May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Monday

I hope you had a lovely Monday. It was nice here. Ron and the boys trimmed 20 trees and hauled limbs. There is a huge pile of them out in the pasture. The trees all look better for their haircuts.

Ron came in the door the other day with the mail. In it I had a very lovely package from Jacque. If you are not familiar / with Jacque you should be, she makes amazing quilts and is a good friend. Her blog is The Doodles of my Mind.

 The rooster bag is to put snippets of thread . I was thrilled to get that and lovely wool and red dot tracer and strawberries and she also sent me keys.

I do know that I have a hoarding problem with keys. So that Jacque understands this just make me giggle.
I love old keys. Or new keys. So thank you Jacque.

I know that most of you are sick to death of snow. I finished the binding of my snowman rug, but I was so happy with how it turned out that I thought I would show you a totally finished rug.

This was a nice rug to make. Now I will roll it up and put it away. I am thinking after the long hot summer this year when people are not sick of snow, I will sell this one. I think it will be perfect for Christmas.

We were outside, yesterday as it was so beautiful and Ron was planting trees in the ground and looking at all of the grafts he did last year. It is amazing how many of his grafts took. He will have all kinds of new trees. Even though we didn't know each other when I was in fifth grade and he was in sixth. Our favorite encyclopedia was on grafting trees. So as we were looking at all his success. It was so nice to stand there and realize sometimes it takes many years for dreams to come true, but it is so nice when you realize they did. (In fifth grade I tried to graft rosebushes. it didn't take.) Ron uses medical tape for the graft and that stuff is just amazing to work with.

 We found this blooming yesterday so I brought it inside. The whole living room and kitchen smells like this. I think purple smells the sweetest and smells the longest.

I want to apologize  to you all, for not being able to get around to visit your blogs or to leave comments.
I had to start the eye drops yesterday and will be doing more today. I am not able to see at all once they go in so I go from blind to blinder.  So it is impossible for me to see the screen on my computer. I just wanted you to know that. I have to start the drops at 8:00 A.M. and they are every two hours so they start to wear off than I have to put a different kind in and start the not seeing at all again. This will soon be over I know it is just weird for me.

I just wanted you to know.

Have a lovely Monday today.


" And Patience was willing to wait." ---From Pilgrims Progress---
" It is the Lord; Let him do what seemth to Him good" (1 Samuel 3:18)


  1. The snowman rug looks great. I have all new fresh material outside to make all the snowmen anyone could ever want. Lol Almost a foot of it fell this weekend.
    I am send you prayers for this weeks procedure. I know it will be successful. You will be unstoppable once you can see again!

  2. How sweet of Jacque to send you lovely gifts!
    Praying all goes well with your eyes and that is a wonderful Scripture verse to hold onto.

  3. big day coming up!!! loved the snowman rug. bless you...

  4. Thinking about you, Kim! That is a wonderful snowman rug! Take care! xo Nellie

  5. Hi Kim, your snowman rug looks wonderful.
    I'm glad that so many trees got grafted successfully. I have a grafted crab apple in the front and it is sending hundres of shoots at the base that I have to cut during the growing season.

    How fortunate that your flowers are blooming already. It will be a long time before I see any blooms outdoors. I'm getting ready to buy some seeds from Vesey's catalogue from PEI to start inside.
    The feed store where I buy will have them put on the shelves by Wednesday but we are having yet a third snow storm coming.

    Keeping you in my prayers for the surgery success. I can't wait till you will see well again. It will be ackward seeing well from one eye only


  6. Kim, I am trying to catch up on my reading, too, so don't feel badly. I think your snowman rug is BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Praying for you, friend! Don't worry one bit about blogs and commenting. We're all pulling for you!

  8. The rug is just adorable and your right, it's perfect for Christmas. How big is it? just wondering....Don't worry at all about visiting us. I am soo glad you are getting closer and closer to the surgery. My bil just had this done in one eye 2 weeks ago and he is a new man. I am excited for you. Hope your day (other than the eye drops) has been a good one!

  9. The rug is beautiful as usual. I think it is so neat about you two grafting trees. I can't wait to see the photos when the trees start to bud. Keeping you in my prayers for a successful and speedy recovery.

  10. Glad you are having a nice Monday and that you got such a nice surprise in the mail. I will be sure to visit Jacque. Love your snowman rug...of course I just love snowmen! ha! ha! Take care and do your drops. I know it is not pleasant but it is important!

  11. It's fun to send things in the mail! I am so glad that you like everything. Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. xo

  12. The grafting work is so interesting to me - I've always enjoyed reading about it and wished I had the opportunity to try. It must be the greatest feeling to see the life in those handmade buds!

    Take care of yourself and those precious eyes.

  13. Love, love the snowman rug! This summer it will be fun to think of snow, when it's "blitzin" hot, and I'll think of your rug! I will be praying with you...for a successful surgery tomorrow, and renewed vision for you my friend!!

  14. Loved the things she sent you, I read her blog.
    Loved the rug also.
    Love hearing about the tree work.
    Still remembering you in prayer.

  15. You have received a wonderful gift from your friend. Rooster bag looks amazing. Beautiful blossoms of flower.

  16. Mr. Snowman looks great! I'm sorry you have to do eyedrops so much. :( That's just stupid. It's almost over though!

  17. Your snowman rug is so adorable!! Even more so considering all the trouble you have with your vision. Praise God that you will soon be relieved of all those troubles and will have clear, good vision again!

  18. Your snowman rug is so cute!
    Oh, I think I can smell that hyacinth. LOVE that smell.
    Hugs :)


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