June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Words

I was just thinking I would have some things I finished to show you today. Things have ways of coming in and changing plans. Last night, the boys decided to take Sasha for a walk. The sun was still up so it should have been safe. She got sprayed by a skunk in broad day light. At least it was her and not the boys.

We used the skunk stuff we have until it ran out and then one of the boys ran to the grocery store to get peroxide, and more rubber gloves and dish soap. We mixed up the stuff and washed her in that and let it sit and then filled a tub with warm water and gave her a bath, she got sprayed in the mouth so she foamed and drooled and she got her mouth rinsed, but her ears still have a faint aroma. I couldn't get her to go out for a walk with me this morning. The good thing is it is summer and it is hot so she dried pretty fast.

This week I got some packages in the mail. I entered a giveaway given by Lauren at Rugs and Pugs.  I won her lovely spoon jewelery. It made me so happy. I have wondered where it came from so I was thrilled to have been picked. Thank you Lauren!

Then my friend Jacque, is having a wool sale. She always has the nicest wool. In the past when I have received wool from her I do spend lots of time looking at it and touching it. She still has some bundles left for sale at very nice prices. The Chocolate Puppy.

One thing that I love about being a blogger is the wonderful people that you meet that you might not have ever come in contact with, to get to be friends with people all over the world is such an incredible gift.
One of these friends I met is Julia. She has a lovely blog Of Petals and Wool, and I always enjoy her life and her words. She has helped me so many times and gives me encouragement and even a gentle kick in the pants when I need it. She sent a lovely card in the mail with a reminder of how many lives we touch through our words and our lives and I am for one thankful she has touched mine in so many ways.

She sent me a heart, but really every day she shares a bit of her heart with  me Now I have one to hold in my hand.

All of this reminds me of what a wonderful gift we have for this time. The ability to share our lives, our families and our friendship. I know that I am so thankful for this gift. So if I haven't said it in a while, I just want you to know that I feel so thankful and privileged to be able to share in your lives as I am thankful to share with you, my life too.

Blogging has changed my life. So has your gentle and kind friendships. My husband always says, " You have the nicest friends who visit your blog." I do, he knows because he reads your comments every day.

So  thank you so much,



  1. first, the spoon jewelry is perfect for you. made me grin. the wool (i'm allergic to) is soft looking. and julia is a wonderful spirit! bless her and the wonderful gift she gave you!

  2. What a wonderful blog post this morning, and such nice words for all the great bloggers who brighten our lives daily. I'm grateful for them, too.. and the woolens are the most beautiful colors!

  3. Very sweet Kim. I have a hooker spoon necklace too. Julia's heart is lovely and the words inscribed on the metal one are perfect.
    And since now we know your husband reads this.....Hi Ron :)

  4. Congratulations on winning that giveaway! How lovely that Julia sent you a gift as well! Sending best wishes across the miles, and hopes that the Bonsai project is going well! xo Nellie

  5. Oh poor Sasha!! I agree with you...blogging is a fun way to "meet" wonderful people! What nice gifts!!

  6. Sasha got sprayed in the mouth? Oh gross! Stupid skunks. You got so much pretty stuff! I love the spoon and the heart. I'd love to touch the metal and feel the way it's folded. The wool is very pretty colors--think of what you could do with it!

  7. It's true and YOU are very lovable, kind and caring!
    I love your sweet bloggy gifts!
    Oh, that's so sad that Sasha got a spraying from a mean skunk.

  8. I love both the jewelry and the wool. How beautiful. And your hubby is right, blogging friends are such a fellowship of blessings!

  9. First, poor Sasha...those skunks are soo annoying! Second, I love your gifts! Soo nice. And third, I just couldn't agree more with how much it blesses us to enjoy all of our blogging friends! What a treasure of support, encouragement, and joy it brings. I love that your hubby reads your comments. Mine doesn't do that, but he does know you all by name and follows along really well as I talk about what I've read and what's going on with all of you A LOT, haha, and has become as interested as I am. He even asks about some of you sometimes if I haven't mentioned anything recently, haha. What a wonderful world! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  10. Poor Sasha...so sorry she encountered that skunk....Your gifts are wonderful and yes blogging buddies are the best.

    You have been such an encouragement to me and I am blessed to have met you through blogging....

  11. poor Sasha....
    skunks,, eeewwwuuuuhh. yuck!

    I love the necklace, and have admired many of pieces of her work. I can not handle the wool, but those colors are just so beautiful! I love the heart, so touching, all 3 have wonderful blogs I have enjoyed so much, and yes. I agree, blogging has made a tremendous amount of good in my heart.

  12. Such a neat necklace! My heart always skips a beat at all those wool colors.

    My hubby doesn't read my blog, but my family knows so many of my blogging friends by name or at least by name of their blog! :)

    Have a great evening and wonderful summer Kim!


  13. Hi Kim, oh that poor Sasha, how horrible to be sprayed by a skunk , especially in the mouth, poor thing. I bet she will remember that although the skunk is so very pretty, the taste is worst than the scent. She must have felt sick, I can't even imagine...My white cat Missy, got sprayed in the eyes and was temporarily blinded I had to wash her late at night with lemon juice and water. I figured that if lemon juice could take off the smell of garlic, it should work for skunk smell and it did.

    I love your Hooker spoon, and that wool looks real purty and soft and lovely colors. I'm glad that you got lots of it at a good price.

    I'm glad that the little heart finally got to you. It amazes me that I can put something in the mail and it will find it's destination no matter how small, I'm so thankful to have you as a blogging buddy. I so value our friendship and the way it can be shared with others, just blows my mind.


  14. I am the one who is thankful.

  15. Your gifts are really lovely and the thought that they were chosen or made especially for you makes them all the more special, Kim.
    Please know that I so enjoy visiting your post. I can always rely on you to be real and for me an encourager.
    My husband never reads my post or comments, but he does take interest in whatever I want to share about my blogger friends. He know many by name now!

  16. To put it simply, it is my pleasure to be your friend. Thank you for being you. xo

  17. Kim... saw your comment on our blog at Calamity Acres... when we had rabbits, I froze 2 liter bottles and put them in their cages for them... the rabbits lay next to the bottles and kept cool! Again, clean them thoroughly so you don't introduce bacteria to your freezer, but I reused them all summer!

    Thanks for visiting Calamity Acres!

  18. oh kim, i just love getting fun mail!!

    mine reads also, says the same thing and also points out if someone "new" comments!!

  19. I always enjoy my visits to "your place" Bogging has turned out to be an unexpected blessing, so many sweet bloggers out there

  20. It's your sweet heart that invites friends. You were one of the first bloggers to touch my heart. I still remember the first photos I saw on your blog. Your beautiful yard and chickens... all so inviting. Yes, blogging is a wonderful way to make long distance friends. Friends we would never have met! :)

    Blessings, Debbie


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