June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Chicken Story

It has been awhile since I told you a chicken story and I thought today would be a good day for one. I have 5 Silkies now and 3 Mlle Fluers. It is a good thing that Mlle Flures are tiny chickens because if they were bigger they would rule the world. I have one hen who wants to fight the big hens all of the time and does and no matter how many times they beat her up she never gives up. She is just spunky.

I have spent most of the summer fooling with the chicks I bought in the spring. I had to introduce them into the coop so they could all live together. They don't want a happy family. The Silkie doesn't seem to mind and I catch her even going with the others. She has been the only Silkie most of her life and seems to have taken to the new invaders just fine.

I let them out in the yard in the morning and then put them up at sundown. The other night I was standing outside the coop watching. The older hens were pecking on the ground and not paying any attention to me. The chicks who are now almost full grown were crowded next to the door in a little furry clump begging me to let them out or save them. On first notice you would think it was the chicks who had the problem because the older hens looked like they were minding their own business.

One of the things I am always telling myself is they are chickens, they will work it out. I kept wondering if I should just walk back and put these guys on the roost so they don't get pecked. As long as I stood there peace and calm was every where. I knew the older hens were watching me intently and I knew the young ones were terrified. I couldn't see why though. I wish I understood chicken because I am sure there was some language going on in that coop.

 I turned to go toward the house when pandemonium broke out. My oldest Mlle Fluer had went right into the middle of the group like in a bar room brawl, and if chickens could laugh she was standing there with a white feather in her beak and an black and white chicks were flying everywhere. I sighed and went back and got in the coop and caught each chick and put it on the roost while all the while I knew that hen was laughing at me because she had won some battle I know nothing about.

When as a young girl I greatly identified with Fern of Charlotte's Web. As I was standing there thinking and watching I thought, my life really hasn't changed too much from then. Who needs Television when there is drama in the chicken house every day.

But I am secretly laughing up my sleeve. This next spring, the white and black are both roosters. You know what roosters do in the spring. Those little hens will be getting a  lesson when those roosters start doing what roosters do pulling out neck feathers.

Then we will see who is laughing.

Have a great Thursday,


  1. When I read that you were going to give us a chicken story, I jumped up and down! I was full out giddy! After I calmed down and sat down to read the post, I nearly fell out of the chair laughing! You never fail to provide entertainment with these precious chicken stories!

  2. I love your chicken story and your right, they will learn their lessons.

    I think that they call this "The pecking Order". Heifers and cows does it too. There's always a bossy one in the bunch. I think that's why some cows were called "Bossy".

    Those chickens will give you grey hair. lol...

    Have a great Thursday too. Hugs. JB

  3. I loved this post!!! How true it is!!

  4. lol! uh oh... checks and balances... or should I say chicks and balances... lol!

  5. little monsters! just waiting for you to turn your back. :)

  6. You crack me up! I love your chicken stories!

  7. Haha, just like a bunch of kids, waiting for mom to leave so they can slug each other! I'm glad you had a chicken story today.

  8. I love your chicken stories. FUNNY!!

  9. Oh, man! That is hilarious! That little chicken is like little dogs with their Napoleon complexes. I can picture him with that big hat and a wing inside his coat. The "ballroom brawl" was very visual. I immediately imagined those old westerns where people get slid down the bar and chairs are broken! You are a great story teller! I never knew chickens had such personality!


  10. Oh I'm laughing so hard. "they are chickens, they will work it out". (snort)

  11. So funny and really entertaining! I'd love to know what the chickens were saying behind your back!!

  12. Little stinks!
    It's little wonder that the phrase "pecking order" came about.

    Smiles :)

  13. There is so much that goes on in the coop. Funny story.

  14. Oh Kim, how I can relate...I would opt for chicken TV anytime over the real thing, if only more people realized just how entertaining chickens truly are. I spend lots of time with my girl's, infact I introduced little Travis to them today. He was all smiles. Thinking of you, Julie.

  15. Kim ~
    What a fun post. Chicken stories! I grew up with chickens, but they were only for layin' eggs and eatin'!
    Hugs :)

  16. You have such beautiful chickens, Kim! Will you take some pictures of the different eggs?

  17. I'm not/have never been a farm gal, so all these chicken stories are entertaining and educational. ;-) I love your line "I wish I understood chicken because I am sure there was some language going on in that coop". That made me smile.

  18. Lol! Thanks so much for the smile on my face this morning! I LOVED this post! I have been hearing how entertaining the chickens can be and as you know I want some! My hubby has agreed. I will probably have lots of questions for you when we get to that point! I'm so much like you...I could identify with Fern too!

    You have a great weekend Kim! :)


  19. So funny!! :) You have some very lovely chickens even if they do act a little bit "cat"y! It sounds like your oldest Mlle Fluer was showing everyone who boss the is!

    Happy weekending!

  20. This is so interesting, as we have inherited 8 hens from a friend, added 8 more raised from chicks - there are Spangled Hamburgs, Pekins, Silkie crosses, Jersey blues & Rhode Island reds, they ALL get on beautifully, aged from chicks to 6 year old hens, they don't seem to have a pecking order at all, in the chicken run or coop, in fact, the chicks are incredibly bold - the most confident are the Pekin Bantams chicks who have no idea they are tiny & the youngest, they just pop up or under different chickens all the time. I think we got very lucky indeed. Oh & they all live with 3 Khaki Campbell ducks, raised from birth, mixed in together, like a big happy family. The ducks are just adorable, they share food, cuddle up together & even though they are very large & loud, the chickens & chicks adore them, especially their warm down during our Winter with most nights below zero. Love Posie

  21. Too funny...your chickens are so pretty...not like the ones at my grandfather's farm...and we never paid much attention to them

    You really make me want to have some chickens on day

    Fun post!


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