June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

It's time again to visit with Patrice. I always look forward to showing up and taking over her porch and visiting and learning more about everyone.

Here are the questions for this week:

1.    What's your favorite type of chair?
It has to be a rocker. I like comfy chairs, that you can sit in and read a book and put your feet up. That kind of chair.

 2.   What was the last play you saw?
We went to see Beauty and the Beast last year here in town. I really do love plays. We used to be in a home schooling group that would go about 3-or 4 times a year to watch our local musical troupe put on plays my favorite was Meet Me In St. Louis.  The kids and I have seen lots of really nice plays that way.

 3.   If you could spend an all expenses paid week in a cabin in the mountains, a cottage at the beach, or a townhouse in a city with lots of great attractions, which would you choose?

You know I like cabins, but if it were an all expense paid kind of trip I would want to go since it is March, I would want to go to Arizona this month and see the Grand Canyon, take the train from Williams to the rim( of the Grand Canyon)  Then go to the painted desert, and Canyon de Chelly, and just explore Arizona. It is so beautiful there in the spring. I also would like to take the burros and go down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but my husband always vetos that idea. No place in the world do I feel better than in Arizona.

 4.   What's your favorite condiment?
Hienz Catsup, and Best Food Mayonaise. Really, It has to be those two brands.

5.    What's your favorite breed of dog?

Hands down, without a doubt, a Border Collie. All of my life I have had some kind of working dog, I have had Queensland Heelers, Shelties, Astrualian Shepherds, but bar none the Border Collie is my favorite. The only draw back to them is they need lots of attention and lots of activity. They need to herd things. Sasha herds our cats, my chickens and our grand children. They need room to run so they wouldn't make good apartment dogs left alone for long periods of time. We haven't gone very many places since we got her just because of leaving her, I don't know if the anxiety is on my part or hers, but I would rather stay home than leave her alone. 

Thanks to Patrice for this weeks questions. It is always nice to sit and think about this weeks questions. 
I am looking forward to getting around and visiting some other porches. It looks like spring might be around a few more days.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. (i don't travel because of my furbabies...) :)

  2. I've never had a border collie but have always admired them! I love to watch them herd and it just seems to come so natural to them.

  3. I am with you on the rocking chair and I think a trip to Ar would be great...and your dog is precious and wonderful...The lady who owned the barn where I used to board my horse had two and they were great...they helped her so much....

  4. Border Collies are beautiful dogs. So are the others you mentioned. My mom has an Australian Shepherd. Our old dog was a retriever/Australian Shepherd mix. Or that's what they said, but I think she was a retriever and something bigger. Who knows? Your flower pictures are stunning.

  5. Grand Canyon would be awesome - think I'll go too!
    Have a great day!

  6. Ben and I keep talking about how we miss plays and we need to go see one again. It's funny how we weren't even really dating yet, but we remember that being such a big part of "our" life.

    It cracks me up that the kids get "herded". She is just such a good dog.

    Also, good call on the guns. They haven't been put down since Saturday. ;)

  7. Grand Canyon...agreed, mules and all. Comfortable chair with a foot stool. Border Collies, hands down.

    Did I write this post???

  8. Arizona certainly is beautiful in sort of a rugged way. The San Francisco Peaks, often with snow on them year round, the Grand Canyon with the new viewpoint, then there is Tombstone, and the Chiricahua Mountains, with all those funny stone shapes, and the Red Rocks of Sedona. All the years I have lived here, there still is more to be discovered.

  9. I am the same way with Tucker- and I'm not sure if it's my anxiety or his but, either way, I don't leave him. I used to insist on Heinz ketchup too until the year I heard John Kerry's wife open her mouth--I found her to sound something akin to anti-American so I have never purchased or eaten Heinz again. I really did like it though.

  10. I love those roses in your header, so very beautiful. It's always so nice reading about your answers. The Grand Canyon sounds like quite an adventure. I'd be afraid of scorpions and rattle snakes. I'm not brave like you.
    I could use your dog to round up my cows in in the summer when they are way out in the pasture. She sounds like she could be very useful. She'd get plenty of exercise.

    Hugs, JB

  11. Arizona would be a great place to visit. Not sure I would want to ride on a burro though....
    Loving the flower pics

  12. Your border collie is so cute!
    I haven't been to a play in so long. I think I might have to start scouting out tickets! I'm sure Bill would like to go, but we are such wimps about staying up past 8:30 pm!

  13. Kim
    I, too, would love to see the Grand Canyon!
    And I've never seen Meet Me In St. Louis in a play, but I love the movie with Judy Garland.
    Are those your roses in your new banner? They are gorgeous!

  14. I would love a trip to see the Grand Canyon too, your flowers are lovely. Herding? I can believe it, I have seen dogs do that!

  15. I would ride the burros with you! I haven't been to the Grand Canyon in a very long time. It was a special trip I too with my mom when I was a young person. My best friend at the time, and her mom went too. We also saw the Painted Desert.
    Yay rocking chairs! Yay Border Collies!

  16. Kim, I so enjoy reading your answers to these questions. Riding the burros is on my bucket list! I say we gather a bunch of our blogging buddies together and head out on a girl's grand adventure!

  17. What beautiful roses at the top of this page...just beautiful. :) I enjoyed your flower pics and the dog is adorable.

    I hope that you get to take the trip on the burros some day. I think that it sounds like a fun adventure, though one that I'm too chicken to take. :)

    I enjoyed your post. Have a great week!

    1. I would love to go and stay in a cabin by a lake in the woods, where it is quiet and tranquil. Farm Girl Florence

  18. Oh, those roses in your header are just so lovely! I really like your vacation idea. I've traveled that area years ago as a child...but I'm fascinated by going back someday. We don't travel because of Gus...he's too old for doggie care right now. I always enjoy chats with you!

  19. Interesting how popular the Border Collie is.
    Another visit to Canyon de Chelly would be fantastic for me...that train ride sounds like a good way to go.

  20. My parents feel the same way about border collies. They are without a dog right now because they haven't stopped grieving for their last border that died almost a year ago.

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. these are always so fun. i wish we were rocking side by side!!

  22. It's so funny you should mention enjoying plays. I am headed into Boston tomorrow night to see Les Miserables. I have seen it twice, but the music and story are so amazing I could see 10 more times and not be bored with it. Border Collies are so smart too, not only good looking but the brains to go with it. Full package!!!

  23. Border collies are such smart dogs! I'm just not sure that I'm smart enough to own one. ha! They're also beautiful dogs, too.

    I would love to see the Grand Canyon ... I have dreams of an extended road trip one of these days, and a stop at the Grand Canyon is definitely on the list of places to stop!

  24. Such a lovely blog!~ I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥

  25. I have never been to the Grand Canyon and have been researching it...meaning a trip there...I can imagine how awesome that would be...so I would like your trip

    Rocker...or comfy chair to read in...here also

    Fun post again


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