Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today on Tuesday

I feel so scattered brained. I get busy working doing
something other than gardening, and I don't even go
out except to water. Last night I was walking around
and I knew today would be a big picking day.
I went out first into the flower part of my garden.
I found this lovely Bachelor Button. Well, there were lots.
I knew I needed to pick tomatoes so I picked this basket.

I knew I was in trouble last night as every where
I looked I could see ripe cantaloupe. I picked and picked
this morning. My chickens got lots that were over-ripe.
They didn't even want to go wander around the yard,
they wanted to stand and eat tomatoes and cantaloupe.

This is part of them. My fridge that is in the garage
is full with cantaloupe. I ate a whole half for breakfast.
I made me feel like I was on vacation eating one
all by myself. It is a very good thing that tomorrow the
girls come over and it is good they all like cantaloupe.

This is the corn we picked and had for dinner the other
night. It is such nice corn. I will be picking again tonight
or in the morning to send it home with the girls.
Life is good when I am in the garden. I wish I had a button
on my computer and you could push it and there would be
fresh produce from my garden right there just for you.
I do love sharing.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


Janean said...

there is hardly anything more appealing that garden-fresh veggies and fruit, is there?

can't blame a chicken for not wanting to indulge! LOL

myletterstoemily said...

that is so sweet of you to wish there was a
button we could push to help ourself to
your bounty.

the corn can be frozen, but i have never
heard of anyone canning or freezing cante-
loupe. guess you will be eating a LOT of

your bachelor button is just the most
gorgeous shade of blue!

Kessie said...

Mmm, so much bounty! I'm really looking forward to that corn. :-)

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

You can freeze cantaloupe, but the key to enjoying it afterward is to eat it while the fruit is still icy. Completely thawed, it is a little mushy, but still tastes good. We freeze it as slices, chunks, or balls. ;)