June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

We have to visit at Patrice's Porch today as the wind is blowing and it is cold here today. I noticed though that there are new trees that are getting new leaves just after today's wind.
 I enjoyed Patrice's questions today. So lets get right to them.


1.    Tell me a fond memory of an elderly person?

As I have mentioned before, I grew up next door to my grandparents and then further down the street, my great grandmother lived in a Quonset hut. My great grandmother was quite a original lady. She had went to college so she was educated. She worked hard all of the time. She had a puzzle on a card table sitting in her living room. She had a odd looking old TV that she never turned on. She had a wonderful shelf of books that she read all of the time, like her old friends, Scottish Chiefs being her favorite. She also dipped snuff. It was always an source of entertainment for me. It was double oo snuff. I would watch her so closely to see her spit into a very clean can. Her cans would sit on her drain board after she used them. She was a very clean woman with very few belongings. Her couch was one of those horse hair types that you read about in old books. She was not a loving type of woman like my grand mother or my mother was, but she was a treasure none the less. I am the richer for her influence in my life.My Great- Grandmother is on the left.

2.    What's your favorite flavor of jam or jelly?

I really like strawberry, but I like blueberry lime and just blueberry.

3.    What goes through your mind when you drive by one of those whopping, huge houses that look like something in a magazine?

Well, I have lived in two whopping big houses. I will tell you first hand they are lots of work, yes taxes are high, the power bills are enormous, It takes a long, long time to clean them but when you have an outside wedding that the day turns out to be really hot, you can bring 80 people inside and not be crowded. You always have enough room for people. It takes me 3 days to wash windows, it takes me two days to clean house.  I may not always want to live here, but for now, I am very thankful that I am here and when I see houses bigger than mine, I know that there is a person that lives there than never sits down.

 4.   What's your favorite way to relax?

I like to sew, or read a book or watch a fire or watch a movie. Lots of ways. Go outside and watch my garden grow or watch my chickens.

 5.   What's your favorite kind of pasta?
I am not a big pasta eater, I eat it if that is what I fixed for dinner but I would rather eat other things than pasta.

I just wanted to say thanks to Patrice for this weeks questions. I always look forward to the questions.


  1. Love your that new growth coming... I love your GGM, she sounds like a wonderful lady, unafraid to be herself...

  2. loved your answers to #1 and #3. :)

  3. Hehe it always cracks me up when I hear about her doing snuff. Every time you tell that story is just great.

    Can you believe this wind? We drove down coffee today and the orchard floor are littered with the almond blossoms. It made me so sad. I hope the bees had a chance to get to work and that the crops aren't lost.

  4. I love the stories about your great grandmother. I think women back then were so strong...such good role models for us in many ways.

  5. Hi Kim!
    I used to clean those big houses. Just thinking about it makes my hands hurt!
    I could live without pasta, too.
    I hope your day is happy, Kim. Thinking of you and sending warm wishes!

  6. The great grandmother spitting snuff cracks me up too. Despite the serious looks on her face, she was a pretty woman.

    Sorry about all the wind knocking down the blossoms. It's a shame that the blossoms don't last longer. They are so pretty and fragrant but I guess that the trees are in a hurry to form fruits without delay.

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse of yourself in your answers. Hugs. JB

  7. I love hearing about your great grandmother; my grandmother dipped snuff and lived to be 99.....but they ate so much better than we do today...It sounds like she was a big influence in your family....

    I hope your day is full of blessings sweet girl...

  8. I enjoyed your perspective on large houses. I also like the fact that you find children to be a blessing from God.

  9. I sorta thought about the cleaning aspect of big homes, but at the time I answered this question it didn't come to mind. I can't imagine such a job. Our home is so quaint. I know I want so much to have a bigger space, but with that will come more responsibilities. But, I don't want a mansion or anything. Just a lovely roomy home with some property. =D

  10. Love your great-grandma. She sounds like those wonderful women you read about in books and wish you could meet. What wonderful memories for you!

  11. Oh my great-grandmother dipped snuff also...too funny! You had more time with yours to know more about her...she sounds like a very interesting woman and passed down her love of books to her granddaughter.

    Oh large houses...my son builds them, but the owners don't clean them themselves...they all have maids! LOL

    I had one that I felt was large for us eight, but nothing like what is seen on television or magazines. I have to say I loved it and miss it...but with only five of us at home now it would be very big! Smaller has its benefits.

    Fun chat on the porch...always is, because you are such an interesting person.

  12. I have this funny mental picture of our grandmothers visiting while your did her snuff and mine nailed her neighbor with gumballs from a nine iron! My grandmother spent much of her life in San Diego. Thanks for dropping by for a chat!Hugs-

  13. Kim
    Very interesting story about your great g'mother! I'm not a pasta eater either.
    And since you like blueberry jam best, do you have a good recipe you could share?
    I'd like to make some soon!

  14. Your great grandma sounds fabulous. I'm sure she had some great stories. I don't worry about cleaning a huge house. In my lottery dream, my huge mansion comes with a cleaning person. I'm thinking young, buff house-boy.......heehee

  15. I really enjoyed #1!
    I never heard of Blueberry Lime jam!

  16. Loved reading the story about your great grandma. Your blog is a wonderful place to preserve some of those memories for the future generations to come.

    Blueberry Lime jam? That sounds yummy!


  17. Sometimes I wonder if our greats and twice greats, etc. came across not so loving because of the hard lives they lived? Things weren't near as 'easy' as they are now. What's this blueberry lime jam of which you speak?

  18. It's always nice to get to know you better Kim. I had to laugh, I'm a pasta girl through and through. Being half Italian I grew up eating pasta every Wednesday.


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