Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sasha Helping

I just had to post, Sasha helping take out the garden. She always has to be in the same space as
we are trying to help do the same things. I have always thought I would never have any dog but a Sheltie, but after having Sasha, I think it will always be Border Collies. Yesterday, my rooster wanted to attack my grandson, Sasha made sure she kept her body between the boy and the rooster. She is only six months old herself, but to watch her around my grandsons is quite remarkable. I have never thought of myself as a dog person. Because I have always loved cats, but now I do love this dog.


Meg said...

I think I shall come in the middle of the night and steal your dog. She's so awesome!

Farm Girl said...

I keep thinking I wish I had a male because I think she would be such a good mommy and I think her puppies would be wonderful and smart.
Then you and B. could have a puppy.