June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Chicks All Grown Up

I thought today I would let you see my chicks that are all grown up now. I love the little hens, but having 4 roosters is a bit much. They are going to have to go. I am even going to take the rooster that is their father. I may keep one of the roosters that is part silkie.

He is the big red guy in the back. I think he is so pretty and I love his dark eyes. The one in front is the silkie cross and she is a little hen. I still haven't decided because as mean as my rooster is I am still pretty attached to him. He does make me laugh for all of his little pompous ways.
I have to work on my chicken pen today. I went out to feed and collect eggs and there must have been 200 sparrows that flew into the trees and I no sooner got out of the pen when poof, full of sparrows, I had not even turned my back. They were not even afraid of me.
Not to mention that many birds are so unhealthy for my chickens.
I love Saturdays!


  1. Hi, I can't remember who I have thanked for prayers and sweet notes in regards to my sister-in-law, but thank you!

    I love fall, and your pictures are beautiful!

  2. Thanks, I have been praying for you, I know that the God of all comfort will comfort you.
    I love your quilts!! Someday, I might get my points to match!!


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