June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1st and All That Jazz

Our first day of June starts with temps of 101 so I think summer is here. As least we aren't having humidity yet. I am so thankful for air conditioning. I have been AWOL for a few days. Trying for the perfect sewing room is taking time. Not to mention cleaning and cleaning. The less clutter look is good for my soul.

I haven't hung pictures or quilts or rugs yet but this was how it looked when I finished last night.

Sorry for the sunbeam but I liked how it looked standing there. I think it will be a very nice sewing corner. Then I moved the book case I had in the dining room, ( which always bugged me) upstairs and moved all of the games up there too. I will be sharing space so the kids can have a game room to play board games up here.

I moved this little sewing table up here so now my dresses can hang straight in my closet again. The boys are going shopping today to look for a little table so they can sit up here and have their game nights and make lots of noise. I feel better about sharing this lovely space instead of having it all be my own. Last night was a game night and all of the kids who come here for those really thought it would be a nice place to play board games.

I thought I would show you pictures of how the flowerbeds looked this morning. I just love how full of color they are and how happy. All of my life I have dreamed of having flowerbeds look like this, so I just stare at it off and on all day.

This is how the front looks today with the hydrangeas blooming.

Here is another shot of them. I watched yesterday as a lady stopped a car and took pictures of my flowerbeds. At least I hope that is what she was taking pictures of, she had a nice camera and the sun looked pretty on them.

Here is the front porch as you walk up the sidewalk. All of it is just vibrant. Ron is putting in a new gate today from his shade area to the back yard so he won't have to go all the way around. It will be really a nice short cut. He has been working on the area every evening when he gets home from work and  during the day. It will be a nice area.

Some of the kids are leaving for camp tomorrow. I expect it to be a quiet week. At least that is what I am hoping for about the biggest plans I have are for reading, sewing, swimming and not working. Oh one more thing, Ron put in a hot wire down around my chicken pen. When he checked the voltage it had 1001 volts. It is a pulsating shock. Normally the only thing that gets shocked is me. I have been shocked by that thing so many times in the past. The skunk just kept digging in the yard. Now that the shocker is hooked up not a single problem with the skunk at all. I noticed yesterday he was digging out in the garden. I am okay with that. I don't know why we didn't think of it before. So for now, skunk problem managed. This one is very proud of his beautiful wavy tail. Just the sick part of me just wished I could have seen him wave it into that wire.

That is how it is around here today. Just a nice day for June 1st. Hello Summer, glad you are back.



  1. yay for skunk defense!

    i bet that woman was a blogger and she was taking photos of your beautiful porch and flowers for some link-up. ;)

    we're in the 90s here. amen for a/c!

  2. Your flower beds are all so pretty- I'll bet she was trying to capture that with her camera.

  3. Take it as a compliment, having such beautiful flowers must be the envy of many passer by.

    Your place looks so fresh, clean and tidy. Ron is sure working hard to make the place looking in top shape. The hot wire is a good idea, it's how we keep the cows in the many pastures we manage. It rained so much last week that the water shorted the hot wire. Luckily only one cow got out.

    Your new room will be enjoyed by all.

    Enjoy your new freedom this weekend .

  4. Your flower beds are beautiful and the yellow rose is gorgeous!

  5. your gardens are lusious kim and i love the colors!! everything does look healthy.

    it's 95 today, i am hiding in the a/c!!

  6. 101 degrees! I live in Florida it is in the upper 80's and I am already complaining abut the heat.

    Enjoy your new space that you are creating for yourself.


  7. It'll be somewhere between 106 and 110 here today, but they say it'll stop just short of the record mark. It's so dry, though, it feels like Bako 102 instead of Phoenix 110.

    Turning the loft into a game room is a great idea! Kind of contain the noise a bit. :-) did they think of going to that store that sells unfinished furniture, where Meg got her chairs?

  8. Oh, it looks so nice! It will be so nice to just sit up there and sew, and I am glad you are sharing the space (although I'm not sure I would have, haha). Good for Dad putting in a gate! That will be really nice to have a short cut. Stupid skunk. I hope he gets shocked real good. Good idea putting up the shock wire! And of course, NOW the hydrangeas bloom. ;)

  9. What a beautiful home, inside and out.

  10. Your hydrangeas are beautiful, the whole flower bed is beautiful. I'm glad that rotten skunk won't have another chance of getting in the coop. You are so generous to share your room. Kids always like something new. Years back when we built a bathroom in our bedroom, my kids just had to take all there showers in it, even though they had two other bathrooms to themselves. I never had the heart to say no. I figured if I was excited about, why wouldn't they be too.

  11. You should swim every day, Kim! I like the smell of swimming pools, too!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous flowers, Kim! I am greatly impressed with all the wonderful progress you are making! Happy June! xo Nellie

  13. I love that sunbeam shining on your chair - makes it feel so warm and cozy - a perfect spot to tuck away and read.

    Your plans of sewing, reading and swimming sound perfect to me! I do wish we were neighbors - I think we could have a marvelous time sewing together (and maybe you could teach me to hook).

    Your flowers are simply gorgeous! They've inspired me to get some flowers out - we will stop at the nursery on our way home from church this morning. ;-)

  14. Your flowers are beautiful...no wonder folks are taking pictures of them! Your sewing/playing room is looking great.I know you are going to enjoy it!

  15. Love your sewing room! It looks so comfy. And the flowers are just wonderful. The lady was probably taking pictures to feature your house in Better Homes and Gardens or something. :) I'll be trying to catch up with you for a few days!

  16. Enjoy your sewing room! Your flowers are beautiful and I lol at the "wishing" for that skunk's tail :)

  17. Hi Kim, everything looks so neat and organized, I am hoping to start my reorganization soon!

    OH! how beautiful your flowers are, ours are just in the middle of their growth, we are getting some much needed rain and cooler weather, so I will be doing some transplanting this week. Wow! 101 temps., try and stay cool, rest and get some R&R. you and your husband have worked so hard! I am so glad the skunk situation is under control. We have lost so many of our guineas, and chickens this year, to un-welcomed critters.
    Btw, those plums look absolutely delicious and ready to pick, and would enjoy sitting with you on the porch, eating one and admiring those flowers.~smile~

  18. I'm glad you're living your dream in flowers! Beautiful.


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