May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Real Me

I was thinking today, you know you might have the wrong idea about me. I don't want that to happen. I over heard one of my son's talking to the other one. The conversation went like this:
" Have you ever read Mom's blog?"
" No, Why?"
" Well, you know I live here and I know she takes pictures with my camera, but well, it just looks so fancy."

So I have been thinking about that. I never ever want to give the idea that I am  something I'm not. In fact this week, I blew it lots.
I got into a knock-down drag out fight with my husband. Yep, even told him the divorce word. Why? Because of the dog. We have had three major fights and they all involved animals. He even said, I cared more about animals than I did people. Is it true? Well, just a little. Okay, maybe a bunch.
Today when my grandsons came over was I a good grandmother who baked cookies and told them stories and made crafts so they could take them home?
Nope, I put them in front of the TV, and we watched cartoons. I gave them bags of potato chips at 9:30 in the morning. I sat and drank coffee and watched Duck Tails. Did I do school with my son, nope, I let him sleep.
This is my flowerbeds. I had my son use the weed eater so that you couldn't see the weeds from the road. I need to clean flowerbeds but I haven't got to them yet. I just wanted you to know, because I am always careful about letting you see the only the pretty part.

This week wasn't a week where I got a gold star. Well, really if you want to know the truth no week   do I get the gold star. I just wanted you to know. I blow it all of the time and some weeks are worse than others, but tomorrow is another day.
I just wanted you to know...


  1. Sweet post, Kim, and I think we can all relate. I love that God gives us a new start every single morning ;)

  2. ah, girl. we've all been there. :)

  3. Sweet friend, you don't have to apologize to us....We all fail because we are all sinners saved by grace...Some days we avail of the power that is ours and some days we don't....Thank goodness for His grace and mercy and once we have asked for forgiveness our sins are as far away as the east from the west.... We are sisters in Christ.....

    Now go love on those chickens girlfriend...that will make you feel better..hahahah

  4. Been there done that :)
    Aren't you glad God gives us a restart button any time we need

  5. I see ugly all the time all day. What I love about blogging is we can cut and paste and make things look just like we want them. There is nothing wrong with that any more than there is anything wrong with showing reality. Just remember the negative is posted everywhere on tv, in the paper, and in movies. Sometimes it is nice to just look at the positive things in life. I appreciate the real, but don't feel bad because you want to show your good side. That is rare anymore.

  6. Oh gosh yep you are such a terrible person. I can't believe you didn't bake my kids cookies. Never mind the fact you tried to kill yourself yesterday and didn't get enough sleep. ;) So what did sashie do now?

  7. Dear friend, you are human! Sending hugs from Maine, Julie.

  8. So you are human, after all! Course, I knew that. You are a very special woman. All sides of you.

  9. Kim
    I think you must be the most honest person in blogland!
    Listen, we all have those days, and then beat ourselves up over them. As someone else said, each day is a new one. Thank God.
    I do!

  10. Thank God none of us are perfect. Can you imagine how boring it would be. The only thing that matters is that you're a perfect fit for your family.

  11. We're all in the same boat, Kim! There is no such thing as perfection and how boring would that be anyway! ;)

  12. Phew! Just me breathing a sigh of relief that there IS someone else out there who's just like me!
    Thank you so much for being YOU and being honest and lovable at the same time!
    It's great to get a clean page very day to wok on/doodle on and LIVE on!

  13. I apologize for the bad spellings - guess I've messed up AGAIN!
    I also remembered what Oliver Cromwell said, when having his portrait done,
    'Paint me, warts and all!'
    Best wishes

  14. Kim,
    I'm smiling right now because I can so relate. My husband and I had a fight last night about the cat...he accidentally let her out again right before bedtime! I think he thinks I love her more than I love him! LOL
    I do believe that most of us try hard to keep our blogs positive! We are women, though, and we know that life is messy--and moms aren't perfect!
    I firmly believe that we get what we focus on...and like you, in the blog world I can focus on the good and the pretty and the joyful. And if I do, then I'll get more good, pretty, and joyful coming to me!
    You've created such a lovely sanctuary in your blog...I know I always feel refreshed when I visit! And that's because of the "real" you too!!

  15. You are are like all of us, we make mistakes, we get tired, we fall the song says "the saints are just the sinners, who fall down and get up!"

    Hugs to you...I blew it big time with our daughter last night, I kept telling my hubby, I have had it

    Remember I posted one time "I Quit"...we all have those times...we are people and thanks for the grace of God we fall down and get up!

    I send you the biggest hug, wish I would deliver it in person

  16. You will always get the Gold Star for being real. We love you, weeds, potato chips, cartoons and all! This post made me smile

  17. This is such a good post...your honesty is refreshing. I know I blow it all. the. time. I don't show my weeds either...and I hesitate to take pictures where there's manure in the barn...but let's face's part of life!

  18. Oh wow can I ever relate to this post? YES YES YES!! I bet most of us can. We always seem to want to put our best foot forward. I post about the GOOD things, the RIGHT responses, and the TRIUMPHS most of the time. Maybe that's why I search so sometimes for something to say, haha. I find your blog wonderfully refreshing and honest ALL of the time to tell you the truth. Maybe you leave a story out here and there, but don't we all? Have a WONDERFUL week-end Kim!! HUGS

  19. I'll give you a gold star, sweetie! :) You get your gold star for being a real person, a caring family oriented person, a child of God, and a darned good friend! My front flower bed looks just like yours- even worse.If we lived on the same coast, I'd drop by for some cartoons and potato chips! :) YOU ARE SPECIAL!

  20. Oh kim, I'm so disappointed. Of course I am perfect as are all other bloggers... it's difficult knowing that you don't live up to our standards. ;)

    Today I love you even more!

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. AS IF... the same isn't true for every one of us, daily! Sometimes I think I must wear God out, but He just keeps smiling and telling me how much He loves me... :)

    xo from a sister 'would be saint' sinner.

  22. Dear Kim, I had to smile when I read your post today. After all who needs reality when the title of your blogs says it so well. MY FIELD OF DREAMS...

    In my daydream everything is clean, tidy and orderly but then reality brings me back but it doesn't stop me from wanting things to be as I daydream it could be.

    Sometimes my house is as tidy as a pin and at other times it's pretty messy. I don't feel right in a messy house so I tend to tidy up before I take pictures.
    My husband is MESSY and I tend to leave his den in the state he leaves it in until I get an extra burst of energy to tidy up but I wouldn't post his mess so as not to embarrass him. Gosh maybe he wouldn't get embarrassed...

    I mean who in their right mind would expect you to confess to being less than perfect. Non of us are perfect so I'll not throw the first stone or cookie in my case.

    Cheer up, I love you even if your weeds would reach up to your navel and watched cartoons and fed chips to the grandkids.
    I'm interested in knowing what the dog did to cause a fight. , he he he. Big Hugs. JB

  23. I want to hug you. You're me;) But I'm worse. I promise:D

  24. Good morning dear Kim,
    What a joy for me to be able to visit this morning,I am feeling so much better. I think all of us could have written this post, I know i could. I had already given you a gold star, and now I get to give you a double Gold Star! I loved reading the conversation between your sons, absolutely precious.
    I will try and get back tomorrow to catch-up on what you have been doing. Thank you so much for your sweet thoughts and prayers. I am almost well! Thank the Lord for his graciousness!

  25. You'll have to email me and tell me about the dog fight. I'm curious.
    A bag of potato chips at 9:30 am? Sounds delicious!
    I blog when I'm happy. That's when I'm inspired. Oh smile. We are funny ladies and we are so dearly loved.

  26. haha....oh kim, you crack me up. you are exactly the kind of grandma i want to be. who wouldn't love chips at 9:30 am??


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