June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sewing Friday

One of the things I thought I would miss with the start of the school year,
was being able to sew. As I sat and looked at my schedule, I thought to myself
if I could get all of my work, all of my school, and my flowerbeds cleaned and my
Chicken coop cleaned by Thursday, I could use Fridays to be my sewing day.
It is a day, I do not let myself feel guilty about anything except sitting and sewing
or working with my saw, just something I do creative.
It has made my brain feel so rested. I see why in times of old, why women got together and
had quilting parties. There is something so rejuvenating about working with your hands

I think by having the garden this summer, it fixed something that was broke. By biting off way more than you can chew and doing something that is so huge that you question you sanity every single day, you get to a point where, you can say, I did it and then look around for something else to try that is just as huge.
I think why it means so much to me is that when my husband left his job after 22 years and started over at 50 and has had to do such hard things for us, then to see how happy he is, I know that because of him, I can do anything.

Happy Thought
by Robert Louis Stevenson

The world is so full of a number of things,
I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings.


  1. Yay for Fridays! Ben took today off so I have him home today. He will be working though, so I will still be sitting and knitting today. But it will be so much better since he will be just a few rooms away.

  2. Is he doing tile today? I have been thinking about you guys and wondering what you were doing. It is warm today but at least it is cloudy and feels like the beach. :)

  3. Yeah, cloudy or foggy, whatever it is. The forecast claimed it'd be 80 ... and now it's, like, 60. The upshot is, JWs don't seem to go out in bad weather, so I won't have them coming after me today! They seem to like Friday. Sigh.

  4. That is because they go to church of Saturday. They like to go to church and brag about all of the persecution they experienced on Friday.
    They need to be out knocking people out of the 144000 list. It is 80 now. It is hot in the house, well at least I am hot. I have been cooking. I made 3 pizzas and a cream cheese danish. I am looking forward to the weekend.


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