Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day School

This is what I felt like this morning. Trying to juggle everyone's schedule and making lunches and watching my household go out the door.
As I waved good-bye to my 4th bird to leave the nest, I thanked God that He moved upon me to keep having babies. I then thought about how life is made up of "Firsts" First baby, first tooth, first time your 16 year old takes the car out of the driveway.
The one first, I am the most happy about that I have taught the kids most of their lives so that the first day of school somewhere other than upstairs they are 18 years old and I think better equipped to handle the pressure of the world. I have often thought, I am unable at 51 to withstand peer pressure, why do we ever think our children will when we send them to school at five.
Yes, I am thankful to this life God has given me.


Kessie said...

Cool pic of bees! Nice to see that they let you get so close!

Yes, I'm very glad you educated us the way you did. I watched Freaky Friday, and realized that I didn't miss much by not going to high school. Not that it ever really bothered me, anyway.

Let's all pray for cool weather. I wanted to cry when I read the forecast, and it's supposed to break the 100s again by next week.

Farm Girl said...

At least is is cool in the mornings. I don't know why the heat bothers me so badly now. But it does, I think that is why I haven't been reading Ken Clark because I hate to see the hot weather still on the board. I am ready for fall.