June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Odds and Ends on Sunday

Today we finally, have a breath of ocean breeze aloft. I feel almost like a "human bean" that is what Pod called human beings in one of my favorite books, "The Borrowers." The movies cannot capture the magic that is in the written word of those stories.

I wanted to share my latest finished cross stitch. It is called, " Hilda's Alphabet Brew." By Brenda Gervais from Country Stitches.

Instead of making this into a pillow, I am thinking of just framing it. This one was just fun making little cats, pumpkins and then the tiny witch with her broom and cauldron.

I love the colors of fall. They just make me feel such a feeling of contentment and peace. Just quiet I think as I work.

I drew out rug patterns last weekend then I started school. I always forget that I don't have as much time once school begins as I had in the summer. I did manage to hook a tiny bit yesterday. So here are my very ambitious projects.

This is supposed to be a quilt pattern from the magazine, Primitive Quilts, but I know I would get it finished if I did it as a rug. Even though I love the quilt, and I really do have plans to make it one day, as a rug it will get finished. I am just not a good quilter and it takes more time than I have at this moment in time.

 I wanted to show you this little rug I got drawn out last week. I need to dye some wool so I haven't started this one yet. The design is from Cathy Greschner. She has lovely patterns. She has the Red House Wool Studio. As soon as I get a bit caught up I am going to buy her 1820 Sunflower pattern.

My next pattern may really be too big for this fall and may have to wait until next summer. I like it too but it really is a big rug. It took almost a yard of backing to draw it out on. I don't know what it is with me but I just keep making bigger and bigger rugs.

This comes out of the book called Pumpkin Patch Threads, by Need'l Love. It doesn't look that big in the picture but it is and I just love the giant size of the crow.

Next weekend we plan on tearing out the garden. The heat wave all but finished it off. Even my tomatoes died and you know how hard it is to kill a tomato vine.
Always so much to get done around here.

I hope you have a nice week next week. I am so glad to see August end and to turn the page to September.



  1. i like the sun and flower pattern! and i like hilda, too. :)

    glad you have a bit of cooler temps!

  2. Very nice! I used to love doing needle work, before the internet :)

  3. You are busy...as usual! Glad you are getting a break from the heat. It's been in the eighties here for over a week...that never happens in August. So, I am thankful!

  4. I like that last one, and your cross stitch is really cute. My tomato vines are still alive, but aren't producing at all. It was nice to wake up to cool weather today, especially after having four days of it at the beach. :)

  5. Your cross stitch is beautiful!

  6. I just love your pumpkins and crows. The itty bitty cat reminds me of that old game Alleycat I used to play when I was little.

    Yes, I stepped outside this morning and it was so blissfully cool! I know it won't last, but it's so nice. :-)

  7. Hi Kim! Oh, look at you go, hooking crows! Big crows!
    I love the way you work, so orderly and fun!
    My neighbor came over and picked some of our tomatoes today. We can't eat them all. We hardly eat any, really!
    I know what you mean. Once school starts there is little time for homey arts. I will knit anyway, when I can. So far this weekend, I have not picked up the needles.
    Hooray for the ocean breeze! Maybe the girls will start laying again!

  8. The Borrowers...one of my favorites.

    I do love your patterns. I think my favorite will be the crow although I may change my mind.

  9. Nice stitching. I might start one tonight. I am anxiously awaiting my Cathy G. Pattern,

  10. Sweet cross stitch and some wonderful rug patterns. That last rug must be HUGE! I want to order Cathy's sunflower, too, but I will never in my lifetime hook all the patterns I already have :)

  11. Your stitching is perfect!! I love that sampler and the Fall colors are my favorite to work with too!
    Thank-you for the plug on my patterns Kim! You have your work cut out for you now with all of them drawn up! Now comes the fun part! Will be fun to follow your progress!
    Enjoy every loop!!
    Cathy G

  12. Oh your morning glories are beautiful...mine have been also. We have had such a wonderful August..we are on our second week of a cold front..it is so nice, but the weeks of 100 plus just killed everything

    Love your rugs...and no not much time with school starting and this year I will be doing 1st grade again..so we will be busy

    I have another cross stitch from my friend to make into a pillow...I also found some cross stitch pieces I did years ago and never did anything with them...I wonder if I should save them for grand children one day

    Have a great week...school starts tomorrow

  13. I love your cross stitch, Kim! I believe I would frame mine for hanging!

    We are bringing in cantaloupe and watermelon from our garden - finally! They are not always the best flavor, probably due to the lack of rain for awhile, plus the heat. We are still having okra, and there are still sweet potatoes to dig. It IS time for fall planting, though my husband hasn't planned for that yet.

    I hope your week will begin on a good note!

    Thank you for your visit to my blog.

    xo Nellie

  14. I love that cross stitch ... I keep thinking about possibly resuming cross stitching ... it would make a nice, portable project for when we're traveling ... but then I remember that the lighting in motel rooms isn't usually quite as strong as I need (I've noticed that these old eyes need good strong lighting to be able to stitch).

  15. Kim, I love your ambitious nature when it comes to hooking and stitching. You are getting a lot done this summer. I'm getting so behind in my hooking but life around here is a bit hectic, even on Sunday.

    I love your crow patterns. I'll be waiting to see your finished rugs in the future.

    I hope that you didn't got shaken by the earth quake that hit southern California.
    Stay safe, Hugs. JB

  16. I love your cross stitch too. Very pretty. JB

  17. Hi Kim, my you have been productive. Love the Halloween inspired cross stitch and your original designed hooking patterns. Can't wait to see the finished products. The only crops remaining in my vegetable garden are potatoes and tomatoes, time to put the garden to bed. I can't believe our growing season is over, I did however, purchase my first Mums, Autumn is arriving early at Dog Trot Farm. Have a great first day of school. Blessings, Julie.

  18. Just stopping by for the first time. Saw you listed on the sidebar over at Sonja's. What a talented gal you are my friend! I have done so much cross stitching over the years but have not done any in some time. The eyes have gotten old (and so has everything else). :o) Love all your patterns and again, what a talented lady!

  19. I like your cross stitch...the fall colors make me think of cooler weather and fairs. It's a nice change from the heat of summer. Hope you have a great week too!

  20. Love your stitcheries Kim! I'm ready for fall! :)

    Hope you have a great week!

  21. Ahhh... lovely projects you have that are all fall related... LOVE this tie of year! I call it the cool down... Your Hilda looks fabulous!!! You are right, Brenda has such cute characters in her stuff. They seem to come alive as you stitch them too! I'm still enjoying those morning glories... such a beautiful flower.

  22. Love those colors, too! Yeah to fall....so ready.


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