Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Morning Glories

I love how the Morning Glories turned out, just like a waterfall. Every morning when I go outside to walk Sasha I stand and stare at these flowers and they make me so happy, even if I am feeling blue. I was standing yesterday and looking at them when I saw a honey bee go deep into the center of a flower. It must be very sweet in there because I watched it wash its face with its front feet, then as it got its face clean it flew off to another flower to repeat the whole thing again. I loved watching the bee crawl deep into the flower to get the nectar. One thing that I love is that the leaves are shaped like hearts. I need to press some so I can have heart leaves.
Have a lovely Wednesday!


Meg said...

I've always loved morning glories. I like how they are simply shaped, but have very interesting colors. I also like potato bush flowers for their colors too.

Kessie said...

And when you touch a morning glory, they feel so fragile. And they wither over the course of the day. But hey, they're new every morning!

Farm Girl said...

Isn't that how we should feel every morning? New? I feel like I wither over the course of the day too.
Meg- I like the potato bush flower too, and they only last one day. I wonder if they are related?