June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, June 7, 2013

Odds and Ends

Much to my twisted delight, the skunk got shocked. Never mind that he sprayed and my backyard smells like... terrible. When a skunk gets mad they have this really terrible scream. It is like extreme anger and I don't know what. He made a big scene about it. Now I won't place blame because I don't know for sure. The tomatoes in the top picture of my blog, went missing after the shock incident. Both of them. Since I am the only one to eats them around here and for them to go missing well, it seems a bit fishy.

I was reading the weather. There is a thing on our weather page that I read because I love the words that it uses. My daughter calls it the nerd cast. It will use words like "progged," and "shortwave impulses" words that I just love. So I was reading about where it would be really hot. There is a place in Death Valley called Furnace Creek that will be 125 degrees. For some reason that just tickled me. I have this book about local history and the book is called Tailholt Tales. It is wonderful and in it there is a story about a old gold miner who got caught in Death Valley and lived there for 3 years until him and his burro could get out. It is the best story. The story of his survival is incredible. How he found water and the native plants he and the burro lived on and how they kept themselves alive. It was one of those years like we are having now. Drought and heat.

My campers will be back on Saturday. I am so happy. It will be nice to have voices around. I will make food that people eat. I make too much food for just 4 people. The camera will be back. My son has always let me use his camera so when he wanted to take his camera to camp well you know I couldn't say no because after all it is his camera that he never complains about me using it. So I have no pictures this week of all I did or the wonderful blooming flowers or cute pictures of chicks.

My husband lost too much weight doing all of that work around here for wedding stuff. I am going to be cooking with lots of butter and making all kinds of fattening food until I can get some weight back on him. He is down to where our 18 year old son is now. It is freaking me out. I am hoping that this weekend with it being so hot I can make him stay in the house and eat and be a couch potato. So  I will be frying chicken and making potato salad and pies and cookies. I like to cook when it is really hot outside.

That is about it for now. Have a great weekend.



  1. Oh my on the skunk again! Your husband is such a good worker and you such a great wife, he will be back up in weight so soon.
    Enjoy your summer...

  2. i HATE to cook - especially when it's hot!

    i hope the skunk stays away now.

  3. If the skunk comes back I suggest upping the voltage. Just sayin' Lol
    Mmm, wish I could come over for supper. Sounds delish. Not that I need fattening up. (wink)

  4. That's right, fatten dad up! But eating fatty foods doesn't make you fat. It's carbs that make you fat. But maybe some ice cream would be in order.

    I got a major chuckle out of the skunk getting fried. Ha! What time was it? Maybe he'll stay away now. It usually only takes once.

  5. Hi Kim! Your menu sounds perfect for a summer weekend! Well, is the skunk gone now? Will he/she come back? There must be many skunks around. I wonder how many babies they have.

  6. What is it about men?!? Mine loses weight just eating!:-) I, on the other hand, gain weight just by looking at food! I would be happy about the skunk, too!:-) Have a good Friday! xo Nellie

  7. Good luck fattening him up! I've been trying to bulk my guy up for 40 years...his metabolism is so fast he burns it off as fast as he eats it. I wouldn't mind having that problem!! :-)

  8. Yay! I'm glad he got a good shock and was good and mad about it. That should teach him.

    I like your plan for the weekend. It's always fun to fatten people up.

    As I'm sitting here typing this Jack is telling me that when he grows up he is going to have a goat farm, and a chicken farm, and a wheat farm, and a flower farm. It was cute and I thought you might like to hear his plans. :)

  9. Oh that skunk got the surprise of it's life and you know that he probably got even a bigger shock when he decided to spray the electric fence. That's right. stinky water and electricity is quite a combination.

    The nerve of him eating your tomtoes. I bet that the chickens are all happily clucking away that the skunk got shocked.

    It's ok to fatten up your husband but don't clog his arteries, just saying, lol..

    I'm off to the barn. I have a new heifer calf this morning and a little bull yesterday.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. The skunk story really made me laugh! Imagine the joy of having to be fattened up... Ahhhh, imagine eating lots of butter and still being allowed to eat cake afterwards! ...while the rest of us have to watch constantly... :)

  11. Way to go, getting rid of the skunk! That smell is so...awful. I'd be so mad if something stole things from my garden...kind of like I was pretty mad when the dog ran through my flower bed and broke off some almost blooming salvia. Grrr..
    Have fun cooking for everybody...I just might be over for supper some evening!

  12. That nasty old skunk.

    I used to love cooking when I had someone to cook for. ;-)

  13. Sounds yummy! Hope you have a great one too! Hugs!

  14. That'll teach that skunk! Even if you have to endure that smell. Anything to keep your chickens safe and sound, right?

    I sure hope that the rest of your tomatoes are safe from the tomato thief.


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