June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, June 14, 2013

Garden Bench

One thing about living in the Central Valley of California, when you get a cool and beautiful day in the summer, you better make the best use of it if  you can. This weekend is completely opposite from last weekend. Last week my husband, Ron, wanted to build a garden bench to put his root stock on so they would be able to be out of the sun. The little grafts that he did in February/March. They are coming along nicely but the heat is hard on these Japanese Maples. He could only work last weekend until noon. He had to put in a new water line for all of the misters and he got that done before it was just too hot to work out there.

Last year, the wind we had blew down my son and his wife's fence around their yard. They brought the old wood over here and I was going to use it to make things out of old wood. Well, I never did. Today though,
my husband made his garden bench out of that old fence board. ( Meg, show Ben.)

It is long and perfect for trees as it has spaces between each board so the water can drip out onto the ground.

Here is a better shot of it. I think it is such a nice work space.

He does really nice work I think.

Here it is now with all of his trees on it. I tried to get a picture with the misters on but it doesn't show up very well. We had coffee out there and it is a very pleasant place with the breeze blowing the black shade cloth and the mist keeping every thing nice and cool.

Here is the first work bench he built. Now he will use it for working on his Bonsai trees. I always enjoy how he can see projects in the wood he has. This bench is made out of part of the dance floor and the poles the lights were on from the wedding. Now his other bench is made from old fence boards from my son's old fence. He never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you are all safe and all of the storms are past.



  1. Your hubby is just so creative. I love that bench made out of the old fence boards.

  2. Brilliant! And it looks great too! Enjoy your week-end!

  3. i love his re-purposing. nice work spaces.

  4. Your hubby and mine have so much in common.I believe they could be good friends. They both see the potential in the leftovers!! :-)

  5. I see Sasha resting there!
    Yay for a crafty hubby!
    I didn't last long out in the smoky heat. Hoarding petunias. I have to dig out iris and trim peonies, and after my long dental visit, one of my fillings fell out today while I was eating Fritos. Dang! Back to the dentist next week. Blech.

  6. That is a great bench!!! I love the way it looks with the old fence boards. That is a really good use for them. I will show him when he gets home.

  7. Not only is it recycling but it is soooo cool. Great idea!!

  8. What a great bench! I'm glad you're getting a break from the heat. I keep looking at our forecast and wondering if it'll be November before it cools off. It's kind of depressing being under such intense heat for so long.

  9. Does your husband have any Scotch in him?
    Blood, not the drink!
    His work is very tidy indeed. I didn't realize how many starts he had. They are looking good!
    I very seldom ever have to worry about heat here.
    We think it's hot when it hits over 80 degrees!

  10. Love the garden bench...


  11. The benches are very nice and I'm glad that Ron made good use of the old wood. He saved a whole bunch of money by recycling
    Wood is so expensive that's it's great if you can make use of what you have. I hate wasting. I hope that there are a few little pieces of old wood that you can use for your wood crafts.

    I really feel bad that you are getting so much heat over there. I think that the extreme heat is worst than our cold winters. We can add more layers, and burn wood to keep ourselves warm but when it's too hot, I find it hard on the body, especially as I get older. We don't have airconditioners, just fans.

    Have a great weekend.

  12. what a great bench, it's always good to re-purpose!!

    you and hubby are like two peas in a pod!!

  13. What a great garden bench! Your husband is very talented! Mine tries . . . woodworking is not his forte!

    I'm glad you like the pickle recipe, we love it! How were the peppers? Did you like 'em? We loved them!

    Have a great week and thank your for stopping by!!

  14. beautiful recycling! you guys are as creative
    as you are industrious.

  15. That is a nice table- and recycled to boot- fantastic!


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