June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Chatter.

I like to focus most of the time if at all possible on the positives in life. I try to keep my mind far away of the negatives. But this morning I just couldn't help seeing junk. I keep trying to get those rose colored glasses out of my pocket but they are stuck in there with my gloves.
We had a lovely storm yesterday. Before the storm though, the wind blew. This morning I had to dig out the trash cans from all of the tumbleweeds just to shut the lids. I hate tumbleweeds and tried as hard as I could to find something nice to say, the only thing I could come up with was there are lots of different varieties. My other pet peeve is all of the people who drive by me at 60 miles an hour on a my  street. We used to have this guy down the street that would stand out in his underwear and throw rocks at cars for going so fast.
I miss Troy.

I went out to check on my chickens and I walked around looking at all of the weeds that got watered. They look nice. Then I came up to the house to rinse off my muddy shoes. I need new shoes I think, as I washed the mud off the shoes leaked and my socks got wet inside my shoes, I hate wet socks.
Then my fault entirely, I dropped the hose to turn it off, and it landed with the sprayer handle down on the ground, so that water sprayed all over my head and coat. With very cold water. I just shook my head and came in the house. I am awake now.

 I do know not what is up with my head, but I have been forgetting lots of simple things. I have two coats that I wear when I am outside working. One is very long and it is nice when it is very cold but because it has been warmer I have been wearing the other one. I put on my long coat and I found eggs in the pocket. How and when did I last wear my coat and how old were those eggs? I guess it is good I found them now and not next year, right?

Have I mentioned that these guys are hatching? They love the inside of my house. They love to come out at night and chase toes. Silly bugs.
I know they have some kind of purpose I have just never figured it out. The good thing is the cats and dog are so happy when they show up as they provide hours of entertainment because they like to fight. I always try to take them outside when they are in the kitchen. They always try to fight me.

Okay,  this is the end of my grumpy post, time to get on with the day. Did I mention, car trouble. I don't like that either. It is funny all of the things you want to go do when you remember you don't have a car.

But next week is my spring break, so that keeps me going.
I hope your Monday is a great day.
At least my washer and dryer are working really well today.
Life always looks brighter when I think of that.


  1. the sphinx moth is pretty, as is your purple bloom. what kind of bug is that? (and laughed at your hose story - i usually end up spraying myself, too).

  2. We all have days like this, that's how we know when we are having a good day!!! Creepy bugs!!

  3. Oh no, Kim! We got soaked to the skin yesterday! We had fun anyway! Your California has gorgeous flowers! Eggs in your pocket? That could be a poem. Sending love northwards!

  4. We expect cooler weather here overnight, but nothing to damage the early spring growth. After being interrupted twice with storms passing through, my husband gave up on mowing on Saturday, but is at it today.:-) There is always another day.:-)

  5. I here you, loud and clear! It's nice to be positive, but sometimes it's just hard. Plain and simple! What a great day for your washer and dryer to be working...it's too windy here to hang out my wash. It would blow to the neighbors field...or beyond. Hope your day gets better!

  6. First, let me apologize for giggling. The neighbor in his underwear or the hose - not sure which made me giggle more. I put a jacket on Friday and on the lapel was a poppy. So apparently Nov. 11 was the last time I wore that jacket (but no eggs in the pocket)
    Hopefully by now you are relaxed and sipping tea. Today is my long day so I likely won't email you til tomorrow.
    (But I might be on facebook tonight mocking DWTS)

  7. Ugh, I was good until I hit the spider picture. Those things just creep me out.

    Just one of those days huh? We had that doctor's appt today and I went to turn on the car and it's dead as a door nail. It's ok though, since I didn't want to go and I am glad to stay home and clean my house.

  8. Wel girl, don't feel bad...we all have those days if we are honest.....Dont' worry about the coat with the egss..I have decided to call my pockets a treasure box because I never know what I am going to find in them...One day, I found a $20 bill...that was nice.....

    I hope the rest of your day is better....

  9. Oh goodness do we all have those kind of days or what??....sometimes for me it can go on more than a day too. Especially when life it handing us one thing after another. Then simple annoyances become harder to take. I did have to laugh at the guy in his underwear, and getting sprayed with the hose....sooo something I would do. And the eggs in the pocket? Well I have to admit, that's a new one, haha. At least you still see the humor...all is not lost when you can still see the humor. Hope the rest of your day is better! HUGS

  10. I just love that you found eggs in your pocket! But the moth picture...sent shivers up my spine. I fear the moth and the carnage it can do to my wool! There are days like this...good thing they end! Hope tomorrow is better. Love the budding flowers....hurry spring!

  11. I am laughing at this post Kim! It's too funny. And the funniest part to me was "I miss Troy:"... those Troy's sure come in handy when we need them!! :)

    Miss you!

  12. Kim, this was the funniest post that I've read in a long time and I'm still laughing (in a good way).

    I was feeling down today and just didn't feel like being nice. All I needed was to read your post and I feel better already.

    That spider would scare the crap out of me if it came for my toes because I go bare feet a lot. We have big orbs spiders outside the house and at the barn. They are huge with a gray belly and their web is really strong but I'm not afraid of them.

    Sorry about your car troubles. I hope that tomorrow you will find someone to cheer you up like you did me. Warm hugs. JB

  13. It was just one of those mornings, wasn't it? I hope things calm down a bit.

    Also, the eggs in the pocket. I laughed about that all day long. :-)

  14. Kim this is the best post today!!! I must admit I've done the same thing with the hose and just stood there in disgust at myself and couldn't help but laugh. What a day you had. So the eggs didn't stink? I think that bug would give me the heeby jeebies. I love your attitude about trying to look for the good in things. Sometimes it's so very very hard. Hope you day got better!


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