Saturday, August 28, 2010


I just had to write this blog about weather. This week,
It was 110 and 107 and even today, I have sweated
like well, you don't want to know but lets say, never
in my mind did I ever think I would come in the house
and have to drip dry.
I just have to give you the weather report from
my favorite weather site, AccuWeather and my favorite
weather man Ken Clark.

Snow! Yes, Weekend Snow in the West

Aug 27, 2010; 1:48 PM ET

That headline is not from a posting from last Winter. It is about THIS weekend. Remember how hot it was earlier this week? The weather pattern is doing a complete flip-flop. As much above normal as it was earlier in the week, it will be that much, or more, below normal this weekend.

A cold upper level trough digs south along the West Coast this weekend. This brings everyone unseasonably cool conditions. But it is also likely to bring scattered showers to the high country of the Oregon Cascades and Sierra too, especially Saturday afternoon and anytime Saturday night and Sunday. This trough is so cold that snow is likely in the high country with snow levels falling to 8,000 feet in the Oregon Cascades Saturday to 9,000 feet in the Sierra, then about a thousand feet lower Saturday night and Sunday. It is very possible that some places could pick up a couple of inches with the best chance in the northern and central Sierra. Even below the snow level it will be much colder with scattered rain showers. High temperatures both days of the weekend.

We never in my memory, do I ever remember snow
before September in the Sierras. So It will be much
cooler but by the end of the week it will be back up
to the 100s. I was just laughing at the weather report
so I just had to share it. I do love weather.

Happy Saturday, I have to go dig out a sweatshirt.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


Jacque. said...

Kim, the flip-flopping of temperature...the extremes are really making me a bit nervous. It's difficult to say these days what normal is in any one place, as nothing has been normal for a bit. Time will tell, I guess, what it all means.

Meg said...

I am SO excited that today is cool! We got up this morning and it was soooo nice. I know it's going to get hot again, but at least we are getting a nice break!

myletterstoemily said...

good grief! what a crazy weather pattern.
nothing scolds our humanity like the
weather! we can do very little to influence

well, enjoy the snow. what about your


Farm Girl said...

My Chickens are very happy to not be hot. The poor girls had such a rough time of it. I made sure I kept cantaloupe in the fridge so I could give them a cold snack in the afternoons. I think with it cooler today they might just lay more eggs. They have to be workin girls. said...

Here in Texas we have gone from 110 to high 80's which makes it feel like a cold front.
Snow!!! Wow, we only see that every decade or so.
Enjoy your weekend

Sue said...

Hi Kim,
Enjoy this cooler weather, I am so happy for you as I have felt for the 100+ temps. you have been having. We have had a break but it is going to be short lived, we will be near 100 next week. boo hoo! I was hoping fall had finally come. lol. So much for wishful thinking.
I enjoyed your post from yesterday, beautiful flowers. I hope it doesn't get cold enough to frost and kill your beautiful flowers.I was so tired from doing apples I didn't even pick my computer up yesterday. Please come get some apples, and give me a break. lol

Gayle said...

Our temps here in Utah are cooler the last couple days too - Friday night there was a huge DOWNPOUR of rain - no sign of snow yet? I'm curious to know where you live - I grew up in Truckee and wondered if you were anywhere close to there.

Farm Girl said...

Hi Gayle, I wish we would get a huge downpour, I am in central California. It never gets as cold as it does in Trukee. That would be nice. That is why it is just so weird for us to have a day like today in August. It just makes me laugh and today has been gorgeous and it has been wonderful to be cold!

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

I've wondered where you live too, and now I know from the previous comment. :)

Weather certainly is an interesting puzzle! Enjoy the days to come, cool, warm, and in between.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say -- where is my summer! It's been a colder than normal summer - it's been in the high 80's but mostly in the mild 70's and low 80's..and last night it got down to 34 -- what does this mean? Is fall going to be early and winter too.. So this summer has been hard on me with all these rain storms -- I do wish you would get your share of this wonderful rain.. I have a sister and a brother that lives in central Ca, too and they've been wanting cooler day and rain.. God bless us all..