May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Days

The Leaves

One of the books I have loved has been Bambi. Forever
ruined by Walt Disney. It has a very deep message in it
and nothing at all like the cartoon.
In the book is this odd little chapter about this conversion
between two leaves. It has been something I have read to myself
for years on the day that the last leaves fall from the trees.
I read it out loud to my children and have all of their lives.
This being Sunday I thought I would re-post it from last year.
I know it is a bit long but it is nice.
Have a lovely weekend.

The leaves were falling from the great oak at the meadow's edge. They were falling from all the trees. One branch of the oak reached high above the others and stretched far out over the meadow. Two leaves clung to its very tip.

" It isn't the way it used to be," " said one leaf to the other. " No," the other leaf answered. "So many of us have fallen off to-night we're almost the only ones left on our branch."
"You never know who's going to go next," said the first leaf. "Even when it was warm and the sun shone, a storm or a cloudburst would come sometimes, and many leaves were torn off, though they were still young. You never know who's going to go next."

"The sun seldom shines now," sighed the second leaf, "and when it does it gives no warmth. We must have warmth again."
"Can it be true," said the first leaf, "can it really be true, that others come to take our places when we're gone and after them still others, and more and more?"
"It is really true," whispered the second leaf."We can't even begin to imagine it, it's beyond our powers."
"It makes me very sad," added the first leaf.
They were silent a while . Then the first leaf said quietly to herself, "Why must we fall?..."
The second leaf asked, "What happens to us when we have fallen?" "We sink down...."
"What is under us?" The first leaf answered, "I don't know , some say one thing, some another , but nobody knows."
The second leaf asked, "Do we feel anything, do we know anything about ourselves when we're down there?" The first leaf answered, "Who knows? Not one of all those down there has ever come back to tell us abut it." They were silent again. The first leaf said tenderly to the other, "Don't worry so much about it, you're trembling." "That's nothing," the second leaf answered, "I tremble at the least thing now. I don't feel so sure of my hold as I used to." "Let's not talk any more about such things," said the first leaf.
The other replied, "No, we'll let be. But---what else shall we talk about?" She was silent, but went on after a little while, "Which of us will go first?" "There's still plenty of time to worry about that," the other leaf assured her. "Let's remember how beautiful it was , how wonderful, when the sun came out and shone so warmly that we thought we'd burst with life. Do you remember? And the morning dew, and the mild and splendid nights...."
"Now the nights are dreadful," the second leaf complained, " and there is no end to them."
"We shouldn't complain," said the first leaf gently. "We've outlived many, many others."
"Have I changed much?" asked the second leaf shyly but determinedly. "Not in the least," the first leaf assured her. "You only think so because I've got to be so yellow and ugly. But it's different in your case." "You're fooling me," the second leaf said.
"No, really," the first leaf exclaimed eagerly, "believe me, you're as lovely as the day you were born. Here and there may be a little yellow spot but it's hardly noticeable and only makes you handsomer, believe me." "Thanks," whispered the second leaf, quite touched. "I don't believe you, not altogether, but I thank you because you're so kind, you've always been so kind to me. I'm just beginning to understand how kind you are." "Hush," said the other leaf, and kept silent herself for she was to troubled to talk any more. Then they were both silent, Hours passed.
A moist wind blew, cold and hostile, through the tree-tops. "Ah, now," said the second leaf, "I..." Then her voice broke off. She was torn from her place and spun down.
Winter had come.

From Bambi by Felix Salten

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. I love this. It makes me want to read the book.

  2. Oh, I was almost in tears. I'd forgotten most of Bambi except the story. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  3. I think the books are always better than the movie. I will have to get Bambi and reread it. That was a beautiful, passage with a depth of meaning.

  4. I love that leafy dialogue. Thanks for the reminder. JB

  5. Thanks for reposting this Kim, this reminds me of how dh and I feel about each other, when I see him he looks just as he did the day I met him. So sweet! I want to read this book now.
    Thanks for always brightening my day.

  6. Oh, how beautiful but sad. I'm now in tears, believe it or not. I hate it when I get emotional over simple things, but alas, that's part of being a woman, I guess. I am going to get Bambi from the library; I have never read it. Thank you for sharing!

  7. My kids have only read an abridged version of Bambi but having read this excerpt I need to read the full book for them! Thanks for sharing this - it is a very powerful dialogue and the verse from Psalms is one I love!
    Best wishes

  8. So wonderful. I've never read the I will have to find a copy. You post the nicest things...

  9. Believe it or not, I've never read Bambi, honestly I didn't realize it was a book. That is so spiritual... if the Lord knows when a sparrow falls I'm sure He knows each leaf as well...

  10. i believe i only know bambi through disney. i mailed a package today, to someone special!!

  11. I never realized Bambi was a book. This was really sweet, thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting it

  12. That was REALLY good...I have never read it! Now I am going to have to look for a copy. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  13. I think I prefer the leave version opposed to Bambi. Thanks for the information. Very insightful. I am feeling better each day. But long heal I think!

  14. Awww this is very sweet, like so many of the others I have never read the book but now I want to......


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