June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Good Bye August!

I am always so glad to see August go, I am not even very happy to see August arrive. Most of August this year has been with 100 degree temps or higher. Lots of monsoon moisture too. This morning my husband and I were in the car and I said something like" tomorrow is September." He said, " September is a frowzy-headed, unkempt woman." I laughed and said, " Why is September like that?" He said that August is so hard on everything that by the time September gets here everything is dead and brown and even the leaves on the trees are messed up. Not to mention it is still hot so poor September doesn't have time to shine like October does." I thought it was an fair assessment. August has been so hard on our fruit trees this year. Our poor avocado lost all of its fruit and now I hope we don't loose the tree.

 I have had a nice summer. I had to play the fiddler today though. I knew it was time to face my arch nemesis.  I bought batteries for my scale. I haven't weighed all summer. I have ate and not written down a thing and it has been nice. I have jean weather coming and I refuse to by a bigger size. My husband changed the battery and he said, " I guess we have to buy new scale I still weigh 80 pounds."  I thought about that for awhile and I asked him, " Do you think that is kilos?" I said, do you think there is a button on there that weighs like that?" There was and he weighed. You know I have a ritual that I do but I decided to just bite the bullet and see what kind of damage I have done. It is bad, really, really bad. I am not telling but I will say this, I had six children, my babies were 10 pound babies when I had them and I didn't weigh as much as I did today.

So yes, it was a nice summer, I made ice cream and had floats, I made pies and cakes and cookies. I baked to my hearts content and just had fun. I have always enjoyed baking the best. I have cooked lots and lots and used lots of really fun recipes. But now I have to pay the piper.

So I will be greeting September with my shoes in my hand and my pad and pencil to keep track of the food in my mouth and hope I can get some of it off before it gets cold.
Have a nice Labor Day weekend,
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  1. Hah, my Mom Posted A Blogpost alarm went off four minutes after you posted this!

    Aw man, you really gained that much weight? But hey, admit it--you've had energy to do everything. So it's been worth it! Once the weather cools off a bit, walking will feel so heavenly, it'll all fall off no problem. :-)

  2. Nice pictures. At first my jaw fell open because I thought hubby was saying that about you, not September. I re-read it and laughed because he described me all August. Lol. I'm happy for September to get here.
    Blogger is bad tonight. I just posted, it said it was successful but it's GONE. Arrgh

  3. LOL! Your husband's assessment of September was right on!

  4. Oh those scales are so cruel to middle age women. Why is it that we all gain weight when we turn a certain age. I know that our metabolism slows down but geepers, sometimes it's just so difficult to keep the weight off and it's really unfair... I've been there and when I didn't fitted in my clothes I had to bite the bullet and pay the piper because I was ashamed that I had no will power.

    It took a long time to loose 25 pounds but now my weight seems to have stabilized. I'm 5'2'' and small bones and 25 pounds was making my skin so tight and uncomfortable. Shhh... I hope that it doesn't come back. I LOVE FOOD...

    August is not my favourite month either. Too hot and humid and sometimes dry. I welcome September. Happy Labor Day weekend.
    Hugs, JB

  5. it does have a way of sneaking back, doesn't it? i'm trying to work off a few that have snuck back on, as well. :)

    and i loved the frowzy headed, unkempt woman description!

  6. Bring on the frowzy headed, unkempt woman! I think most of us are glad to see this hot, hot summer go!

  7. Your husband is quite the prose man!

    Don't worry the size will come.

    Fantastic photos.

  8. That is so funny what he said about September...for me September meant hunting season and off my Dad would go..not football, hunting

    Oh your scale is wrong...just dial it back 15 pounds and smile!!

    I am sore today from exercising harder...I haven't stopped but no results on the scale so I am pushing myself more! Blessings for you...but hey, summer is meant to be enjoyed!!

  9. I had to do the same thing! Funny how those pounds sneak on in the summer!

  10. I have put on weight too - only 7lbs (which we would call half a stone ...!). I know it doesn't sound a lot, but I am five foot zero with a teeny frame, so it's more than for most people. I have found though, that it is not as easy to lose now as it used to be a few years ago. I think, now that I'm in my mid-40s, it's gonna want to stay!

    I am *trying* to imagine your heat. And I am *trying* to be sensible and not envy HEAT! Just a bit of warmth.... would be soooo nice :)

  11. So that's why you call it fall...
    Time to make the pounds fall away!
    I'm in the same season, walking shoes at the ready!!!
    Happy September!

  12. Your husband has the perfect description..love it!

  13. Hi darling Kim!
    Ha ha (pay the piper!)
    I'm GLAD you had a SWEET summer! I'm with you as we face fall. Let's see, I think this round mouse will give up cheese. That's a start.
    Now to write down "bowl (big!) of Cheerios" and take a walk!

  14. Your hubby has some wise words concerning August-September-October! He just summed it up oh so well! I'm with you on the scale situation.... I was so uncomfortable yesterday I decided to get back to dieting Sunday... I think the Summer was so darn hot that I did not get as much exercise in the yard as I usually do? My metabolism needs a reboot! lol!

  15. Good morning! Oh I had to laugh at hubby's description of September, haha, so true. I too am glad that August is behind us...it was a hot, miserable month. And yet hot as September can be, I do "feel" a difference in the air in September. The nights are cooler it seems no matter what the mercury hits during the day. Or is this just wishful thinking? But either way, the worst is behind us right?

    As for the weight...sigh. How I wished it wasn't just a constant battle, but alas it is...sooo, get out those walking shoes, and here we go again.

    ENJOY your long week-end Kim!


  16. Well Kim, I wish I had had a great summer, but I fought with myself everyday. I did the opposite of you this summer. I rarely ate anything white. I am so tired of going back to work each September and feeling sluggish and dumpy. I don't own a scale but can see the difference in my clothes. Christmas is the date I will be weighing myself. I have a long way to go and it is so very difficult. So now we are on the same track. Lets wish us lots of luck and good healthy eating.

  17. I'm glad to see August go too. This one has been terrible. You know what? I told you grammas aren't supposed to be skinny. I'm glad you got to enjoy your summer and didn't make yourself sick.

  18. I am glad you enjoyed your summer. I was forced into a change of eating habits back in the spring. By just reducing the number of carbs I eat to 30-45 per meal and in-between meal snacks to less than 5, I have been able to lose weight. I had no idea how many carbs there are in foods until I started reading labels and doing research. Did you know the only thing that doesn't have carbs is protein? Fruits, veggies, milk...it all has carbs. Anyway, I will pray for you...I know how hard it is to say "no" to things you enjoy! :-)

  19. I have a love-hate relationship with my scales. Right now we are simpatico, but you just never know! Don't worry- a few weeks of walking & dieting and you'll be back to your pre-summer weight!

  20. You are so funny! This one hits close to home for me too. I'm working at it and struggling as I go. I think you had a 'perfect summer' in terms of good food! I sure hope your avocado tree makes it. I grew up living on avocadoes in California, every day!

    Get those tennis shoes moving, and cook some of your yummy veggies, lots of crock pot soups, fresh stuff etc., We are all in this thing together!! :)

  21. Well girl, all I can do is welcome you to the club. Wish neither of us was a member. You might want to try the Synergy workout too- I emailed them and Phil himself emailed me back. He said if I had any questions just email him and gave me the name and email address of the woman gathering research. She lost 80 pounds doing the Synergy plan. WHAT?! I'm beginning to get my motivation back. :) If we lived closer we could at least walk together. BTW- Congrats on your wonderful news that happened under the blue moon!

  22. I'm with you. I am happy to see August go. I welcome September. Autumn is my favourite time of year. It is a reflective time for me.
    I also sympathize with weight. I am very happy that I have lost weight this year, but I have more to lose. It seems to go on so easily, but is so difficult to get rid of! Your plan is good. I wish you well; you are not alone.

  23. I chuckled at your husband's description of September.:) Never heard it quite like that before.

    The scale has not been my friend for a few months now, and I haven't even been indulging!

    Happy September 1st, Kim!

    xo Nellie

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