May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Magic All Around

Yesterday in the garden, we planted 12 more berry vines. I think that brings up our count to 47 total. My husband was on the tractor working the leaves we had piled mixed with manure into the soil. He was putting gypsum down as he plowed. I was sitting watching when I saw this butterfly struggle up to a limb of a tree.
It had come out of it's cocoon. It made it to a branch to sit and dry off and warm it's wings.
I watched at it tottered out on this limb fluttering and sort of jumping, it's wings not yet developed enough to fly.
It was way above my head, so I had to go find a box to stand on to get close. It was so still and it was so out in the open I was afraid of the birds.
I liked the little blue dots and then the bottom of the wings looked like old lace. Each pattern perfectly spaced.
My husband on the tractor, told me later he couldn't figure out why I was taking so many pictures of a old leaf on the tree, because from a distance, it did look like a old leaf. Isn't that like life, it is only when we are up close and really looking do we begin to see.
It has expanded it's wings and I thought that maybe I was starting to disturb this very private moment so I thought I would get down from my box and leave it alone.
I walked away to look of more signs of spring and I found that one of the ash trees is already getting it's little helicopter seeds and is starting to put out the little buds as a precursor to leaves.
 This is really early for the ash trees. They didn't even loose all of their leaves until late December. They barely had time to rest this year.
All of this and I forgot to take pictures of the new berries. Our son has berry vines at his house and they multiplied so he took 12 little plants and gave them to us. We were thrilled. To buy that many would have been about 50 dollars. They are thorn-less boysenberry's.
I hope you have a lovely Sunday, filled with rest.


  1. This is why I love coming to your field of dreams...because deep inside it is the field of dreams I also desire, but God sees things differently for me, so thanks for sharing yours.

    Oh how true..what looked like a leaf from the distance was in fact a beautiful butterfly...isn't that like God? We probably look like a mess from a distance, and yet God sees us beautiful while we are spreading our wings.

    Oh spring on Field of Dreams...I will enjoy each part of the changing season with you.


  2. wow! a new butterfly and you witnessed it! nice!

  3. I love your butterfly picture. Coming here is like watching a documentary on TV. There's always something interesting happening.

    I hope that you'll have lots of help to gather all those berries. I can't imagine having to care for so many fruit trees and bushes when it's time to harvest but it must be glorious to have all those fresh fruits and berries that you grew yourselves. Hugs. JB

  4. Gorgeous photos, Kim! How wonderful that you were able to see the butterfly!

  5. How wonderful, Spring has found you! Buds, butterflies, do you have a mud season? I bet it is perfect walking weather...Thank you for sharing your Field Of Dreams. Good Sunday to you...Julie

  6. Very nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  7. What a picture of us... the cocoon isn't much to look at, but God created us to be beautiful in His sight. I never get tired of butterflies.

    Your farm is my dream too... it's why I loved our summer travels as kids, it nearly always involved farms. I vicariously get my 'farm fix' right here from you! :)

  8. I think I see a tiny fairy riding on the wings of your butterfly!

  9. I think Spring is tad ahead of schedule this year- hope we don't get a big winter storm. How lucky you were to see the new butterfly!

  10. Boy, God gave you a precious gift today...seeing a butterfly come out of its cocoon and learning to fly. I couldn't help but think He was giving you a message....a sweet message just for you......

    Can you tell from all these comments how very much you are loved and appreciated....You are a special gal....

  11. I don't know if I liked this post or not. It is snowing here. I have 4 more months before I see butterflies. I guess I'm glad someone is seeing spring.

  12. I really needed to see a butterfly today. I think you posting about that today is some kind of sign.

  13. Kim
    What does one do with boisenberries?
    So nice to see a butterfly in the winter!
    You really got some nice shoots too.

  14. How wonderful to see butterflies, buds, and emerging leaves! I can't wait until spring!

  15. I'm so glad you guys like your berry plants. We are being over run. That butterfly is just beautiful and it's actually giving me an idea for a shawl! Our Wisteria is putting out buds and will be blooming soon. I know it's usually one of the first to bloom, but gosh it's usually not until March. I keep telling my cherry tree to please just wait, so that nothing happens to it. I'm afraid I won't get a harvest this year if it goes too early.

  16. How beautiful. I love the description of the edges of his wings looking like old lace. It does!

    The other day I was prompted to go walk about my yard looking for signs of spring. I thought after reading all of you that maybe I was just not paying attention. Nope. We're still pretty stagnant here.

    Blessings, Debbie

  17. Sitting still and observing... you saw an unusual sight! Wow!

  18. Just think of all those wonderful berry desserts, jams and jellies. I can't wait to see them in full bloom.


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