Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Magic of Pollination.

If you look closely, you can see a wasp in this flower. I tried to get as close as I dared. I wanted to get pictures this morning of all of the orchard bees that are in the garden. I couldn't find any today.
This year, I have watched bees and wasps. I have watched bees, that I have never saw before. I saw some that were red that are big like a wasp but are some kind of bee. I love bumble bees so I have been happy to see so many this year. Without the bees and wasps we have no fruit or vegetables. I have been so happy to see our bees working alongside the wild bees.
I am looking forward to opening the hive and seeing how much they have been working this summer. One thing I have noticed that solitary bees and wasps are victims of other bees, but the ones that live in the hive are protected by the others. It has been a good lesson in why we need other people in our lives.


Meg said...

I can't wait for fresh honey. I bet you will have some really nice honey with all the plants you've had around this summer!

Farm Girl said...

I hope so, I am looking forward to not having to buy honey at the store. I use so much that it will be nice to take that off the grocery list. I hope it turns out to be a pretty golden color.
Did you know that avocado honey is black? It tastes almost like molasses.