May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Simply Sunday

I am going to share one of my posts that I wrote about a year ago.
I was thinking about it today as my Dad went to be with the Lord
7 years ago. I think about my parents now that they live somewhere
else and I can't pick up the phone. The story I am sharing is maybe
the story that defined my life. I had my life before the tractor accident
and my life after the accident. It changed my family dynamics and it changed
me. I went from being a little girl to being my brother's protector at school once
he started school. But why I am sharing it is because sometimes things happen
in our lives, bad things. God takes them and turns them around for good.

Lots of Wishes

Right now in my yard, it is filled with wishes. This is a
wishing plant, other wise known as dandelions. When
I am out walking with our grand sons, we stop and
pick them and I tell them to make wishes.

I want to tell you about this amazing plant. I am living
on the land that was my grandparents. A horse pasture was between our houses. There is a huge old tree
that was a tree house for me. Then it became a tree house for our kids
and soon one for our grand kids. This land is filled
with a ghost of me walking through the fields,
and sometimes I even meet her.

When I was seven my
Dad and my uncle were using a piece
of farm equipment the wrong way and being a old Ford
tractor without a roll bar the tractor turned over. My brother
was two. My brother was holding onto the steering wheel because
we were facing my Dad on the hood of the tractor. My Dad was able
to grab me and throw me so far and I landed on my head,
but my brother was holding on so tightly. The tractor went over
and pinned my Dad and my brother underneath it. It must
of knocked me out because I remember waking up with my Dad
screaming for someone to save his baby.

My Mom came running out the door and yelled for me to run
get Papa. Which I couldn't understand why my legs wouldn't work
and why I had wet my pants.
My uncle lifted the tractor off and they were able to get my Dad
and brother out and to the hospital. My Dad's arm was crushed and
my brothers neck was broke and he was paralyzed.

I remember walking out in the pasture and I had heard somewhere
that if you picked a dandelion and wished real hard your wish would
come true. So I sat out there in the pasture and I wished on every one
I could find.
Guess what, my Dad got better, my brother walked again, and even
if you don't think much about those kind of wishes. I remembered all of those wishes that came true.

We built a house in that pasture, so I still have all of the wishes in my yard.
When my grandsons were born and they were only 1 pound little guys, I
went out and wished on every one I could find.
They are almost 4.

Really, I know its God, and He is so good and hears every prayer.
He has never left me nor has He forsook me. Even when I thought I didn't
believe in Him, He has always believed in me. Sometime life is hard, sometimes
it doesn't make sense. I know that on that dark day when that tractor turned over
and my life became crazy. God was there because on the day when my 3 year old
brother told my Dad to wait across the room and he walked to him step by step, when
the doctors said he would be in a wheel chair the rest of his life. I know that
God doesn't change and He still does miracles.
But sometimes, to hold something in my hand, to make a wish and to blow
the seeds everywhere, I can pretend that my prayers are being carried
by the wind and my prayers are taking root somewhere, Because
God always hears.
Blessings to you today my friends,



  1. Thanks for the touching story Kim. You sure have had lots of difficult things happening to you as you grew up.

    I'm glad that your dad and brother were Ok in the end. God does answer our prayers, not always in the way we expect. JB

  2. Your blog always touches my heart. I am so glad your brother and Dad recovered and yes God still works miracles.

  3. Oh Kim, I can’t imagine how scary that day was. How scary the many days after were too. So glad the dandelion wishes came true and still do. So sorry about your daddy-I know these times are very reflective and I am praying for you.
    Bless you friend,

  4. What a frightening day! It blesses me that as you look back, you know it was God who cared for you and your family. And when you tell the story to your children and grandchildren, they will also know that it was God. A powerful testimony...thanks for blessing my Sunday morning! :-)

  5. Your stories always move me. You are definately tied to that land. The wishes you made as a child are rooted in that ground.

  6. Loved this. I love that your ghost is there, all your wishes are there, your prayers firmly planted in that field of dreams... And so glad many of those wishes and prayers were heard and answered...

  7. Oh Kim how scary this all had to be!! I can't even imagine. And yet a miracle to look back on and KNOW that there is a God and He does hear our prayers! A miracle that you can pass down to your children and grandchildren and they can to theirs and so on. Guess I am still learning so much about you. Didn't realize you are living on the land you grew up on. What a wonderful thing to be able to do. Your memories of that place are a life time full for sure. Didn't know you had little 4 year old twin grandsons! Are they identical? This story was such a blessing, and a wonderful way to start my Sunday! HUGS

  8. Good Sunday morning Kim, I am going to try and write through my tears, you and I are such "kindred spirits". I still throw my wishes to the wind when I find a dandelion, and am aways asking dh not to dig them up.I also try and look for the first star out tonight when dusk rolls in.Yes, God does hear our wishes(prayers), and I am so glad He does. One again I leave so inspired.
    I haven;t been online for a few days as I am still very week, but today I am feeling stronger, thank you so much for your prayers.
    Now I must go and read your previous posts to catch up.

  9. Wonderful. Thank you for this today.
    All so very good to hold to my heart today....

  10. Hi, Kim...

    Thank you for sharing this touching story of a moment that divided time for you. Looking back, there are events in each of our lives that make up the deepest, darkest valleys...those hard times. In the end, though, thankfully, God uses them for good to help me(us) grow and trust Him more.


  11. kimmie, that is a heart-stopping story, but with a better ending than i would have guessed. God is good and hope can take us farther than we can imagine.

    i'm blowing dandelions!!!!

    big hugs

  12. This was just beautiful Kim, and... God made those dandelions! :)


  13. Kim...I had to bend my head to the side and let the tears drip on to my night gown...your writings always touch me...and always at the right time. Thinking this morning about what really matters...thanks for reminding's so easy to lose sight.
    With much love,


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