June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, August 4, 2012

First Saturday of August

This morning I was out in the garden. Everything is growing tired. The wonderful thing about gardening is that even though things are growing tired and brown, it is time to collect seeds and start dreaming of next year. I always think that seeds are tiny bits of magic. I love that every one is different and each has it's own colors and kinds. Each one separate and self contained. Each is packed with a new dream.

I think since I started gardening, it has made me notice seasons. Even though it is the first of August, I notice the yellow on the leaves in the trees and some of the trees have leaves littering the ground. I notice that the bunny is beginning to shed his summer coat to be replaced with his warm winter jacket. This morning as the sun was just beginning to turn the sky gold, and pink and blue, I watched as a flock of Canadian geese flew overhead. I watched as the group replaced leaders and once again became a distinct V flying towards the rising sun.

Smells have changed too. I notice that the smell of toasty brown grass, and the dusty smell of the ground  but this morning, I could smell the hint of rain upon the air. In August, we have the promise of changes to come. Different from the changes in the spring, to see the first green or to see the first bud on the trees. In August, I think I feel more than see the changes ever subtle but still there if I keep my eyes open instead of missing them because I am looking ever forward to fall rather than enjoying where I am now.

I have always loved the poetry of Robert Louis Stephenson. This today fits this post I think.
"The world is so full of a number of things,
I'm, sure we should all be happy as kings."

One of the things that has amazed me about blogging is how giving the people are that I have met. When I first started reading this blog, the first post I read was a picture of a pumpkin sitting on a porch covered in snow. The caption underneath said something like "Summer, I am so done with you. " I am sorry Sharon if I misquoted you. Forgive me. I laughed and laughed at that post and a couple of years later I still laugh when I think of it being hot. It just said it so well. Sharon has a blog called, " Moosecraft"  She makes wonderful things and I have enjoyed getting to know her. Last year, I saw a pattern by Chessie and Me and I liked it very much but it was something I just passed on but I have continued to think about it. Sharon made it and finished it and asked me if I would like the pattern. I said I would and a few days later, it arrived in the mail.

 She not only sent this but she sent a pattern by Primitivebetty called a Spring Pillow Tuck

 One of the designers that is my favorite designers is Betty Dekat. She just has lovely patterns and are so peaceful to make. I just had to share because Sharon is just a great lady and I am so happy that I have had such a wonderful gift of meeting such wonderful people in this world. So often all we hear is bad news and mean things said about others over and over, but I just thought I would tell you some nice news today.
Have a wonderful Saturday,


  1. you always share hope and sunshine with us, here. and humor and appreciation. :)

    love your morning glories!

  2. How sweet. Sharon is indeed a lovely blogger friend. Hope your Saturday continues to be lovely :)

  3. Ah...I'm growing tired and brown too! It's got to be August! :)

    Your morning glories don't look tired though...they must love the heat! So pretty!

  4. So sweet of Sharon! Bloggers are very kind and generous!
    Trust you enjoy summer whatever it brings!

  5. Aren't the blog people the most wonderful and sweetest people ever? I quite agree with your assessment of them!
    I've noticed the same things about August. There is a hint of harvest in the air!
    Now, if only I didn't have to go back to work. Wah!
    One of the seeds you sent me is showing off big time in my front garden!

  6. I love my blogging friends. They help to fill my day with sunshine.

    A lovely post!

  7. Very pretty glories- and a great post today!

  8. Kim ~
    What great pics!!!
    Even though it's been very hot and dry, I am NOT looking forward to fall only because of what comes after and I am NOT a winter person!!! The changes in Ohio are becoming more evident by the day.
    That Sharon is a generous soul!
    Hugs :)

  9. I am always a little sad to see summer go, even when its been so hot.But I like you dream of the next spring and what the garden will look like next year. We can get some greens in the fall so that hels feed my gardening need

  10. I agree...there are some very nice people in blogland!! :-)

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  12. Love your morning glories...I have so enjoyed mine and I too am noticing the changes...for us it is just plain hot!!

    Your cross stitch always nudges me to get a cross stitch going

    Welcome August...

  13. I know, it's just so stinkin' hot! My bird is starting to molt, though. Fall is just around the corner.

  14. Beautifully written with beautiful pictures.

  15. I enjoyed this post, I have met some fabulous people in the blogs.

  16. These morning glory pics are stunning! Love these flowers! And you know what? I'm done with THIS summer too! lol! Way too humid this year. Almost like Jersey went all Everglades Swamp! When the gators move here... I'm moving out! lol! Enjoy stitching those pumpkins and thinking cooler thoughts! I agree with seeds being magic... it is amazing how everything is in there... the size, color, flowers or fruits... all in a tiny package just waiting to burst open! Life is GRAND! :-)

  17. starting with seeds is always most rewarding!!

    my gardens are tired also!!!

  18. No one but you could write so beautifully about the month of August that even I could find beauty in the heat. LOL I must admit though, when I first read the title of this post my first thought was, "In less than one month, she'll have to put September instead of August and we'll be closer to tolerable temps." :)

  19. Hi KIm, Dh and I were having a similar conversation last night, he asked if I could tell that Fall was getting close by. There is something about August that lets me know that my favorite season is just around the corner. We are now able to sit on the porch in the evening and that is such a treat.
    Your cross stitch is always so lovely, and just maybe one of these days I am going to be able to show you something I have done,~smile~
    I have been so busy with canning, gardening, enjoying granddaughter, and looking forward to more family coming this week, not to mention working on planning for the remodeling, which hasn't gotten started as of yet.Lol.
    As always such a joy to stop by and check on what you have been up to.

  20. Well, the garden is going to have to speed it up if it wants to catch up with my tired. I'm fairly exhausted and drag through the days. Then, there's this morning when I was sitting in church and all of a sudden thought...WAIT! It's Sunday and I still haven't paid bills for the week...what happened to Monday?!
    Much less the rest of the week.
    I need a wife.

  21. Gorgeous pictures as always! I love your line: "In August, I think I feel more than see the changes ever subtle but still there if I keep my eyes open instead of missing them because I am looking ever forward to fall rather than enjoying where I am now." I am guilty of looking ahead in eager anticipation and missing what the current has to offer. You've reminded me to slow down and savor the pleasures of today.

  22. Hi Kim...
    It's getting closer and closer... the beginning of Fall, and the end of summer.
    I love this post!
    Much to reflect on .
    Bloggers are great! So kind, and supportive... what a fun thing it is to get to know other bloggers and become friends.

    Smiles :)


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