June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Odds and Ends

I am beginning to think that Wednesdays are my odds and ends days. Last week we were busy and lots was going on. ( One day I am going to write a post that says, I was bored all week.)  On Friday night, what was supposed to be just a quiet party with my son's friends turned into a going away party for another friend. I was glad that Ruthie brought another cake. She made this and since normally Friday night is game night, she did a cake from the game Catan.

She did such a nice job with it.

When our youngest son, Peter graduated a few weeks ago, Our oldest son, Ben made him a present. I was so impressed with it that I decided to show it here.

He made a knife.
 The leather pouch it is in came from a pair of old work boots that he cut up and used. The leather is so soft and pliable.

That handle is made of cherry wood. Ron took out a old cherry tree and gave the wood to Ben. He took it and polished it and made this beautiful handle out of it.

See the knife part, he used an old file that he had to make the blade. The black part is still the file. You can't tell it unless you were looking at it real close.

There that is better, the workmanship is incredible. Peter is so proud of it and keeps it on his desk.

The other day, I was outside looking at Ron's junk pile and he had a bunch of boards cut up and I told him if he just cut me a couple of small ones I could make this flag. ( The pattern is on Brown Paper packages) He did so I painted it yesterday. I made a bunch of these last year but I gave them all away. So yesterday I just made one for me. It is the middle of June and I haven't decorated at all in red, white and blue.

I got the rest of the wedding photos yesterday. It is really hard to decide which are my favorites but I thought I would show you these.

All of our grand children with Auntie Em's. It had been too long of a week at this point. Tired babies.

I loved this one just because it shows the real Em's, always worrying about everyone else. This is our seven
babies and one more to be born in December. Our oldest daughter will add one more to her brood which will make it an even 8 I am so blessed. The four boys are are Ben and Megan's and the two girls and boy are  Kessie and Ryan's.

This is the whole bunch of our kids. You can't even tell that Kessie is pregnant. We were worried about the dress but it fit just fine.

Then all of us. Seeing this I have been outgrown. Oh here is a stock tip, buy some Weight Watcher stock, it is getting ready to go up because of the dues I will be paying.

It was a good day. It is nice to look at the pictures. We couldn't have done as much as we did without any of them working like they did. The only tired looking ones are Ron and I. I love my family.

So here are my odds and ends of Wednesday.
Thank you for coming along. What a year it has been.



  1. It looks like it has been a wonderful DECADE!

  2. I'm impressed by your son's talent. He reminds me of my brother Leo. he makes beautiful hunting knives and big stainless steel big pots which he sells.
    The knives he sells to American bear hunters as he's a guide for bear hunters.

    The wedding photos are beautiful. Your daughter has such a beautiful genuine smile, and very pretty. ( I had made a spelling mistake and typed weeding instead of wedding. OK, I guess that I better get out there.)

    Kim, you are so funny about us buying Weight Watchers stock. It's jut the middle age spread and it will go away. We all go through that, well I did anyway. I look at some of my old photos of me and I was 25 pounds over weight and was 5' 2'' with tiny bones. I'm sure that I lost at least an inch if not more with arthritis.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful life with us.


  3. Beautiful hearts showing...

  4. Love the flag! Thanks for the stock tip. :)

  5. Lovely wedding pics- and I really like your wooden flag- too cute!

  6. Oh, I love, love, love this post, Kim! What a gorgeous picture you have for your header! The knife Ben made is absolutely amazing, and your red, white, and blue decoration! Well, I want one just like it! You have a beautiful family, and it is apparent the wedding week-end was full of happiness. I have never used fondant for a cake. This one turned out very nicely!
    I don't think you will ever have a week that you are bored! xo Nellie

  7. Cute! Your family is so happy looking! They are all very beautiful, too! I like your flag and I am so impressed with the handmade knife! That's amazing!
    You don't LOOK tired in the photos but I can imagine why you WERE tired.

  8. Hi Kim...love the header picture of the wedding festivities and the family snaps too! I can see why your grandkids are so adorable. You truly are blessed with such a lovely family.

    You have a very artistically gifted family. I love the cake, flag, and especially, that knife...that is a true family heirloom!

  9. Ok I don't mean to sound biased or anything, but I think Ben is the best looking one in the whole group... ;) I'm so glad Pete likes his knife. And I keep forgetting Kessie is pregnant! Haha.

    I really like that picture of Ems wiping Duder's tears. She is so sweet and wonderful.

  10. I love all those pictures! I'm going to save all of these, I think. I love the ones with all the babies together with their aunt. :-)

  11. I am totally impressed with that knife! It is amazing. Such workmanship. And I love the pictures of your girl with your grandkids...soo sweet. I LOVE your family picture too! Soo good. But I still especially love that header. I love that you have all that room to do such a thing. I hope there are MORE pictures. I do love to see them. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

  12. Great pictures. What a gorgeous family you have and you and hubby look like a darling couple.
    Hugs :)

  13. Kim
    You are such a shorty!
    You and hubby have a very handsome family-g'children included, of course.
    You can tell that Auntie Em's heart is towards the children. It's such a sweet, memorable picture.
    Also that is a very nice knife and the fact that your son made it makes it all the more special.

  14. First of all...you don't look tired, you look happy surrounded by your family! Second, your son Ben and my son Ben have three things in common... they are handsome, they like to work with their hands, and they don't smile in pictures!! ha! ha! Love the knife...what a special gift...and the sign...you did a great job!

  15. I think my last comment got deleted, where I was swooning over your beautiful family (you are blessed!), your lovely flag, your very creative son's knife and pouch, and that Catan cake :) We are Settlers of Catan addicts around here, even play it via Skype when we're far apart. My son was in a Catan tournament this year, too. Did you even know those existed? Anyway, what a lovely family and filled with such creativity. Smiling.

  16. What sweet pics of all of you. Congratulations on the new child-in-law, or child-in-love as some of my friends put it. :)

    I've never heard of "Catan". I'll have to look that game up.

    The knife and your flag are very nice.

    Have a great week!

  17. What an incredible family.
    Love the picture of all the Grandbabies !
    You are blessed. ;)

  18. I especially love the picture of you and your hubby with all your kids. You don't look tired ... you look happy.

    That knife is a work of art. And of course your "flag" is so cute!

  19. The photos are beautiful. I do especially love the one of Emilie wiping away the little tear. That one is very touching. You have a beautiful family and it looks like it was a perfect day :)

  20. I love your family too! Thanks for sharing them (and your beautiful self). The knife is amazing and the flag adorable... beauty and talent? No fair! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. Is that a plum in that first pic? That makes me hearken back to my childhood playing in the plum trees :)

  22. Beautiful family. Great flag pattern too!

  23. What a nice family picture. You are all such a good looking group of people!!! I love the photo where Em is wiping what might be a tear from her little nephews eye. Isn't that such a sweet photo.

  24. I love your sweet family too! All of you look so happy! So, Weight Watchers? Good luck! I have thought about it but not enough to actually do it. Let me know how it goes and what you think. Love the flag box you made.

  25. Thanks so much for showing that gorgeous knife and sheath -
    but the family of Kim! That is the most splendid part of this post! Glory to God!


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