Friday, May 27, 2011

The other morning I was out in the garden and way
up high in this tree were these sunflowers. I couldn't figure out
how in the world they got up there but as I walked closer I saw
that this volunteer sunflower had grown up on the other side
of the fence, in the shade of this tree and it had to grow this tall to
get to the sun. I thought it looked pretty and it told me, " That is why
you never, never give up. " Somewhere up there is the sun.

I haven't had much time to sew lately. Most of my time is spent
gardening, or cleaning or taking care of something. In the evenings
I have been watching, my favorite show. It is on the History Channel
and it is called Swamp People. I can't sew and watch T.V. so that is why
I haven't sewed much. It is a little like walking and chewing gum, I can't do
that too good either. :)

I did get this finished but as you can see I haven't made it
into anything yet. I got this as a freebie from Betty
at PrimitiveBetty's

I will show a picture of my rug. I started it in wool rug hooking,
and I didn't like it so I ripped it all out and started using the punch needle
on it. Not happy about how it looks either but I will stick it out just and finish
it. I found that I don't have enough skill yet to get the look like I want.
Kim this picture is for you. :)

This stitchery is called Olga by Plum Street Samplers.

This is my other project I am in the process of working on,
I have done a little but not much. I just need to sit and get busy
on it, I love doing it, I just haven't had time to sit and get it done.
I told you I would be baking pies out of that book. I did I made the
Chocolate Banana cream, and it was good. But I would make my own
pudding next time. No pictures again, as it was gone. I am going to stop
making pies for awhile. My jeans are getting tight so no more goodies.

Oh I thought I would show you the picture of what this cat is supposed to look
like. It really is cute.

I hope you have a great weekend.
My youngest son will be 16. I am very thankful
that I have one teenager left. Weird feeling to not have more.
Some people dread the teenage years, I have enjoyed all six
and if I had a favorite age I would be hard pressed but I would
say, right now in my life, this is my favorite age.
Have a lovely weekend,


Sue said...

A very happy birthday to your son, Kim,may his day be filled with man blessings. I am in awe at your talents! What a treat for you to look up and find this sunflower, it must be a record, for height.
One of these days I will create something and show you. ~smile~ in the meantime I will enjoy your creations,
Have a great weekend,

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful work. I love the "simplify" so much. It represents where I am in my life journey -- with Samuel, and homeschooling, and day to day. Beautiful.

Blessings to you.


Kim said...

Thanks for showing us the pics. Your rug us coming along - keep going. And the stitcheries are sweet. I love that funky cat.
I am roaring laughing that you grew sunflowers "accidentally". I now have 2 sad scrawny sprouts.
Happy birthday to your son. Are you baking a cake?

TexWisGirl said...

wow. 16 yrs old. how (bitter)sweet for you! :)

you've got more projects going on than i even THINK of. i don't know how you do it. :)

Julia said...

Kim, I'm amazed at the height of those sunflowers. I tell you that we can learn so much from mother nature.

Happy Birthday to your son. I bet that you bake a cake for him.

I have the same problem as you to find the time to work on projects like cross stitch and rugs, etc.I guess that we will have to quarantine ourselves from the computer.

Your cat stitchery is coming along nicely. It tedious work. Your rug also is coming along slowly but surely. I had to put mine away for a while. Too much to do. I'm actually taking some time to read a little book called Heaven is for Real. I'm about half way through it. Hugs, JB

Miss Debbie said...

love the sunflower story...great application! we were talking to a fellow camper today and he said his favorite show was "swamp people" so i had to laugh when i read that you like it, too! we have had a cool breeze all afternoon which has been wonderful. we have a/c in our pop up, but i am not sure we will need it is pretty cool outside, amazing! going 3 hours north and getting close to the mountains makes a big difference. hope you have a sweet weekend celebrating your teen. i loved having teenagers, too!

Meg said...

Oh I like your little peacock one! It's very cute. And gosh I can't believe P is turning 16. I remember at our wedding when he was baby P.

Debbie said...

How amazing that a sunflower would grow that high...I love all your creations but especially the cat...soo cute. Happy birthday to your son! 16! your right, a wonderful age. Hope you enjoy your week-end! HUGS

Jacque. said...

Hey the sunflower story. LOVE your stitchery pieces, too! You do beautiful work.

Patrice said...

When I come over to go to the feed store with you, I'd love it if you could introduce me to your banana-chocolate pie before we go!Then I can make some guilt questions for my Wednesday Words and we can give interesting answers!It's a plan!

Dog Trot Farm said...

I so enjoyed the sunflower story! I had to chuckle at the "no more pie baking my jeans are getting tight," my rhubarb is ready to harvest and I so long for a rhubarb pie but, I am the only one in my family who likes it and I know If I make it I will eat the entire pie!!! Your gardens are looking wonderful and you still find time to do handwork, you put me to shame my friend! Happy birthday to you wonderful son! Blessings from Maine, Julie.

Uncovered Ruby said...

That sunflower is amazing..what a great literal picture of reaching higher for HIM! I love your header picture too, you always have the coolest pictures! Lisa ;-)

Debbie said...

i love the sunflower, isn't it amazing how nature just takes over sometimes, figures things out and gives you just what you need.

your hand work is are one busy girl!!! xo

Velva said...

Beautiful sunflower. Very symbolic, indeed. Thanks for sharing.