June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just Friday

This has been a week. My husband has had to get up every morning at 4:30 so he can make his drive to the place he has been working this week. I get up and make his lunch while bleary eyed trying to see what I am doing. I always tell myself I could go back to bed but I never do, early mornings to me are still a beautiful time of day and I watch as the sun comes up over the mountains. It has been hot this week so I go out early and water the garden and take care of my chickens.

 This lack of sleep and the heat have really made my creativity go out the window. I find myself just staring out the window and not sewing. We are supposed to have a break next week, it is going to cool down to 97 degrees. I just laughed about that.

I will give a small book report. I just finished reading Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly. Great book. You must know one of my hero's is Robert E. Lee. I always know I am going to sound really bad but I don't read books normally written by Yankees. :) Just kidding. I prefer books written by Southerners and for all I know Bill O'Reilly could be one, but he did do a respectful job of handling the end of the Civil War in a fair way. He presented both views so that I respected Lincoln, Robert E. Lee and U. S. Grant,  he was respectful of Mary Lincoln. I always feel that history treats her unfairly. I thought in the book he made all of the historical figures real. He even satisfied the conspiracy part of me. I have always thought there was more to it and I have a idea that Edwin Stanton was involved deeply. So he brought out things I didn't even know which made me decide to add this one to my library. Which says so much because I don't buy many books anymore.

It was worth the read if you love history as much as I do. My nephew and my sons the other day came in and we were talking about when Rome fell and what came after and the different rulers of what dynasties came next. I kind of shook myself because we talk about this stuff like we read it in the newspapers yesterday. I do enjoy history.

I need to get off now and go take care of chickens. Poor things. It is supposed to be 109 for the next few days.
Have a great Friday!


  1. Oh My Goodness. I cannot imagine that kind of heat!!! Do you have a little pool you can set up in your yard? That's what I would do:D
    Either that or do a sprinkler run ever 10 minutes or so!

  2. Oh, the heat! It's so hard. I hope you are taking many dips in the pool, Kim.
    You must have a good mind for history! I bet you made learning history extremely wonderful for your kids!
    Is this the last week for all that early morning rising? I hope so!
    Can you take some more pictures of the chickens and your sweet dog?
    Happy Friday, friend.

  3. Oh 107 here....it is hard to find a cool part of the day.

    Well history buff here also...I was listening to a full talk show on the fall of Rome, which we always cover in our home school, and how America looks in comparison.
    I think I would enjoy this book also...yes a balanced view, because so many of the men in the South were wonderful Godly Christian men, and it hard to find books that don't demonize them

    I hope you have a cooler weekend, like I hope we do...we are stretching out these 100 plus days!

  4. they're saying we get a cool-down here, as well. 98-99 instead of 104-108. blech! :)

    i love that you and your kids love history. :)

  5. The heat is doing the same thing to me. I have no energy for anything and my brain is fried like an egg! I might have to check that book out from the library, it sounds really interesting.

  6. It is blissfully cool today at 77 degrees. I have the windows open to air out the house from the months of extreme heat.

    The book sounds very interesting.

  7. Too hot to breathe- but I can smell fall around the corner...Ellis Pottery is setting up Christmas trees and fall flowered wreathes and Halloween decorations...so they must know something, right?? HA HA

  8. the rain is coming down in buckets here today, but it's more humid then ever. the hubs is draining the pool off because it has reached the top of the liner. what a waste of water.

    i can't do triple digits for long, even in the a/c i melt!!

    have an awesome weekend kim!!

  9. I think early morning is the very best part of the day, but I can sympathize with you on the heat. It's been a real scorcher this summer. I liked Killing Lincoln too. I learned a lot.

    Stay cool. Fall is coming.

  10. I'm definitely going to add that book to my list of books to read. At one time, I was a history major ... and the American Civil War was one of my favorite periods of history to study.

    Your "cool down" sounds like what we had after that long spell of 105+ weather we had last month ... the meteorologists were all forecasting a cold front moving in, bringing temperatures down to 97-98. ha! 97-98 doesn't FEEL any cooler than 105 - at least not to me. Hope you can get some REAL relief soon.

  11. I think your chickens are making their own history! Maybe not in book form, but in the care and tending that you share with us, there are always lessons to be learned. :)

    Your post reminded me of the days when my hubby was in the high school class ring business in Dallas. I would get up with him at 5 and think I would go back to sleep too, never happened! Good for you Kim, you are a supportive and encouraging wife. :)


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