June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blogging and Making Soap

My husband and I made our first batch of soap together today. Yes, we are still married. He still has all of his hair too. :) I told him I was going to write a blog about our soap making experience. I had lost my soap making ability after my last flop. I thought that since my husband does pay attention, read directions and really does think outside the box, if he helped me I might get a decent batch of soap.
He got up early and made a very nice wooden box for a soap mold. I will take pictures of it when I get my soap out.

In his day job he writes programs that monitor  processes of water, oil, gasses, lots and lots of stuff. So what he does is make other people's jobs easier and safer and less time is wasted.  I was melting the oils and he was keeping tabs on the temperature of the lye, when he told me that what we needed was " PID Feedback Loop."
I about fell down I was laughing so hard. I can't explain it but a simple one is that float in the back of your toilet that goes up and down when you flush the toilet.Because of what he does all day, he wanted to make soap so it would be less steps. Now though we have to wait to see if we made it or not. The digital soap thermometer is a great tool. Next time I think it would be easier.  I always made soap by myself, it really is easier with two people. I still have my doubts that it will be soap.

Yesterday my daughter came over and she told me in yesterdays blog I wrote " piece of resistance" instead of " Piece De resistance."  When I do stuff like that I just embarrass her and it makes me laugh. I thought I would tell you another time that I still laugh about. I am so glad I had so few readers and followers then. I am glad Google didn't catch it and think I was a bad site.

My son had a piano recital and I wanted to share it in my blog. But that little box at the top of the page doesn't correct things when you misspell it . What I wrote as a title was My Son's Rectal. It should have been My Son's Recital. I kept staring at that that I couldn't spell either word. I published it and went to bed.
The next morning I go to my email box and there is a panic letter from my daughter. I laughed and laughed and even writing this out I still sit here and laugh.

My daughter was an editor for a long time. She knows more about correct grammar, spelling and sentence structure than I will ever know or even care to know. ( I can hear you nodding, Yes, Kim we know)
So I know there are lots of times she must scream early in the morning at what I have written. It just makes me laugh.  I also have a son who enjoys that part of writing too and likes to be an editor so If I ever wrote anything for publication, I would be in good hands. :)

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  1. Surrounded by all those brainiacs would make me nervous. Hope you have good soap. Have a good evening.

  2. I so wish someone had taken pictures of both of you making soap.I can't wait to see the results.

    My daughter's friend makes lavender soaps to sell at the market on Saturdays. She bought one for me and I just love them. They are nothing like my mother's aunt made.

    It's good that you don't worry about the spelling errors. Why worry when someone already does that for you. lol.
    I'm sure that your soap will turn out just great.
    Have a nice Sunday. JB

  3. "My son's rectal".........ok, I'm rolling on the floor!! No soap making pictures?? :( I hope it turns out but even if it isn't perfect it sounds like you and Ron had fun on a together project.

  4. Thank you Kim, I just laughed out loud, very out loud. You are too funny. I thank God for spell check every time I write a post. Speaking of rectals. As a joke when my kids were younger (middle school)and when they'd have a fever have to have their temperature taken. I would wait around 30 seconds after I put the thermometer in their mouth and say oops, sorry that was the wrong thermometer. Their eyes would bug out of their heads and the thermometer would be spit out so fast it would make your head spin. I would laugh about that all day.

  5. you made me laugh at the 'still have my doubts it will be soap'. ha! you are just too cute.

  6. Lol!! Oh gosh I don't remember that I must have missed it. It is hilarious when typos happen. I can't wait to see how the soap turns out.

  7. I love the spelling error stories...I don't have ones quite that controversial...but I have had people correct my spelling on my blog!
    I wish you had soap making pics as well. Will you consider doing a tutorial? I want to try my hand at this over the summer. I can't wait to see the finished bars.

  8. Wonderful you had help. Can't wait to see how it turned out.

  9. I often wish I knew someone who could tell me what is correct... like 'effect' or 'affect...'

  10. I always thought that parents live to embarrass their children. That's what mine tell me. And my 'grammar policing' is what embarrasses mine. What would we have to giggle about in life if there were no typos? And we know they are typos...not actual errors.

  11. Now that's hilarious! I bet your daughter just about fell off her chair when she read it. Can't wait to hear how the soap turns out.

  12. It sounds like the soap making experience was as much fun as the other stories you told...I just wish I had pictures...I am still doubled over with laughter after reading your stories...

    I can't spell either but wait until your grandchildren are correcting your grammar and spelling..now that's down right humiliating.....

    I love visiting with you....

  13. I like buying natural soaps at the fancy health food stores. Can we see pictures of your soap?
    Happy Sunday!

  14. Kim
    Please don't worry about those 'boo, boos',
    they give us all a good laugh. At least you have an editor daughter to correct you, I just end up looking stupid and uneducated!
    Oh well, we're all about having a little fun with our blogging, aren't we?

  15. Smiling here from reading your story. I have had family members correct my writing errors. It can be worth a good laugh, if we allow ourselves to. It sounds like you take it all in stride. That is a good thing!

    It is great to see there are others out there who are willing to write a blog who aren't editors...:)

    Happy week to you!



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