June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today At My House

One of the maples that my husband collects started getting some new leaves. When they first come in they are this beautiful red color. Japanese Maples really are so interesting and I think what I like are there are so many different varieties.

This morning's sunrise was all clothed in gold. It was so nice to see the sun coming up over Greenhorn mountain. Right now it is as far as it gets in the summer. After the Summer Solstice the sun begins it's travels across the sky back to Bear Mountain where it stays until after winter Solstice.

I finally got some things hung in my new sewing room. I have to get busy and make some more things.

I realized as I was hanging these things I have a thing for chickens and birds. I do need to make some more  quilts. I cut out squares for a tiny summer quilt on Saturday now I have to get busy and finish making it. I also hadn't bound that little chicken rug so I had to finish that last week so I could hang it up.

When my sister was here for the wedding, I gave her my other chicken rug I had made. I have so many ideas in my head that I need to finish up what I am working on now.

Here is my shelf with all of well not all of my sewing supplies up here but a good portion. I have my wool and my cutter down stairs. I haven't moved my sewing machine up here yet.

When I do it will be right here.
I like redwork and one of the first things I made after I started sewing again was that little redwork quilt.

My sewing table folds out so it is a nice little work space with every thing in one place.

With all of the work I did for months leading up to the wedding, my carpel tunnel has really got bad. I have had to do other things and it has really cut down on the amount of sewing I can do. I have even had to limit my computer time because of it. It makes me so sad to have to slow down or stop. :)

I did start embroidering this week and it uses different motion and it seems to help a bit. I just can't do it but about 30 minutes a day. I only can work now until my hand turns blue. Then I have to stop.

It really makes me mad at myself.

Well it is Tuesday, Sasha is really mad that I haven't went for a walk yet so I will make her happy and get off now. Have a great Tuesday,



  1. oh, sorry to hear about the carpel tunnel! ugh!

    and i like your chickens and birds! :)

  2. Carpal tunnel sucks. Is there anything you can do to treat? A brace or something?

    I like seeing all your projects and your new work area. As hot as it's been, the plants don't seem to mind that much.

  3. Your hand turns blue? Goodnight! That sounds horrible. :( I like all the stuff you are putting in your sewing room. You will have to show it to me today. I just wish we could stay and have a chat and some tea and sit awhile. :)

  4. Sorry about your carpel tunnel problem. I hope that it will clear up quickly.

    Your chicken rugs are nicely displayed on your wall making your sewing room more personal. I can see in my mind that pretty soon the whole wall will be decorated with your handy work.
    The little redware quilt is very cute.

    I love Japanese maples and I've been resisting buying any. They are so expensive at the nuresry. I love the red ones.

    Read a good book and rest that hard working hand.

  5. Rest those hands, Kim, you have earned it.I will pray for you.
    WoW! your sewing looks great, and I can only imagine how you are anxious to get in there start creating. Your wall rugs are lovely, I too have a thing for chickens and birds, just last week my mom stopped by with another rooster picture, I had to move a calendar to find a place to hang it. lol
    Enjoy your day.

  6. I have that problem with exercising. Seems something always happens that thwarts my efforts--the fall, then I got back at it, then I got sick, now I'm back at it. Drives me nuts. Hope your pain goes away soon! Love what you're hanging up in the sewing/game room. Sit and enjoy and rest that arm. AFTER you walk Sasha, of course. LOL

  7. Those fur babies can be so demanding ;) I wish you could see the drama queen that Millie is when she wants something. It is annoying and funny at the same time. Rest your hand so you can keep hooking those chickens. They always turn out so cute.

  8. Sorry to hear about the carpel tunnel. Two of my sisters suffer with that too, and it is soo frustrating I know...Hopefully some much deserved rest and it will be as good as new. Love your are soo pretty. Enjoy your day!

  9. Sorry about your wrist pain- my dad got shots for his and it seemed to help.

  10. Boo for carpel tunnel. Ouch!
    Your rugs are gorgeous! I love that red work, too.
    I'm going to email you now and see what you think of my Anne ideas.

  11. Sorry about your carpel tunnel...I understand that is very painful. Glad you can do something you like in spite of it! Sewing room is coming along...it will be wonderful to have everything in one place. Well, almost everything!! :-)

  12. It looks like you are making great progress, Kim! Take care of yourself and that carpal tunnel! I understand that can be very painful.:-(

    xo Nellie

  13. Visiting here is so cozy and peaceful; bless you for blessing me.

  14. Love your work..and the red work is one of my favorite items. Oh I laughed, we have the same bookshelf and rocker. LOL ,

  15. I'm SO sorry to hear that your carpal tunnel is bothering you. I worry about that, with as much hand quilting as I do. I love your sewing room ... and can't wait to see the quilt you started Saturday.

  16. I heard carpal tunnel can be very painful. I hope your hand feels better soon. The sewing/craft room looks great. The hanging's especially look nice.


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