June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

It is very early this morning and I am feeling very random.
I took these of a tree at the back of the pasture. I stand in my kitchen when I am cooking
and stare at it. Most years this tree is just yellow but this year it is turning red. I am so glad.
The one next to it is starting to turn yellow. The house is quiet, R. is already gone to work. I am on a second cup of coffee and it is still dark outside. About the only thing that is up are the roosters crowing the sun up. ( Cock-a-Doodle Dudley, By Bill Peet) I am afraid my roosters days are numbered. Last night I was taking care of the chickens and he was attacking the fence. I am tired of getting attacked every time I go out there. From the chicks that hatched, I have 3 more roosters who are just starting to crow, so I am thinking they are all going to get loaded up and taken to that man who takes roosters. I just hate that part of myself, getting so attached to animals. I get worse about it as I get older too.
Well, this is today's post, not much going on right now.
It is Tuesday though.


  1. Yeah, they're pretty, but its so tiring having to be on your guard all the time. And you can't let the chickens out when small visitors come over, either.

    What about your hybrids? Is that real big one a rooster?

  2. Yeah, he is and I am torn about him, he is going to have these lovely green tail feathers. His fate is not yet sealed.

  3. What about a nice, big chicken pot pie? ):D

  4. Well, I think he is mainly feathers and attitude. I mean he has tiny little drumsticks and I don't think there would be much meat at all. Not to mention the disposing of him. We read yesterday in our history book one of the things that was popular in Henry the lllV times was cooking pies with live birds in the crust and when the pie was opened the birds began to sing... They really did that only the birds would fly away.


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