May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Befores and Afters

I thought that since we are finally finished I would
show you the before and after pictures. This was earlier
in the week.

This is now. Finally finished and all put back. I told
my husband that now I feel like my clothes are all back on.
Funny thing with the fence being broken I felt exposed and
I had to work really hard at telling myself over and over that
it is a split rail fence, I have gates and a huge driveway, but
something about having the fence broke down messed
with my mind.

This is looking down the road after it was broke.

Now it looks the way it is supposed to one long
straight fence.
I did have some very interesting thoughts as I watched
my husband and my boys. First of all, I am not as strong
as a man anymore. I have turned to be more girl like. That is a drag.
I used to be able to keep up.
Next watching the boys the scary thought was my youngest
is going to be 16 in May. Then all that is going to be left is me.
The scary thought crossed my mind, I need to get busy and
have some more boys. By the time my youngest is 20 then
the baby would be 4 and we wouldn't be out of boys.

Just kidding, I did tell my husband and he thought I had lost my mind.
I guess it has been a hard week.

I thought I would show you what We did this weekend.



  1. Ha ha! Here I thought your mind would be going straight to "My 16 yr old boy might be out joy-riding and crash into someone else's fence just like this!" :)

  2. No, no, that's what grandkids are for! I'm sure people would be happy to donate grandboys for any jobs the grandparents might have. :-)

  3. Funny thing Kim... I completely understand your thoughts on the fence! It kind of represents a chapter and passage of life going by, and when it is broken, there is upheaval in our minds. My mind works the same way... not to mention that you are about to enter another chapter, kids are growing up, and less dependent on us... yep... I am right there with you, only a little further down the road. The fences get mended, life goes on, and so it is... like the soap opera says... these are the 'days of our lives'. Yikes! That sounded so dismal. Actually, you will find new joys and treasures in the next phase... things you won't believe can be so much fun, like grandkids and freedoms you haven't had before. So, your fence is mended, and on we go! :)

    I sound like a nutty philosopher today, even to myself!!

  4. You funny girl. You have grand-babies to replace your flock leaving the nest. Ok I know you are not that old but I have an image of you going to get diapers in your walker. Lol
    Seriously, the fence looks great. I had hoped by now that lady would have felt guilty and knocked on your door.

  5. Looks great, glad you all got it fixed...well I have 22 years difference in ages from boy 1 to boy 5! LOL

  6. Love your fence and YES totally with you on it being broken and repaired....

    Since last year we have a fence in front of our farm aswell and i just LOVE driving up and seeing it every day!


  7. I so get it about the broken fence. Glad your guys got it fixed and you feel better. A baby? I thought, for a moment, that you had lost your mind. whew. Glad you haven't. {grin}

  8. I know you are relieved to have it back together. Someone hit our column to our driveway a few weeks back and it didn’t fall but it’s broken into chunks. Then last week someone came by during the night and vandalized the light fixtures on top of the columns--it makes me feel broken when I drive in and out. I just don’t understand why some people are so mean (the vandalizer).
    As for needing more boys--you better get busy :) LOL
    Hugs Friend,

  9. Wow Kim, your men sure don't procrastinate when it comes to repairs. Your fence looks fantastic. What a great job. I wish my man was so quick at repairing things that breaks around the house and farm...

    Sometimes I feel like I live in a broken down place. Things never get mended around here. My man is always too busy talking to God... I haven't had any miracle fix it around here yet. Count your blessings... JB

  10. :))
    Looks wonderful.
    Glad you have Handy Help:)

    Hope you have a wonderful new week....whatever may lay ahead;)

  11. Wonderful job. I have always dreamed of white fences, but I guess it will just remain a dream.


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