June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Odds and Ends

Can you believe that it is August? Well today it is 105 so maybe I can. I was thinking as I was looking at the calendar, for us we have hot weather until Halloween. I will have to make it two more months. So do my chickens, my garden and the weeds. I think the weeds are the happy ones. Speaking of August, I finished my August Word play on July 31st. There is only September left. One more, I never thought I could do it but I did, now I wish I was that single minded about diet and exercise. Oh, here is a picture of the word play.

I am looking forward to this month. School starts and when I am doing school I just seem to be better at using my time. Life continues to be bittersweet. My son Elliot called his piano teacher last night to say that he wouldn't be coming back to piano lessons as his load at school would be to much and with working he would have no more time for piano lessons. He has been taking lessons from this teacher for 11 years.
With this being my last year home schooling, I hear the doors closing one by one. My sons are men.
My daughters are grown. I have grand children starting school.

So I ask God, where will be my place in the world? So I will wait and keep my eyes open for a open door.
I must be about going forward, always forward, and never looking back.

Welcome August, the longest month,



  1. oooohhhh kim, windows will open, one at a time!!!

    you have a very full life, filled with so many hobbies and interests. you will fill every minute with all the things you love to do most!!

    and spoiling those grandkids!!

  2. Now Miss Kim, stop worrying about the future. The plan for you will reveal itself in time. Be patient and open :)
    P.S. love the new word play

  3. we were 105 here today as well. yesterday, too. tomorrow - hotter, probably. *sigh*

  4. Whoo wee! Those are some hot temps!
    Thinking thoughts of Fall... cool nights, crisp days.
    No more weeding.

    Then again....weeding beats shoveling snow~~~LOL!

  5. It only reached the mid 90s here today. Actually felt chilly outside. NOT!! ;-)

  6. Kim ~
    Beautiful stitched piece!
    I can't believe it is August either. Where has the time gone?
    Hugs :)

  7. Such a poignant post, Kim, as all of us moms who have already seen our kids fly the nest can attest. It is a strange adjustment, especially if you have savored your role as a mom. The Lord will be with you! My "motto," if you will, is that I may not know what I'm going to be doing next week, but I know what I have to do today. The Lord bless you as you enjoy these last months homeschooling.

  8. Those sunflowers are so cute!

    Your place is grandma! Being here as teacher for the new generation. Maybe not in the same way, as direct teacher, but there are still a great many things for you to teach them. And to teach us mamas too. And now, as people move out, you have this precious alone time with Dad. It is good. You'll adjust. Just like you adjusted into it when babies started coming. :)

  9. Pooey on August... way too hot for me! lol! Your August word play stitched up wonderfully! September looks to be a great design too. I agree with Meg. Your place is Grandma... and I'd like to add having some extra time to enjoy just being you! :-)

  10. I know you like the heat Kim, but I wouldn't get anything that has to do with the outdoors done. Actually its the humidity that does me in. I'm excited that you will have a whole new chapter opening up in your life. Just think of all the possibilities.

  11. Meg stole my words ... and said it much more eloquently than I would have, I'm sure. ;-)

    It was 106 here yesterday ... it's going to "cool off" today ... to "only" 98. ha!

    I love the August word play.

  12. Hope you survive the heat!
    And the changes just remember His grace is sufficient.

  13. Oh, your place in the world will be as a cozy little sheep, close to the Shepherd. He's so good at showing the way. Meanwhile, you'll continue to make sweet deposits in peoples' hearts. Thank you for that!
    Your wordplay is GORGEOUS! I love cross stitch and it's been so long since I've done it. Maybe I should begin again! It's so orderly.
    We'll have hot weather, too. Sigh. I like the fall weather of my youth (rainy and crisp) but sunshine is so good for us. I'll take it.
    This school year is going to be WONDERFUL! I just know it. Our son Jeff just moved out (again, he was gone for four years at the University of Hawaii). This mama is a tiny bit sad, but happy for his new adventure. Which reminds me; he needs an ironing board.
    Have a great day, Kim!

  14. Since my children are grown now, I have been feeling the same things as you. God will show us our next open doors! Take care, Jean

  15. If a door opens and it has air conditioning inside, that would be a good thing:)

  16. Hot days of summer have been our "normal" this year. Today is cool and breezy though so maybe there will be a little change coming.

    Change is always certain and I am sure that God will guide you through these days. You might be surprised at how busy your soon-to-be empty nest days are. Mine seem to be very full and rewarding.

  17. Good morning! The Lord has a way of filling a plate of someone who wants it filled trust me, haha....You have an open, caring heart and a willing, serving spirit, you will find yourself busy with a whole new set of responsibilities. Those same set of kids will just need you in different ways, and those grands have lots to learn from Grandma too.

    We only reached 92 yesterday, and that was hot enough. Yep, August and Sept. just have to be gotten through in my opinion. Soo hot usually and I am not a fan, haha

    Have a good day and try and stay cool.

  18. Everybody may be in school, but four of them still live at home. Your nest isn't quite empty yet!

    I'll be glad when it cools off a bit. I hate staying inside under the air conditioning and knowing the electric bill is skyrocketing.

  19. Wow! 11 years of piano lessons! He must be very talented. Your word play is lovely. August is starting out very rainy here in Douglas. Straight down pouring...

    I am not longing for 100+ degree weather, but a little sunshine would be nice!

    Your last year of homeschooling - it sounds like you have a great year!

  20. It's hot here, too, and humid. But we haven't reached 105 lately. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. School started here yesterday...amazing how short their break is. Proud of you for doing all those word plays. I miss doing cross stitch, but it just got too hard to see those tiny holes!! :-)

  21. lovee your finish!
    I hated when my boy gave up his piano lessons. He had 5 years, now he walks by it, and never lays his hands to it. I miss all the nights he used to play. I still hear the echos of the memories in my head, and heart.

  22. Beautiful post! Love your cross-stitched pillow. May God bless your dear heart for home-schooling your children! You will move forward...one day at a time..with God's guidance and strength..:) Trust in Him.

    Blessings to you,

  23. You are a mother of some very talented creative children Kim, you have done your job well. I do admit, there are days when I wish my children we small again, but there is no turning back time, we must move forward. Easier said than done! Thinking of you, it was 100 degrees today with high humidity, my chickens were not happy campers to say the least, lots of panting going on. Blessings, Julie.


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