June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break Starts Today!!!

I just finished school, and I am out for one whole week. I am really happy to finish up today and know that for a week, I can do what ever I want...Not really. I bought this pattern from Minick and Simpson. I think the first time I read about Polly Minick, I dreamed of making rugs like her. I finally bought a rug pattern, and I have stared at the pattern and I think it will be awhile before I hook it. I just wanted you to see how huge the pattern is and the one I just finished was a big rug for me.
It doesn't look that big so I took a picture of the rug I just finished lying next to it.
So like I said, I might be staring at it a while. They sent me a free pattern when I ordered this one.
It is a nice pattern too. Though not as big.
I have this thing right now for pin cushions. I hope this week, I might have time to make a couple. I have the crushed walnut shells and the emery sand for the strawberry.

I was looking at my poor old pin cushion the other day. My Mom bought it for me when I took sewing in grade school. You know when I made a laundry bag? I found it in some things that had been my Moms. I had forgot about it. As I looked at it I realized I learned everything I know about sewing on the laundry bag. I looked at all of the seams and they were still pressed open. When I was 12 my sewing teacher drove me nuts.
But she really was good in that everything she taught me, I still do. She also taught us cooking. I was much better at cooking than I was sewing. I wished I had kept the apron my Mom made me for that class.
It was so pretty. It is funny how looking at something as simple as a pin cushion can make you remember back to when you first got it and how important I felt when I put my first pins into it. All of my kids have
made pictures using the pins. It is showing signs of wear, sort of like the owner, but I will keep it longer and
when I make a new one, I will get new pins.

Have a wonderful day,


  1. how cute that you found your mom's pin cushion, and all the memories that came from it. :) i really like that chicken rug pattern. so very you! :) happy spring break, ms. teacher!

  2. I am glad you have some things that your mom gave you. I do, too. SO, I know how much they mean! Enjoy your week off!

  3. your sewing teacher would be so happy to know
    all the beautiful things you have created!

  4. you are always such a busy bee kim!! enjoy your time off!!

  5. We are beginning our break tomorrow! Phew.... I think I need it more than the kids!
    In admiration, as always.... at your busy-ness, and your talent. Fabulous stuff x

  6. Hope you enjoy a relaxing break! Looks like you'll be absorbed in your new patterns and I especially love the checkerboard one.
    You helped me recall my first apron and needlework - where does the time go?

  7. Have a good spring break! Your rug project is ambitious!:)

  8. Happy Spring Break! Your new rug pattern looks fun. You can play with lots of different colors.
    I still have my grandma's tomato pin cushion. I love it. Always makes me think of her. You will have fun making them!

  9. Oh enjoy every minute of that spring break! I love the rug, and the pin cushion. You are always so busy being creative....it is inspiring! Hope you had a good day! HUGS

  10. It's a great rug pattern and yes, big. I admire you for even dreaming about tackling that hooked rug. I love pin cushions too. Did you see the one on pinterest that says "Enter Pin Here"? Clever. I really do love those strawberry needle cushions a lot. You can make them so individualized.

    Happy Spring Break!

  11. ohhhhh, that'll be a fun rug for you to hook! Lots of use for textures there. Have fun on your break and I will be waiting to see your pin cushions. Oh...and I still have the apron I made in my first sewing class.

  12. I'm looking forward to our spring break! You have some fun projects planned. Another blogger, Saundra at Woodland Junction is hooking that chicken mat...though she took out one chicken. It's a neat pattern. Can't wait to see your progress on it! Have a great week.

  13. I know how you feel about finding things from your mother. I have many things from my mom, but one of my most treasured possessions is her thimble. My mom was a fabulous seamstress and I can hardly remember a day when she was NOT wearing the thimble. It just makes my heart smile.


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