June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chats on The Farmhouse Porch

It is time to chat with Patrice again on her porch. It is really to hot to be out on mine this week. I was looking down the side of my fence and I always wish it was a place I could go but it is hot down here too. Everywhere is so hot.
Okay now on to the questions:

1.    Do you like to sing? What kind of music are you likely to sing?

Yes, I love to sing. My favorite music is lullabies and rocking babies to sleep. I sing old songs like Swing Low Sweet Chariot, and Down in the Valley and the Mockingbird song and the song about I gave my love a cherry, that had no stone, you know that one?

 2.   Do you watch soap operas (daytime TV), or have you ever?
Gosh that is a blast from the past. I did watch General Hospital when I was in high school and when I first got married just for Luke and Laura. That was it though, I never have watched them again. I never have time during the day to turn on the T.V.

3.    Do you wear glasses or contacts?

I wear glasses and I have the ones I wear to sew with and the one to read with but not any other time.

 4.   What's your favorite easy meal when the weather is hot?

I suppose a salad of some sort but I don't really change much, my family likes to eat. They would eat meat and potatoes every night if they could.

5.    Tell me something about the past week.

My skunk battles continue to rage. They are getting braver and are coming up almost on the porch. My daughter said today she is gong to get a Mom and Dad cam and set it up so she can watch my husband and I run around the back yard in pajamas yelling at skunks.
This morning, one took a shot at the house. At least he didn't hit my newly washed windows but the yard sure smelled. 

Thanks to Patrice for this weeks questions, I hope you have a very nice Wednesday.


Everyday Ruralty


  1. Skunks, again? Boy, that really stinks. (sorry-I couldn't help myself)I had to laugh at the idea of a camera catching your pajama antics!lol

    I loved singing lullabies to my babies. It was one of the most special things in my life.

    Yes, it was Luke and Laura that got me into watching the show.

    My family loves to eat too. They also like meat and potatoes, which we raise and grow.

    We have hot weather here lately, but not quite as high as yours. I'm so ready for fall. I tend to be ready for fall every summer, then after the gray winter, I'm still ready for fall. Year round would suit me just fine.

    Have a great week. I must write soon, before you get busy with school. Once again, thanks for recommending our curriculum. They love it. The books are incredible!
    Big hug, Patrice

  2. oh, those skunks have got to be terrible! just knowing they're out there every night would be bad enough.

  3. I wouldn't like those skunks hanging around either.

    I eat a lot of TV dinners but I try and cook a few meals each week.

  4. I can just hear those skunks planning their next move on your turf, Kim. If your daughter gets some good video she could make a mint, as I can just see you two running around chasing them. Always a joy to have these chats with you.
    Enjoy your week.

  5. You made me laugh again...about the skunks! Wish you could find a solution and get rid of those guys! I know that is frustrating for you.

  6. My husband had a pet skunk when they were little. Can you believe it! His stinky sprayer thingy removed of course. Our weather has been lovely. I'll be going to the bike path soon for my walk and when its not humid I really enjoy it.

  7. Oh, those stinky skunks! When does "skunk season" end? I hope SOON! I never turn the tv on either. I have been watching a bit of the Olympics this month.
    I'm so sorry that the heat is so oppressive. I bet you are looking forward to fall!
    Take care, sweet Kim!

  8. I love to sing, too, even though I can NOT carry a tune! I sing You Are My Sunshine to my grands when I put them down for their naps/bedtime. Sure hope that those skunks find a new place to hang out - SOON.

  9. Eww, and I thought possum were nasty! I can't imagine having a skunk spraying my house! I hope you can get rid of them quick.

    Lullabies remind me of my mom singing to me when I was little. That's a sweet memory.

    Have a blessed rest of your week.

  10. Oh yuck! Apparently the skunks have heard it's a great house for strays too, and want to be part of the family! ;) I loved your answers this week!

  11. ooohhhh kim, those darn skunks again. we are battleing them also!!

  12. I think we were all addicted to Luke and Laura in the 80's

  13. Oh yes, the Luke and Laura days. We scheduled our classes around the show. It was crazy but we had such fun. There has got to be a way to get rid of the skunks without hurting them. You know, like putting cut human hair to deter the deer?

  14. G'day Kim~We are in the country/city and we too have skunks, such an issue.
    Hot hot reminds me of Montana it was very hot but blessed us with a few nice days.
    Love all the questions! ~Cheers Kim

  15. Oh so sorry about the skunks!!! Meat and Potatoes eaters here...but give me the salad

    I love to sing...just love it, today was the new song "I am Redeemed"


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