Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting Caught Up

My hollyhocks are blooming to beat the band. They just make me
happy to see them. I love these pink ones with the reddish centers.
These hollyhocks are so prolific I tried to save the seeds so I could
plant more. After I filled a 5 gallon bucket with seeds I stopped.
I like them but not 5 gallons worth.

I wanted to give a book report today.

Dear Amy at Verde Farms had these books listed in her
sidebar. I finally remembered to reserve them at the library
so I picked up the first one the other day.
I don't like books usually when someone else tries to continue where
the author stopped. I am very picky too about books I recommend.
In fact though I read so much I have not come across books that I would
say is a keeper.

This series of books by Susan Wittig Albert, I am not
familiar with her other books but I know she had written a lot of different

I didn't think I would like a book where the animals talked either. You can hear
them but not the people who are in the book. Does that make sense? They
have a tiny mystery going on and Beatrix Potter is always sketching but
it makes for a very nice quiet, peaceful kind of book. I am drawn in and
find myself thinking about this village and of course Hill Top Farm.
I don't know how the author did it but she has written so well that
it seems more like the Eighteenth century rather than published in the
last couple of years. I have been quiet impressed with her use of language
and of her ability to write this book as if I am watching a movie rather than

I think I will read the rest because this being the first sometimes the books get
better as the series goes on, so I am in high hopes. I haven't read books in awhile
that I might buy as I might be reading them again. I have gotten picky about books.
Watch a couple episodes of hoarders and you will see why.

I took this the last day it was sunny. We are going to have
rain until Thursday. This flower is but a memory because
a parrot found it and ate it all up. I went out trying to get
a picture but they are wise. This one was so blue green and
his tail was about a foot long. This one had a purple ring around
it's neck and if I can ever get close enough you will see why
I grow sunflowers for these silly parrots. They are just
beautiful. They do eat my plums so I do get a bit bothered by them.

I am glad we are having stormy weather. I am going to start hooking a rug
this week. I am working on a cross stitch that I want to finish up and I have
a needle point rooster I want to work on. It is nice to have a needle and a hook
in my hand instead of a hula-hoe.

I hope you have a lovely Monday,



TexWisGirl said...

oh, i'd love to see your parrots eating your sunflowers! but they do sound sneaky and smart! :)

Jacque. said...

Love all your sunflowers...didn't know you grew them for the parrots! That's pretty awesome, Kim! Hope you get some photos of them. Have a great week staying inside and working at your hooking and stitching.

no spring chicken said...

This was just crazy. Today I borrowed the movie Miss Potter from a friend. I hadn't seen it since it first came out. I love Beatrix Potter.

Anyway, at the end of the movie (not 20 minutes ago) my daughter was asking if Hill Top Farm was still there, and if it was still furnished with beatrix's things.

I'm definitely interested in your book recommendation. I put a lot of stock in what you suggest seeing as you are a kindred spirit!!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

That book seems very interesting. I used to read the Beatrix Potter books to my kids when they were little and I still have the whole collection. How cool to have parrots in the area!

Patrice said...

I heard that those books are good, but I haven't time to start a new read right now. Free range parrots? Wow! Enjoy working on your rug.

Julia said...

Kim, maybe if you planted sunflowers in another area away from your plums, the parrots would leave your plums alone. I've been feeding sunflowers that I buy to the birds and squirrels and so far the squirrels have left my tulips alone. I'm getting sick of overcast days and rain. JB

Meg said...

Yay another rug! I guess there is a good part to it being tool cold to be outside this week.

Kim said...

I hope you get photos of the parrots eating the flowers. I'm missing reading so I need to squeeze out a little time for that. I like to read in the sun porch or the deck but the dang weather is too wet and cold for that. Happy stormy day hooking to you!

Larkrise garden girl said...

I love the holly hocks. They are best beside sunflowers in a country garden, Cheri said...

Your flowers are just beautiful!! So refreshing. Oh, I got on that bike and rode, but still had to get off and walk it home, so I put it back in the garage after my ride and turned around and went back out on foot, walking and running. I will conqueror that bike...just a little at a time, and those gears.

Thanks for the book review...I am just enthralled right now with Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Ozarks...I am so enjoying the wisdom that is just timeless....I will be purchasing it when I have to take it back to the library.

Sunny here...70 degrees...very cool for May!

Debbie said...

hooking a rug...i have not heard those words in years. you have a really fun blog here, i enjoyed my visit!!! debbbie xo

Anonymous said...

hollyhocks I LOVE - they remind me of the good old days -- m I saying that for real - O may I am -- goodness -- but true I love a lot of things from the past and hollhocks bring back happy moments that a good to rememeber.. interested in your book recommendation never heard of the book before but will be looking into in the first chance I get.. thanks sweet friend..

Miss Debbie said...

Hey friend! Trying to get caught up after the blogger failure and being out of town. Interesting about the really have parrots in CA? I had no idea! Haven't heard of the books either...I'll have to check into those. I'm so sorry that you have been troubled. Relationships are difficult sometimes. I had a friend once who was easily offended and always negative. I finally had to part ways with her...and that was painful. Insurance companies...bah!humbug! They delight in taking our money and then withholding payment and service! State Farm is the only one I have ever felt good about. Your letter to blogger made me smile! :-) It was a nuisance, but as your wise hubby is free! We are just spoiled I guess...expecting it to be there when we want it!Thanks for all your sweet are so faithful.They bless me so much! Hope you have a wonderful week, too.....working on all your projects.You amaze me!!!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I would love to see your parrots. You must have them well trained to fly back home after being outside. I will have to be on the look out for these books. I love books like that. The rain is going to be all week here in Massachusetts too! YUCK!!

Sue said...

Hi Kim,
I have often wondered about you having parrots out in the open, What a treat!! Hollyhocks are one of my favorite flowers but never had much luck because of all of the humidity we have here.

I haven't had a chance to do much reading lately, but this series sounds like a great read. I miss visiting everyday, but find that I will go three days without touching my computer. lol. I have got to find someway to remedy this, I have been having withdrawals. lol Kim you amaze me with all that you do.

As always so blessed