May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wednesday Confessions

I hope you don't mind confessions. I needed to share one.
My usual post is the Wednesday Words for Weight Loss.
But I thought that you really needed to know a few things
about me. Total fraud. Yep, that is me.

I was doing pretty good on my weight loss. As long as I stayed
ahead of my husband. He is and has been dieting with me.
My husband is thin. Always has been. When we were going to get
married, I starved myself so that I wouldn't weigh more than him.
I did weigh less for a time.

But most of our married life I out weighed him. Especially when I was
He has gained a few pounds. He is still in a normal weight range for his height.

Well, so he started loosing weight. He is the most disciplined person I have
ever seen. Not wanting to be called a Saboteur I have not fixed goodies.

But, at Christmas I did. I put them in the freezer and there they have been
until last week. On the morning he officially weighed less than me, I snapped.
late in the afternoon, I poured a cup of coffee and went out to the freezer in the
garage. I opened one of the bags I had saved. It had cream cheese brownies in it.
They were moist and chewy. I ate about 10

I told myself, never again I won't eat anymore. Then the next day.
There was a bag of these Almond Joy things I made complete with its own
little almond in each chewy bite. I ate about 10 I told my self really, really no more.

Then low and behold I found a bag I had forgot about in the front refrigerator.
I was starting to get braver and more shameless. He got up to go do something when
we were watching a movie. I grabbed a couple and wolfed them down.

But later I was standing in the kitchen and he looked at my shirt and picked off what looked
like a small grain of rice. Then another one. " He said, Did you need to eat some rice? " You
got it all over you." I mumbled something then my conscience got the better of me.

So the next morning I told him what I had done. He laughed and laughed. So I thought
before I did a Wednesday Words for Weight Loss I needed to come clean.
So really there is a madness behind me working like a crazy woman. I am trying to burn
off all of those extra calories I have consumed.

I just wanted you to know who you are dealing with here.



  1. Oh my goodness you make me giggle ~ although trying to lose weight is frustrating especially when you live with some one who can eat and stay slim ~ hang on girl you can do it~!

  2. Ok, this post gave me the best laugh! At first I couldn't imagine what you were going to tell us. You know my active imagination!
    Since you confessed, perhaps I should share that since it is winter here, and no one is looking at them....I haven't shaved my legs in weeks! Lol. Hmmm maybe that was too much information?? Hehehe

  3. You are such a squirrel! Hiding it away and then BAM! Smorgasbord! :)

  4. Oh my gosh I love this post so much. It's OK! Every body slips sometimes. You just have to get back to it, and I know you can! It's so nice that Dad just laughs at you and isn't upset about you eating so much, or gaining weight or anything.

    And I love you no matter what you look like (or eat, hehe). :)

  5. Okay, this post is HILARIOUS. I didn't know you had that junk in the freezer or I'd have hit it up a few times myself! Guess it's not in the freezer anymore, eh? ;-D

  6. Sneaking makes everything taste sooooo much better!

  7. I like the part that your husband laughed because he was amused. So you have a sweet tooth... we all have a sweet tooth and we all slip up at one time or other.
    Don't be too hard on yourself. Forgive yourself and get back on the wagon. You can do it. We have faith in you... JB

  8. LOL I am dealing with someone whom I adore, and girl I could have written this post, as I have done the same thing so many times!! and have had to confess to dh and got the same reaction. I have also tried to work off those calories. So tomorrow is a new day, you enjoyed the goodies, and start again. I have found that I am in very good company!
    Hugs, Sue

  9. Thanks for the laugh! Believe me...we have all done it! I'm sure you will get back on track soon...and I need to get on it with you!!

  10. I've done that before. Heck- I don't even wait for them to thaw!!! I've been good the last few weeks, but I'm kind of like that old saying- "when she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad she was horrible."

    You sounded like you were describing the farmer and me. He's thin, wirey, and strong as an ox. I have outweighed him every single day since we met. When I was pregnant, I really outweighed him. I'm a good three inches taller than he is and I love to wear heels, so we look like mutt and jeff.

    You have come clean! Your sins are forgiven. Now go get the questions for this week's Wed Words of Weightloss! Pleeeeez.;)

  11. I love it. That is exactly what I do. Then I am so mad at myself for giving into the temptation. All is forgiven. Get back on the bandwagon and kick his butt.

  12. It is written that confession is good for the soul. So. Do you feel better now? {grin} Thank you for being human...and admitting it.

  13. Oh, I needed that laugh! Laughing is actually a good calorie-burning activity, so thanks for that! The day hubby and I got married, he weighed exactly double what I did. But...he's a whole foot taller than me, and didn't have an ounce of fat on him - only guilt-inducing muscle (I've never seen the inside of a gym and wouldn't have the staying-power to lift weights for a minute!) x


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