Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Morning

This is the bunch of jack-be-little's we picked on Saturday. The amount is so much because most of the summer they were hidden in the vines. I never dreamed there was that amount out there.

This is a better close up. I kept thinking that I hope when the next group of my family decides to get married it will be in the fall. Oh the things I could do for a fall wedding.
My days of being a farm girl are coming to a close. Today, I am window washer woman. It makes me pause though, ash is falling from the sky this morning. Oh, August.


Kessie said...

You know what you need to go with those pumpkins? Cornhusk dolls! And other arrangements made with cornhusks.

Farm Girl said...

I have the corn husks! Maybe in your spare time you could make some. :)