Friday, May 13, 2011

Yay for Blogger!!

Dear Blogger,

I am so glad you are back. My life was so lost yesterday.
I was forlorn and sad. I walked in all day to check and you were
always gone. I had no idea how much you have become part of my
life. I didn't know that without you my computer is just no fun.
In fact down right boring.
I mean, no pictures to post or pithy thoughts to share not to mention.
I can't check on all of my friends.

I hope you didn't get sick with a bad virus. I hope that the people who
work on you all the time were just doing some house cleaning and now
you are good.

This morning blogger, I was whining that blogger was still down. My husband
quipped. " It is really hard to complain about a free service." So I am sorry,
to complain.

I just wanted you to know blogger, I appreciate you very much for being
my modern day magic carpet.



Debbie said...

It's funny how attached we become isn't it? I was somewhat franctic as I was afraid I wouldn't get on before we left for the week-end. Anyway, glad to be back! Hope you have a wonderful week-end Kim! HUGS said...

Oh I somehow missed some of what was going on then this afternoon I got on and my post from yesterday and all comments were gone...oh, well! I re-posted but lost the comments...can't complain, it is a free service, but it is funny how I miss connections so fast.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim, I couldn't believe how I missed it so much!!! I had no idea how much I had gotten use to logging in and checking out my blog. My one cup of coffee wasn't the same with out blogger working. Lol Cheri

Meg said...

Ugh! I kept doing the same thing! So sad I've become so... needy. LOL!

Kim said...

I know....I was getting all twitchy without it. I kept wondering what everyone was doing and what I was missing! Lol Let's face it ... We are all addicted.

TexWisGirl said...

'tis true. we do appreciate you, blogger! and all the techies that had a worse day than we users did, trying to restore it to working order!!! thank you!

Kessie said...

I kept *twitch* having withdrawal symptoms *twitch*. I saw someone call the blogger downtime Blogger Flogger. :-D

Julia said...

I too felt the frustration of not having Blogger around but I decided to use that time to go through a bunch of Rug Hooking Magazines while resting my worn out body. I was whipped. Welcome Back Blogger.

Some of the comments that I posted went poof so I had to comment again on a few. JB

no spring chicken said...

Not to mention the loss of all of my lovely comments. Griddle Dude was one of my most moving posts and the loss of deep thought that was left for my contemplation on the matter is just tragic! :0 ;) :)

I loved your take on the whole matter, you're so much fun!

Blessings, Debbie

Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

How glad we are that we werent the only 1s who felt it. Welcome back everyone and may the techies know what a difference they make to so many lives :-)

Sue said...

The one day I had time to visit, Blogger went out, I thought"this can only happen to me." lol

Diana Ferguson said...

My story matches that of Janette's!