Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finally Cooler Weather

Finally, we have the start to a wonderful Autumn.The doors and windows are open. The hum of the upstairs air conditioner is gone to be replaced with the sound of the chainsaw. My husband thought our pepper tree needed a hair cut after this long hot summer. A few more days of this and I might feel almost human.

I finally did get some things finished this week. Here is the picture of my latest rug.

This was a fun rug to make. It was fun learning to dye the oranges and the yellows and the reds. This is a quilt pattern from the magazine Primitive Quilts and Projects. Someday I just have to make the quilt. It was fun doing it in wool.

My next projects come from Nan Lewis. Her blog is called, Threadwork Primitives. I love her patterns and when I can I love to work them up. She is a awesome designer.

This is a needle fob that goes on your scissors to hold your needle so you don't put it in your mouth. Which I am trying to break the habit of so I keep putting these little goodies on my scissors.

This is her Halloween pattern. I just love sewing words I guess.

What was fun about this was I used my wools that I dyed myself for this project. I like mixing the wool and the counted cross stitch.
In spite of what a busy week, I am always glad when I have some kind of finishes to show you. Now that it is cooler I hope I can show you some wood projects soon. I have wood cut but I had no ambition to turn it into anything.

I want to also wish my oldest daughter a very happy birthday today. I can't believe that 31 years ago today you were born and forever changed my life for the better. There has never been a day of your life that I haven't thanked God for blessing my life with you. I hope your day is just as blessed as you continually bless mine.

I hope your Saturday is a wonderful day, Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me today.



TexWisGirl said...

hooray for cooler temps for you! we had a 35 degree drop in one day, also. :)

your rug turned out really well - especially since you died your own wool. very cool.

Alica said...

So glad for the cooler temps...they are most welcome here too!! I like that needle fob idea...I don't sew much,but my Mom is a quilter. I'll have to show it to her.

Empty Nester said...

Our cooler temps are expected on Monday. And they had BETTER show up. :) That rug is so cute! But then, I really like all of your creations. Happy Birthday to your first baby! I hope she has a fabulous day!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Kim, so glad you are enjoying cooler weather. Love your sweet rug, crows and pumpkins, my favs. Happy bday to your first gal, wishing you all a great day. Blessings Francine.

Julia said...

Hooray for cooler temperatures. Enjoy...
Congratulations on finishing three projects. That's really good... I love your creations.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your first born. It is wonderful to be able to be able to say that tribute to your daughter. Mind you, I'm just as enthusiastic about my daughters as well, all three of them.

Take care.
Hugs' JB

Kessie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Mom! I got my haircut and feel so much better. Also, hooray for cooler weather!

Christine said...

A happy 'orange'/autumn post! Glad you feel the cooler air again and just enjoy!
I know what you mean, I love stitching words too!
Happy b'day to your daughter!

Debbie said...

finally, some cooler temps and open windows!!

i really like the halloween decoration. the blend of the two textures!!

happy birthday kessie!!

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Thank you for stitching my Halloween design. How wonderful that you dyed the wool yourself. Makes it even more special. Love your hooked rug too. Such wonderful colors. Smiles, ~Nan

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kim!
I love the sweet harvest things you made/finished this week! Well done!
I thought of you when I was in the embroidery thread/cross-stitch fabric aisle today at Walmart.
I'm so glad your weather is cooler. It's snowing lightly here right now. It's so early that it's pretty wet. I have a scarf around my neck though! Brrrrrr!

Kim said...

Wow, the rug turned out great. I really love the little Halloween pillow. The stitching plus the wool look great together.
It was sweater weather here today too.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!!

I love your latest projects - fall projects really appeal to me.

So glad that you're getting cooler temperatures. Wish you could have our windows open - just love the fresh air blowing through the house.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Your finished rug is beautiful!

Very cold and frosty here today.

Gumbo Lily said...

Do you dye your wool with natural plants or packaged dyes? You get lovely colors however you do it. The crow & pumpkin rug is really neat. I like the Halloween cross stitch on the wool pillow too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be making with your wood. Happy "Birth"day to you!

Unknown said...

I really love the rug, just beautiful. You have been really busy and Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Debbie said...

Oh isn't it wonderful? Soo glad to FINALLY see that change...and I think it is suppose to be even cooler ALL next week. YAY!!

Happy birthday to your daughter! Nothing like them is there? One of God's best blessings.

Loved your projects as always. Enjoy your day!

Dog Trot Farm said...

How happy I am to read the weather is finally giving you a break. Your craft projects are just wonderful, I love all the shades of orange, you have been a busy gal. Happy Birthday to you dear daughter, greetings from Maine, Julie.

moosecraft said...

Ahhhh... so happy that you finally got to cool down! I can relate to the "back to feeling human" thing too! We awoke to 49 degrees this morning! Love it! Fantastic finishes for your hooking and stitching! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Miss Debbie said...

So glad it is finally cooling off for you! Your projects are usual...very "fallish". How are the wedding plans coming?

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kim ~
Great finishes!
I'm glad your weather is finally cooling down! Here in northern Ohio it is raining and cold with a chance for frost tonight. Ugh! So not ready for that.
Happy, happy birthday to your daughter.
Hugs :)

Willy said...

Nice Blog - some great fall pictures.

10-4 Willy

annie said...

wonderful finishes, love the fall ones, never enough crows or pumpkins!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Love the rug- you are so talented!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Don't you wonder where the time has gone? When my oldest had his birthday this year(24 yrs.)I couldn't believe it.
The fall projects are all so lovely. Wonderful job on everything.