Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedneday Words for Weight Loss

It is Wednesday and I am a bit late getting this post up today.
This is our last week of school and I have lots of things going on
this week.
I am so happy that Patrice does this Wednesday Words for Weight Loss
and I know she is busier than me. She has a nice post today on the baby
vultures that are living in her barn. I had never see a baby vulture until I saw
her pictures stop by and check them out.

1. Are you happier at a big event/party or would you rather be with a few close friends/family?

Our family has grown so much that now we are a big group. :) I enjoy it very much

2. What kind of farm animal is your favorite?
That is a hard question I like them all, it used to be horses but I would say now chickens, but I wouldn't turn down sheep, cows, goats.

3. How are you doing with your weight loss or healthy eating? Not good, so we will move on.

4. If you could have any food made calorie free or carb free, what would it be?
I don't know if there is anything I like that much.

5. What's the most relaxing thing for you to do at the end of the day?
I really enjoy sitting outside on the porch watching the sun go down. Twilight
and the stars blinking on. I also read in the evenings and sometimes watching a movie. I sew too. All of them are my favorite.

Thank you so much Patrice.


TexWisGirl said...

i would have potatoes made calorie/fat/carb free... and i would live on them forever...

Kessie said...

Not even German chocolate cake? ;-)

Debbie said...

Oh I can think of soo many, haha....probably why this is such a problem for me. I think I would pick pumpkin pie with REAL whip cream!! Sounds like we enjoy the same kind of things in the evening. Enjoy this last week of school! HUGS

Empty Nester said...

Oh but sitting on your porch sounds like the most relaxing thing to do! I keep thinking that I'm doing ok on my weight loss and then I step on the scale. Maybe if I just give up eating altogether. LOL

Meg said...

Heh, yeah I guess it kind of is a big party when we all get together. Which we haven't done in awhile!

Julia said...

Lately the thing I like to do is shower and put my PJ's on and get under the blankets. I've work late every night and I'm tired. The calories are melting all by themselves.

I'm so glad that you are done school for a while, well almost done... so you can find time to do something for yourself. Hugs JB

Kim said...

It would be great if potatoes pan fried in real butter (lots of it) were calorie free. That would be heaven.

Miss Debbie said...

I've always wanted a porch big enough to have rockers. Maye our new house will have one!