings me joy, it's contagious!!

  18. 4th....i can't wait for fall!!!!


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